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TEST YOUR BANKING AWARENESS(Previous Papers based on memory)
Set 01 IBPS BANK PO/MT CWE Held on: 18.09.2011
Set 02 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on: 27.11.2011(1st Sitting; East Zone)
Set 03 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on: 27.11.2011(2nd Sitting; West Zone)
Set 04 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on : 27.11.2011(2nd Sitting; North Zone)
Set 05 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on : 27.11.2011 (1st Sitting; South Zone)
Set 06 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on : 04.12.2011 (1st Sitting; Eastern Zone )
Set 07 IBPS SPECIALIST OFFICER CWE Held on: 11.03.2012
Set 08 IBPS BANK PO/MT CWE Held on: 17.06.2012
Set 09 IBPS RRBs OFFICE ASSISTANT CWE Held on: 09.09.2012
Set 10 IBPS BANK CLERK ONLINE CWE-II Held on: 16.12.2012 (Morning Shift)
Set 11 IBPS RRB CLERK ONLINE CWE Held on: 29.09.2013
Set 12 IBPS CLERK ONLINE CWE-III Held on: 14.12.2013

1) A bank is called as ‘Scheduled Bank’ when____View Explanation
(1)  Its business has crossed Rs. 1000 crore mark
(2)  Its branch network is over 100
(3)  It is included in the second Schedule of the RBI Act
(4)  When it complies with all the three above
(5)  None of these
2) Which of the following functions are not being performed by the Reserve Bank of India?View Explanation
(1)  Regulation of Banks in India
(2)  Regulation of Foreign Direct Investment in India
(3)  Foreign Currency Management in India
(4)  Control and Supervision of Money Supply
(5)  Currency Management in India
3) When a customer opens a Deposit account with the Bank, which one of the following is the status of the Bank?View Explanation
(1)  Debtor
(2)  Creditor
(3)  Trustee
(4)  Beneficiary
(5)  None of these
4) What is the maximum balance amount that is eligible for earning interest in a normal savings bank account?View Explanation
(1)  Rs. 1 lac
(2)  Rs. 2 lacs
(3)  Rs. 3 lacs
(4)  Rs. 5 lacs
(5)  No limit
5) Which of the following is not a Negotiable Instrument?View Explanation
(1)  Cheque
(2)  Fixed Deposit Receipt
(3)  Promissory Note
(4)  Bill of Exchange
(5)  All 1) to 4) above are negotiable instruments
6) With a view to facilitate payment of balance in deposit account to the person named by the depositor without any hassles in the event of death of the account holder, the following facility was introduced in bank accounts in our country.View Explanation
(1)  Will
(2)  Registration
(3)  Nomination
(4)  Indemnity
(5)  Guarantee
7) In relation to banking, what do you understand by “Ever-Greening of loan Account” ?View Explanation
(1)  Full repayment of a loan account before maturity -Pre-payment
(2)  Full repayment of a loan account exactly at maturity
(3)  Fresh Loan sanctioned during the tenure of account for enhancement of limits
(4)  Adjusting the NPA / Sticky account with fresh sanction of loans
(5)  Loans provided for new projects to new customers
8) Which of the following is not a type of Cheque?View Explanation
(1)  Crossed cheque
(2)  Blank cheque
(3)  Speed cheque
(4)  Bearer cheque
(5)  Order cheque
9) The rate below which banks cannot generally lend is called asView Explanation
(1)  Base rate
(2)  Floor rate
(3)  Repo rate
(4)  Call money rate
(5)  Ceiling rate
10) Banks are considered as ‘financial intermediaries’. Which of the following activity correctly and comprehensively explains this role of banks?View Explanation
(1)  Accepting deposits of money for the purpose of lending and investment
(2)  Granting loans to the weaker sections of the society
(3)  Accepting money for remittance and issuing bank drafts
(4)  Providing safe deposit services
(5)  Opening accounts and accepting deposits therein
11) Which of the following statements about contribution (approximately) of agriculture sector in GDP is correct?View Explanation
(1)  Agriculture contributes 50% of total GDP
(2)  Agriculture does not contribute significantly to India’s GDP as the share is less than 1 %
(3)  India’s GDP does not take agricultural sector into account
(4)  Agricultural Sector is the part of Service Sector. Hence it is not considered as an independent sector
(5)  Agricultural Sector contributes 20% in India’s GDP
12) When a Bank provides a loan for purchase of white goods, it is categorised as____View Explanation
(1)  Consumption loan
(2)  White Goods loan
(3)  Consumer Durable loan
(4)  Working Capital
(5)  Bridge Loan
