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TEST YOUR BANKING AWARENESS(Previous Papers based on memory)
Set 01 IBPS BANK PO/MT CWE Held on: 18.09.2011
Set 02 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on: 27.11.2011(1st Sitting; East Zone)
Set 03 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on: 27.11.2011(2nd Sitting; West Zone)
Set 04 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on : 27.11.2011(2nd Sitting; North Zone)
Set 05 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on : 27.11.2011 (1st Sitting; South Zone)
Set 06 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on : 04.12.2011 (1st Sitting; Eastern Zone )
Set 07 IBPS SPECIALIST OFFICER CWE Held on: 11.03.2012
Set 08 IBPS BANK PO/MT CWE Held on: 17.06.2012
Set 09 IBPS RRBs OFFICE ASSISTANT CWE Held on: 09.09.2012
Set 10 IBPS BANK CLERK ONLINE CWE-II Held on: 16.12.2012 (Morning Shift)
Set 11 IBPS RRB CLERK ONLINE CWE Held on: 29.09.2013
Set 12 IBPS CLERK ONLINE CWE-III Held on: 14.12.2013

1) Mr. X had filed a complaint with Banking Ombudsman but is not satisfied with the decision. What is the next option before him for getting his matter resolved ?View Explanation
(1)  Write to the CMD of the Bank
(2)  File an appeal before the Finance Minister
(3)  File an appeal before the Banking Ombudsman again
(4)  File an appeal before the Deputy Governor RBI
(5)  Simply close the matter as going to court involves time and money
2) An ECS transaction gets bounced and you are unable to recover your money from your customer. Under which Act criminal action can be initiated?View Explanation
(1)  Indian Penal Code
(2)  Negotiable Instruments Act
(3)  Criminal Procedure Code
(4)  Payment and Settlements Act
(5)  Indian Contract Act
3) Finance Ministry has asked the Reserve Bank of India to allow common ATM’s that will be owned and managed by non-banking entities hoping to cut transaction costs for banks. Such ATM’s are known asView Explanation
(1)  KutirJyoti
(2)  Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana
(3)  Bharat Nirman
(4)  PURA
(5)  SEWA
4) Increased interest rates, as is existing in the economy at present will____View Explanation
(1)  Lead to higher GDP growth
(2)  Lead to lower GDP growth
(3)  Mean higher cost of raw materials
(4)  Mean lower cost of raw materials
(5)  Mean higher wage bill
5) By increasing repo rate, the economy may observe the following effects :View Explanation
(1)  Rate of interest on loan’s and advances will be costlier
(2)  Industrial output would be affected to an extent
(3)  Banks will increase rate of interest on deposits
(4)  Industry houses may borrow money from foreign countries
(5)  All of these
6) Axis Bank is aView Explanation
(1)  Public Sector Bank
(2)  Private Sector Bank
(3)  Co-operative Bank
(4)  Foreign Bank
(5)  Gramin Bank
7) Bad advances of a Bank are called :View Explanation
(1)  Bad debt
(2)  Book debt
(3)  Non Performing Asset
(4)  Out of order accounts
(5)  Overdrawn accounts
8) What is a ‘Debit Card’ ?View Explanation
(1)  It is a card issued by a Rating Agency
(2)  It is a card which can be used for withdrawing cash or making payment even in the absence of any balance in the account
(3)  It is a card which can be used for withdrawing cash or making payment if there is balance in the account
(4)  It is a card which carries prepaid balance
(5)  It is a card which can be used for making STD calls
9) Base Rate is the rate below which no Bank can allow their lending to anyone. Who sets up this ‘Base Rate’ for Banks ?View Explanation
(1)  Individual Banks’ Board
(2)  Ministry of Commerce
(3)  Ministry of Finance
(4)  RBI
(5)  Interest Rate Commission of India
