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Computer Awareness
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TEST YOUR BANKING AWARENESS(Previous Papers based on memory)
Set 01 IBPS BANK PO/MT CWE Held on: 18.09.2011
Set 02 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on: 27.11.2011(1st Sitting; East Zone)
Set 03 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on: 27.11.2011(2nd Sitting; West Zone)
Set 04 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on : 27.11.2011(2nd Sitting; North Zone)
Set 05 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on : 27.11.2011 (1st Sitting; South Zone)
Set 06 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on : 04.12.2011 (1st Sitting; Eastern Zone )
Set 07 IBPS SPECIALIST OFFICER CWE Held on: 11.03.2012
Set 08 IBPS BANK PO/MT CWE Held on: 17.06.2012
Set 09 IBPS RRBs OFFICE ASSISTANT CWE Held on: 09.09.2012
Set 10 IBPS BANK CLERK ONLINE CWE-II Held on: 16.12.2012 (Morning Shift)
Set 11 IBPS RRB CLERK ONLINE CWE Held on: 29.09.2013
Set 12 IBPS CLERK ONLINE CWE-III Held on: 14.12.2013

1) Which of the following is a Private Sector Bank in IndiaView Explanation
(1)  Corporation Bank
(2)  Kotak Mahindra Bank
(3)  IDBI Bank
(4)  Syndicate Bank
(5)  Oriental Bank of Commerce
2) The Headquarters of International Monetary Fund (IMF) is inView Explanation
(1)  Manila
(2)  Paris
(3)  Washington DC
(4)  London
(5)  Jakarta
3) What is the minimum and maximum limit (in Rupees) prescribed for RTGS transactions ?View Explanation
(1)  The minimum prescribed limit is Rs. 1 lac and maximum Rs. 10 lacs.
(2)  The minimum prescribed limit is Rs. 25000 and maximum Rs. 1 lac
(3)  The minimum prescribed limit is Rs. 2 lacs and there is no maximum limit
(4)  The minimum limit is Rs. 25000 and there is no maximum limit prescribed
(5)  The minimum is Rs. 10 lacs and maximum limit is Rs. 100 lacs.
4) Many times we read the term ‘ECB in newspapers. What is the full form of ‘ECB’ ?View Explanation
(1)  Essential Commercial Banking
(2)  European Credit Borrowing
(3)  External Credit For Business
(4)  External Commercial Borrowing
(5)  None of these
5) What is meant by financial inclusion ?View Explanation
(1)  Making available banking services at an affordable cost
(2)  Opening Savings Accounts in Rural areas without any deposit
(3)  Opening any type of account without introduction
(4)  Distributing money through rural branches
(5)  Distributing wages through bank accounts
6) Which of the following is not considered one among the loans under Retail Banking ?View Explanation
(1)   Car loan
(2)  Housing loan
(3)  Personal loan
(4)  Education loan
(5)   Infrastructure loan
7) Almost all banks in our country have introduced _______ facility for granting crop loans to farmers.View Explanation
(1)  Term Loans
(2)  Kisan Credit Cards
(3)  Bank Guarantee
(4)  Foreign Exchange
(5)  Reverse Mortgage
8) Which of the following terms is not related to banking?View Explanation
(1)  Repayment
(2)  Loan
(3)  NPA
(4)  Fasting
(5)  Deposit
9) Initial repayment holiday given to a borrower for repayment of loan is called asView Explanation
(1)  Subvention
(2)  Moratorium
(3)  Reschedulement
(4)  Amortization
(5)  EMI
10) Which of the following institutions is involved mainly in granting Housing Loans ? View Explanation
(1)  RBI
(2)  SBI
(3)  IBA
(4)  ICICI
(5)  HDFC
11) Which of the following centres is the largest mobiliser of bank deposits in our country ?View Explanation
(1)  Delhi
(2)  Kolkata
(3)  Chennai
(4)  Ahmedabad
(5)  Mumbai
12) Whose signature is found on a 50 rupee currency note in India ?View Explanation
(1)  President of India
(2)  Governor, RBI
(3)  Finance Minister
(4)  Prime Minister of India
(5)  Secretary, Ministry of Finance
13) Despite good number of ATMs many people still visit the bank branches. Which of the following reason can be attributed to this issue ? A) It does not accept deposits. B) It has a limited cash disbursement capacity. C) Lack of human interface.View Explanation
(1)  Only (A)
(2)  Only (B)
(3)  Only (A) and (B)
(4)  Only (A) and (C)
(5)  All (A) , (B) and (C)
14) Assume that Reserve Bank of India reduces the Bank Rate by 1 %, what will be its impact?View Explanation
(1)  Less liquidity in the market
(2)  More liquidity in the market
(3)  No change in the liquidity in the market
(4)  Mobilisation of more deposits by commercial -banks
(5)  None of these
15) While investing in mutual funds we come across a term called NAV. What is the meaning of NAV?View Explanation
(1)  Net Annual Value
(2)  Non Asset Value.
(3)  Net Actual Value
(4)  Net Asset Value
(5)  Net Average Value
16) Many a times we read in the news paper about CASA deposits of banks. CASA deposits areView Explanation
(1)  Demand deposits
(2)  Term deposits
(3)  Hybrid deposits
(4)  Recurring deposits
(5)  Special schemes of banks
17) For repayment of loan availed from Banks / NBFC we come across a term known as EMI. What does it stand for ?View Explanation
(1)  Equated Money Index
(2)  Easy Money Installment
(3)  Equated Monthly Installment
(4)  Equal Monthly Installment
(5)  Equal Minimum Installment
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