13) Under the liberalised scheme of interest subsidy, Government of India provides interest subsidy on housing loan at the rate of___View Explanation
(1)  0.50%
(2)  1.00%
(3)  2.00%
(4)  2.00% + 1.00% for prompt repayment
(5)  None of these
14) As per Financial Inclusion drive one of the following Banks introduced Tiny Cards with Biometric identification. Which of the following is that Bank?View Explanation
(1)  Central Bank of India
(2)  Oriental Bank of Commerce
(3)  Indian Bank
(4)  State Bank of India
(5)  Bank of Maharashtra
15) Banks issue a letter to beneficiary on behalf of its constituents like guarantee for making payment on their behalf on fulfillment of its terms and conditions. What is this arrangement known in banking context?View Explanation
(1)  Line of Credit
(2)  Loan to Client
(3)  Loan on Credit
(4)  Loan against Credit
(5)  Letter of Credit
16) Which one of the following is not a salient feature of Debit Card?View Explanation
(1)  No bad debts to banks and no suits for recovery
(2)  No interest earning for banks
(3)  Works like a normal withdrawal
(4)  Can be used at ATM and POS
(5)  45 days credit is given to the card holder
17) SBI has merged which of the following two associate banks with itself ?View Explanation
(1)  State Bank of Hyderabad and State Bank of Patiala
(2)  State Bank of Hyderabad and State Bank of Travancore
(3)  State Bank of Mysore and State Bank of Travancore
(4)  State Bank of Indore and State Bank of Hyderabad
(5)  State Bank of Indore and State Bank of Saurashtra
18) “IRDA norms will boost online distribution” - was the news in some major newspapers. This means online distribution of which of the following will boost up ?View Explanation
(1)  Bank products
(2)  Insurance policies/products
(3)  Licenses to open new banks/branches of existing banks
(4)  Licenses to operate 2G/3G spectrums
(5)  Permits for export of iron ore
19) Non convertible debentures areView Explanation
(1)  Debt instruments which acquire equity status at the issuers’ option
(2)  Debt instruments which acquire equity status at the investors’ option.
(3)  Debt instruments which acquire equity status with the permission of Registrar of Companies.
(4)  Debt instruments which acquire equity status on maturity.
(5)  Debt instruments which retain their debt character and cannot acquire equity status.
20) Which of the following is correct?View Explanation
(1)  Illiterates cannot open any account in a bank
(2)  Illiterate women cannot open any account in a bank
(3)  Illiterates can open savings bank accounts in a bank
(4)  Advance can be granted to a minor
(5)  Advance can be granted to a minor if he is of sound mind
21) What is offshore banking?View Explanation
(1)  It is a bank located in the sea (i.e. island)
(2)  It is a bank located in SEZ
(3)  It is a bank located in a neighbouring country
(4)  It is a bank located outside the country of residence of the depositor
(5)  Offshore banking is basically dealing in foreign exchange
22) NRE deposit is____View Explanation
(1)  Non Resident External deposit
(2)  Non Resident Extra deposit
(3)  Non Resident Exchange deposit
(4)  Non Refundable External deposit
(5)  Non Resident Extended deposit
23) Like Telephone/Mobile number portability, the Ministry of Finance/RBI is now also considering to provide bank account number portability to bank customers. Which of the following would it mean? View Explanation
(1)  Any customer/account holder can withdraw cash from any other Bank through his/her own cheques drawn on other bank even without ATM
(2)  Any borrower can draw funds from his/her loan account from any other bank also
(3)  The account number of any account holder will remain the same even if he/ she is getting his/her account transferred to another bank also.
(4)  Bank customers would have the facility of mobile Banks to withdraw cash nearby his/her place
(5)  None of these
24) Which of the following is the main advantage of “ASBA” with the applicants for share allotment?View Explanation
(1)  ASBA applicant has got secured allotment of shares
(2)  ASBA applicant has got certain preference in allotment of shares as compared to general applicants
(3)  ASBA applicant need not remit the fund for allotment of shares, he/she will do so after shares are allotted to him/her
(4)  ASBA Applicants deposit/ OD account is not debited, only the funds are blocked for the same and he/she continues to avail interest till the shares are allotted to him/her
(5)  None of these
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