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Test Your
Banking Awareness
Test Your
Computer Awareness
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TEST YOUR BANKING AWARENESS(Previous Papers based on memory)
Set 01 IBPS BANK PO/MT CWE Held on: 18.09.2011
Set 02 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on: 27.11.2011(1st Sitting; East Zone)
Set 03 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on: 27.11.2011(2nd Sitting; West Zone)
Set 04 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on : 27.11.2011(2nd Sitting; North Zone)
Set 05 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on : 27.11.2011 (1st Sitting; South Zone)
Set 06 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on : 04.12.2011 (1st Sitting; Eastern Zone )
Set 07 IBPS SPECIALIST OFFICER CWE Held on: 11.03.2012
Set 08 IBPS BANK PO/MT CWE Held on: 17.06.2012
Set 09 IBPS RRBs OFFICE ASSISTANT CWE Held on: 09.09.2012
Set 10 IBPS BANK CLERK ONLINE CWE-II Held on: 16.12.2012 (Morning Shift)
Set 11 IBPS RRB CLERK ONLINE CWE Held on: 29.09.2013
Set 12 IBPS CLERK ONLINE CWE-III Held on: 14.12.2013

1) Which one of the following aptly describes the business of insurance?View Explanation
(1)  Insurance is about collective bearing of risk
(2)  Insurance pays to one person from money collected from another person
(3)  Insurance is about disaster management
(4)  Insurance is about paying for others’ mistakes
(5)  None of these
2) What are teaser loans ?View Explanation
(1)  Fixed Rate of Interest charged by Banks
(2)  Floating rate of interest charged by banks
(3)  Rate of interest in the initial period is very less and increases steeply in later years
(4)  Rate of interest in the later years goes down substantially
(5)  None of these
3) Which of the following is a foreign bank having offices/branches in India ?View Explanation
(1)  Yes Bank
(2)  HDFC Bank
(3)  IDBI Bank
(4)  Karnataka Bank
(5)  Standard Chartered Bank
4) Among the banks in our country, which of the following is not a foreign bank ?View Explanation
(1)  HSBC
(2)  Standard Chartered Bank
(3)  BNP Paribas
(4)  Citi Bank NA
(5)  Ing Vysya Bank
5) Preshipment packing credit advances are generally given by banks to View Explanation
(1)  Farmers
(2)  Retail Traders
(3)  Professionals
(4)  Exporters
(5)  Transport Operators
6) Which of the following assets can be mortgaged ?View Explanation
(1)  Stock
(2)  Book Debts
(3)  National Savings Certificates
(4)  Shares
(5)  Land and Building
7) Which of the following is a Development Bank ?View Explanation
(1)  HDFC Bank
(2)  National Housing Bank
(3)  Central Bank of India
(4)  Saraswat Co. Op. Bank
(5)  HSBC Bank
8) Which of the following instruments cannot be transferred from one person to another by Endorsement ?View Explanation
(1)  Fixed Deposit Receipt
(2)  Cheque
(3)  Bill of Exchange
(4)  Promissory Note
(5)  None of these
9) On domestic term deposits, banks in our country generally offer additional rate of interest on term deposits from View Explanation
(1)  Minors
(2)  Married women
(3)  Govt. employees
(4)  Rural residents
(5)  Senior citizens
10) Credit Cards are known as View Explanation
(1)  Hard money
(2)  Easy money
(3)  Soft money
(4)  Plastic money
(5)  Real money
11) The Govt. of India, has acquired RBI’s stake in one of the major banks of India. Which of the following is the bank ?View Explanation
(1)  AXIS Bank
(2)  IDBI Bank
(3)  ICICI Bank
(4)  State Bank of India
(5)  None of these
12) In our country, a cheque remains valid for payment for _____ from the date of issueView Explanation
(1)  3 months
(2)  6 months
(3)  9 months
(4)  12 month
(5)  18 months
13) What is the maximum permissible limit for investment in PPF account in a financial year?View Explanation
(1)  Rs.1 lakh
(2)  Rs.70,000
(3)  Rs. 50,000
(4)  Rs. 60,000
(5)  There is no limit
14) Which of the following is NOT a bank or finance company ?View Explanation
(1)  ABN Amro
(2)  HSBC
(3)  Lufthansa
(4)  BNP Paribas
(5)  Barclays
15) Bad debts mean which of the following ?View Explanation
(1)  Amounts owed to a company that are going to be paid within a month
(2)  Amounts owed to a company that are not going to be paid
(3)  Amounts owed to a company that are going to be paid within 1 year
(4)  Amounts owed to a company that are not going to be paid within 3 years
(5)  Amounts owed to a company that are going to be paid within 6 months
16) Which of the following banks was not nationalized in 1969?View Explanation
(1)  Punjab National Bank
(2)  Bank of India
(3)  State Bank of India
(4)  Bank of Baroda
(5)  Bank of Maharastra
17) Exporters and importers in India are required to know ‘FEMA’ rules. What does the letter ‘M’ denote in the term ‘FEMA’? View Explanation
(1)  Money
(2)  Material
(3)  Mega
(4)  Management
(5)  Micro
18) Which of the following is not a mode of foreign capital inflow in India ?View Explanation
(1)  FDI
(2)  NRI deposits
(3)  FII
(4)  No frills accounts
(5)  None of these
19) A bank branch receives a counterfeit note of Rs.100/- from the customer, which customer wants it back. Which of the following action should be taken by the Bank?View Explanation
(1)  Will return to customer
(2)  Will impound and not return
(3)  Will ask for exchange of note
(4)  Will replace with genuine note
(5)  Will check all the notes in possession with the customer which are not being deposited also
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