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SET 01 SBI CLERK Exam held on 19-08-2007
SET 02 SBI CLERK (Marketing) Exam held on 25-11-2007
SET 03 SBI Associate Banks CLERK Exam held on 06-01-2008
SET 04 SBI CLERK Exam held on 10-02-2008
SET 05 SBI PO Preliminary (Tire-1) Exam held on 27-04-2008
SET 06 SBI CLERK Exam held on 10-02-2008
SET 07 SBI CLERK Exam held on 06-07-2008
SET 08 SBI CLERK Exam held on 13-07-2008 Morning Shift
SET 09 SBI CLERK Exam held on 13-07-2008 Evening Shift
SET 10 SBI PO Preliminary (Tier-1) Exam held on 27-07-2008
SET 11 Allahabad BANK Clerk Exam held on 31-08-2008
SET 12 SBI PO Preliminary (Tier-1) Exam held on 13-10-2008
SET 13 BANK of BARODA CLERK Exam held on 30-11-2008
SET 14 SBI Associate Banks CLERK exam held on 01-03-2009, Morning Shift
SET 15 SBI Associate Banks CLERK exam held on 01-03-2009, Evening Shift
SET 16 Allahabad Bank CLERK Exam held on 15-03-2009 Morning Shift
SET 17 Allahabad Bank CLERK Exam held on 15-03-2009 Evening Shift
SET 18 PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK CLERK Exam held on 26-04-2009
SET 19 PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK CLERK Exam held on 20-09-2009
SET 20 SBI CLERK Exam held on 08-11-2009 Morning Shift
SET 21 UNION BANK OF INDIA Held on 10-01-2010
SET 22 SBI Clerk Exam, held on 15-11-2009(Morning Shift)
SET 23 SBI CLERK Exam held on 15-11-2009(Evening Shift)
SET 24 SBI CLERK Exam held on 22-11-2009(Morning Shift)
SET 25 SBI Clerk Exam, Held on 22-11-2009(Evening Shift)
SET 26 UNION BANK of INDIA CLERK Exam held on 10-01-2010
SET 27 SBI Associate Bank PO Exam, Held on 07-03-2010
SET 28 Allahabad Bank Clerk Exam, Held on 14-03-2010(Morning Shift)
SET 29 Allahabad Bank Clerk Exam, Held on 14-03-2010(Evening Shift)
SET 30 Punjab & Sindh Bank Clerk Exam, Held on 23-05-2010
SET 31 Syndicate Bank Clerk Exam, Held on 27-06-2010
SET 32 Union Bank Of India Clerk Exam, Held on 09-01-2011
SET 33 SBI Associate Bank Clerk Exam, Held on 16-01-2011(Morning Shift)
SET 34 SBI Associate Bank Clerk Exam, Held on 16-01-2011(Evening Shift)
SET 35 Corporation Bank PO Exam, Held on 16-01-2011
SET 36 IBPS BANK PO/MT CWE Held on 18-09-2011
SET 37 IBPS Bank Clerk CWE, Held on 27-11-2011(North Zone)
SET 38 IBPS Bank Clerk CWE, Held on 27-11-2011(West Zone)
SET 39 IBPS Bank Clerk CWE, Held on 04-12-2011(Eastern Zone)
SET 40 IBPS Bank Clerk CWE, Held on 11-12-2011(Eastern Zone)
SET 41 IBPS Bank Clerk CWE, Held on 11-12-2011(South Zone)
SET 42 SBI (Assistant & Stenographer) Clerk Exam, Held on 03-06-2012, Morning Shift
SET 43 SBI (Assistant & Stenographer) Clerk Exam, Held on 03-06-2012, Evening Shift
SET 44 SBI (Assistant & Stenographer) Clerk Exam, Held on 27-05-2012, Morning Shift
SET 45 SBI (Assistant & Stenographer) Clerk Exam, Held on 27-05-2012, Evening Shift
SET 46 IBPS Bank PO/MT CWE, held on 17-06-2012
SET 47 IBPS RRBs Office Assistant CWE, held on 09-09-2012
SET 48 SBI Associates Bank Clerk Exam, held on 07-10-2012
SET 49 SBI Associates Bank Clerk Exam, held on 14-10-2012
SET 50 IBPS Bank Clerk Online CWE-II, held on 15-12-2012
SET 51 IBPS Bank Clerk Online CWE-II, held on 16-12-2012
SET 52 SBI PO EXAM, HELD ON 28-04-2013

1) ..........helps In capturing row data and entering into computer system. View Explanation
(1)  CPU
(2)  Integrated circuit
(3)  Input device
(4)  Motherboard
(5)  None of these
2) How will words appear on the page ? We call it as View Explanation
(1)  Text formatting
(2)  Character formatting
(3)  Point size
(4)  Type face
(5)  None of these
3) When you make graph and picture in document, then your computer holds the data in View Explanation
(1)  Restore file
(2)  Backup drive
(3)  Clipboard
(4)  Memory
(5)  None of these
4) Which of the following places the common data elements in order from smallest to largest ?View Explanation
(1)  Character, file record, field, database
(2)  Character, record, field, file, database
(3)  Character, field, record, file, database
(4)  Bit, byte, character, record, field, file, database
(5)  None of these
5) What happens when you press Ctrl + V Key ? View Explanation
(1)  A Capital V letter is typed into your document at the cursor point
(2)  The selected item is pasted from the clipboard
(3)  The selected item is pasted to the clipboard