10) As per revised RBI Guidelines, Provision on secured portion of loan accounts classified as Doubtful Assets for more than one year and upto 3 (three) years is to be made at the rate ofView Explanation
(1)  15%
(2)  20%
(3)  40%
(4)  25%
(5)  30%
11) Which of the following banks is headed by a woman CEO ?View Explanation
(1)  Bank of Baroda
(2)  HDFC Bank
(3)  Central Bank of India
(4)  Punjab National Bank
(5)  ICICI Bank
12) Nationalization of banks aimed at all of the following except View Explanation
(1)  Provision of adequate credit for agriculture, SME & exports
(2)  Removal of control by a few capitalists
(3)  Provision of credit to big industries only
(4)  Access of banking to masses
(5)  Encouragement of a new class of entrepreneurs
13) Banking Ombudsman Scheme is applicable to the business ofView Explanation
(1)  All scheduled commercial banks excluding RRBs
(2)  All scheduled commercial banks including RRBs
(3)  Only Public Sector Banks
(4)  All Banking Companies
(5)  All scheduled banks except private banks
14) In which of the following fund transfer mechanisms, can funds be moved from one bank to another and where the transaction is settled instantly without being bunched with any other transaction ?View Explanation
(1)  RTGS
(2)  NEFT
(3)  TT
(4)  EFT
(5)  MT
15) With reference to a cheque which of the following is the ‘drawee bank’ ?View Explanation
(1)  The bank that collects the cheque
(2)  The payee’s bank
(3)  The endorsee’s bank
(4)  The endorser’s bank
(5)  The bank upon which the cheque is drawn
16) What is the maximum deposit amount insured by DICGC ?View Explanation
(1)  Rs. 2,00,000 per depositor per bank
(2)  Rs. 2,00,000 per depositor across all banks
(3)  Rs. 1,00,000 per depositor per bank
(4)  Rs. 1,00,000 per depositor across all banks
(5)  None of these
17) Which of the following is NOT required for opening a bank account ?View Explanation
(1)  Identity Proof
(2)  Address Proof
(3)  Recent Photographs
(4)  Domicile Certificate
(5)  None of these
18) Which of the following is NOT a function of the Reserve Bank of India ?View Explanation
(1)  Fiscal Policy Functions
(2)  Exchange Control Functions
(3)  Issuance, Exchange and destruction of currency notes
(4)  Monetary Authority Functions
(5)  Supervisory and Control Functions
19) When there is a difference between all receipts and expenditure of the Government of India, both capital and revenue, it is calledView Explanation
(1)  Revenue Deficit
(2)  Budgetary Deficit
(3)  Zero Budgeting
(4)  Trade Gap
(5)  Balance of payment problem
20) Technological Advancement in the recent times has given a new dimension to banks, mainly to which one of the following aspects ?View Explanation
(1)  New Age Financial Derivatives
(2)  Service Delivery Mechanism
(3)  Any Banking
(4)  Any type Banking
(5)  Multilevel Marketing
21) Which one of the following is a retail banking product?View Explanation
(1)  Home Loans
(2)  Working capital finance
(3)  Corporate term loans
(4)  Infrastructure financing
(5)  Export Credit
22) Which one of the following is not a ‘Money Market Instrument’ ?View Explanation
(1)  Treasury Bills
(2)  Commercial Paper
(3)  Certificate of Deposit
(4)  Travelers’ cheques
(5)  Credit Cards
23) The term ‘Smart Money’ refers toView Explanation
(1)  Foreign Currency
(2)  Internet Banking
(3)  US Dollars
(4)  Travelers’ cheques
(5)  Credit Cards
24) A worldwide financial messaging network which exchanges messages between banks and financial institutions is known as View Explanation
(1)  CHAPS
(2)  SWIFT
(3)  NEFT
(4)  SFMS
(5)  CHIPS
25) A money deposited at a bank that cannot be withdrawn for a preset fixed period of time is known as _____View Explanation
(1)  Term Deposit
(2)  Checking Account
(3)  Savings Bank Account
(4)  No Frills Account
(5)  Current Deposit
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