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Coming Notifications: DEGREE WITH IAS (3+1 Year Course) - 100% Govt. Job - Admissions for GIRLS with HOSTEL FACILITY - Courses Offering : B.Com (Computer Applications), B.Sc.(Maths, Stat, Computer Science) - SADHANA DEGREE COLLEGE, DORASANIPALLI, BESIDE GOPIKRISHNA HIGH SCHOOL, PRODDATUR, KADAPA DT.-CONTACT : 9010962162, 7013313086, 9133206395, 8331912159
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Everyone wants success. Everyone strives for it. But unfortunately everyone does not get it. Those who do not get success get dejected and start thinking that success is not in their fate. Contrary to this pessimistic view of denouncing oneself we are told that fate does not foist it on them. Only those are deprived of success who start with wrong notions and assumptions and are not willing to pay the price for it.

We advise you to have a look at what our great thinkers have said about success and how to attract it. It has been said
"Success is a process, not an event",
"Success is a journey, not a destination",
"Success means winning the war, not every battle",
"Success comes to those who dare and act",
"Success seldom goes to the timid who is always afraid of consequences",
"Success is old ABC - Ability, Brave and Courage",
"Success comes before work only in a dictionary",
"Success is a slow process, so never be hasty".
A galaxy of such inspiring statements about success can be multiplied from literature.

These statements are expressed in simple language, easy to understand and easier to digest. The essence of all these and such other statements is that success lies in passion, purpose, planning, perseverance and pride. Learn, if you can, from us that secret of success lies in your enthusiasm. The difference between impossible and possible lies in your determination. If you have the will to win, you have achieved half the success. A golden rule for you is to think only for the best. Work only for the best and expect only the best. Sooner or later you will get the best.

What we are trying to impress upon you and implant in your mind is to make yourself ready, with sincerity and determination, to be successful in life and start working for it. At SADHANA YOUTH EMPOWERMENT SCHOOL we are engaged to give you best possible study material and give you best guidance and coaching for your success. We consider your success as reward for our efforts.

Join and recommend SADHANA YOUTH EMPOWERMENT SCHOOL confidently and intelligently. It gives you the power to master your career and shape your destiny.

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