(4)  The selected drawing objects are distributed vertically on the page
(5)  None of these
6) All of the fallowings are included in typical computer programming language which are in use currently Except View Explanation
(1)  C++
(2)  Java
(3)  Visual Basic NET
(4)  Machine language
(5)  None of these
7) When the margins on both sides are straight and equal, then there is.......... in document. View Explanation
(1)  full justification
(2)  full alignment
(3)  left justification
(4)  right justification
(5)  None of these
8) Only.........program(s) become(s) active even though we can open many programs at a time. View Explanation
(1)  four
(2)  three
(3)  two
(4)  one
(5)  None of these
9) The background of any Word document View Explanation
(1)  is always of white colour
(2)  is the colour present under the option menu
(3)  is always the same for the entire document
(4)  can have any colour you choose
(5)  None of these
10) .........may be included in other folder while making hierarchical structure folder. View Explanation
(1)  Mini folder
(2)  Tiered folder
(3)  Sub-folder
(4)  Object
(5)  None of these
11) We can enter and edit the text efficiently using....View Explanation
(1)  Spreadsheet
(2)  Typewriter
(3)  Word Processing Program
(4)  Desktop Publishing Program
(5)  None of these
12) .......view shows how the contents on printed page will appear with margin, header and footer. View Explanation
(1)  Draft
(2)  Full Screen Reading
(3)  Outline
(4)  Page Layout
(5)  None of these
13) It is easier to change the name of file using......process. View Explanation
(1)  Transforming
(2)  Christening
(3)  Renaming
(4)  Retagging
(5)  None of these
14) If you do not want to select any option after opening a menu then click menu title again or press key..........to close the menu.View Explanation
(1)  Shift
(2)  Tab
(3)  Escape
(4)  F1
(5)  None of these
15) All of the followings are included in removable media Except...View Explanation
(1)  CD-ROMs
(2)  Diskette
(3)  DVDs
(4)  Hard Disk Drive
(5)  None of these
16) Click.........check box of transition in a slide group of an animation tab if you want to move a slide automatically after stipulated time.View Explanation
(1)  Transition timer
(2)  Automatically after
(3)  Transition after
(4)  Automatic timer
(5)  None of these
17) In a spreadsheet, a.....is a number you will use in a calculation. View Explanation
(1)  label
(2)  cell
(3)  field
(4)  value
(5)  None of these
18) To what temporary area can you store text and other data, and later paste them to another location?View Explanation
(1)  The clipboard
(2)  ROM
(3)  CD-ROM
(4)  The hard disk
(5)  None of these
19) If a user needs information instantly available to the CPU, it should be stored.......View Explanation
(1)  on a CD
(2)  in secondary storage
(3)  in the CPU
(4)  in RAM
(5)  None of these
20) Documents converted to....can be published to the Web. View Explanation
(1)  a doc file
(2)  http
(3)  machine language
(4)  HTML
(5)  None of these
21) When a file contains instructions that can be carried out by the computer, it Is often called a(n) .....file. View Explanation
(1)  data
(2)  information
(3)  executable
(4)  application
(5)  None of these
22) A desktop computer is also known as a...... View Explanation
(1)  Palm Pilot
(2)  PC
(3)  laptop
(4)  mainframe
(5)  None of these
23) What is the storage area for e-mail messages called ? View Explanation
(1)  A folder
(2)  A directory
(3)  A mailbox
(4)  The hard disk
(5)  None of these
24) ..........are often delivered to a PC through an e-mail attachment and are often designed to do harm.View Explanation
(1)  Viruses
(2)  Spam
(3)  Portals
(4)  e-mail messages
(5)  None of these
25) What is the intersection of a column and a row on a worksheet called ? . . View Explanation
(1)  Column
(2)  Value
(3)  Address
(4)  Cell
(5)  None of these
26) The hardware device commonly referred to as the "brain" of the computer is the.......View Explanation
(1)  RAM chip
(2)  data input
(3)  CPU
(4)  secondary storage
(5)  None of these
27) A group of 8 bits is known as a.......View Explanation
(1)  byte
(2)  kilobyte
(3)  binary digit
(4)  megabit
(5)  None of these
28) A........is a professionally designed "empty" document that can be adapted to the user's needs View Explanation
(1)  file
(2)  guide
(3)  template
(4)  user guide file
(5)  None of these
29) The primarily take(s) care of the behind-the-scenes details and manage(s) the hardware. View Explanation
(1)  operating system
(2)  application software
(3)  peripheral devices
(4)  hard disk
(5)  None of these
30) A........is a collection of data that is stored electronically as a series of records in a table. View Explanation
(1)  spreadsheet
(2)  presentation
(3)  database
(4)  web page
(5)  None of these
31) Holding the mouse button down while moving an object or text is known as........View Explanation
(1)  moving
(2)  dragging
(3)  dropping
(4)  highlighting
(5)  None of these
32) What is the difference between a CD-ROM and a CD-RW ? View Explanation
(1)  They are the same-just two different terms used by different manufacturers
(2)  A CD-ROM can be written to and a CD-RW cannot
(3)  A CD-RW can be written to, but a CD-ROM can only be read from
(4)  A CD-ROM holds more information than a CD-RW
(5)  None of these
33) Processing is used when a large mail-order company accumulates orders and processes them together in one large set. View Explanation
(1)  Batch
(2)  Online
(3)  Real-time
(4)  Group
(5)  None of these
34) WWW means- View Explanation
(1)  World Wide Wonder
(2)  World Wide Wizard
(3)  World Wide Web
(4)  Wide World Web
(5)  None of these
35) The most common input devices include...........View Explanation
(1)  Monitor and keyboard
(2)  Monitor and mouse
(3)  Mouse and keyboard
(4)  Printer and mouse
(5)  None of these
36) Data representation is based on the........number system Which uses two numbers to represent all data. View Explanation
(1)  binary
(2)  biometric
(3)  bicentennial
(4)  byte
(5)  None of these
37) Compilers and translators are one form of........View Explanation
(1)  ROM
(2)  RAM
(3)  hard disk
(4)  software
(5)  None of these
38) Which of the following storage media provides sequential access only ? View Explanation
(1)  Floppy disk
(2)  Magnetic disk
(3)  Magnetic tape
(4)  Optical disk
(5)  None of these
39) = SUM(B1 : B8) is an example of a........View Explanation
(1)  function
(2)  formula
(3)  cell address
(4)  value
(5)  None of these
40) The physical arrangement of elements on a page is referred to as a document's.......View Explanation
(1)  features
(2)  format
(3)  pagination
(4)  grid
(5)  None of these
41) The main directory of a disk is called the.....directory.View Explanation
(1)  root
(2)  sub
(3)  folder
(4)  network
(5)  None of these
42) Which of the following, is not true about RAM ? View Explanation
(1)  RAM is a temporary storage area
(2)  RAM is the same as hard disk storage
(3)  RAM is volatile
(4)  Information stored in RAM is gone when you turn the computer off
(5)  None of these
43) A set of step-by-step procedures for accomplishing a task is known as a(n).......View Explanation
(1)  algorithm
(2)  hardware program
(3)  software bug
(4)  firmware program
(5)  None of these
44) Software for organizing storage and retrieval of information is a(n).... View Explanation
(1)  operating system
(2)  database
(3)  database program
(4)  data warehouse
(5)  None of these
45) Which of the following is not a function of the control unit ? View Explanation
(1)  Read instructions
(2)  Execute instructions
(3)  Interpret instructions
(4)  Direct operations
(5)  None of these
46) In word processing, an efficient way to move the 3rd paragraph to place it after the 5th paragraph is...View Explanation
(1)  copy and paste
(2)  copy, cut and paste
(3)  cut, copy and paste
(4)  cut and paste
(5)  None of these
47) Computer programs are written in a high-level programming language; however, the human-readable; version of a program is called......View Explanation
(1)  cache
(2)  instruction set
(3)  source code
(4)  word size
(5)  None of these
48) A...... shares hardware, software, and data among authorized users.View Explanation
(1)  network
(2)  protocol
(3)  hyperlink
(4)  transmitter
(5)  None of these
49) The software tools that enable a user to interact with a computer for specific purposes are known as View Explanation
(1)  Hardware
(2)  Networked Software
(3)  Shareware
(4)  Applications
(5)  None of these
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