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TEST YOUR BANKING AWARENESS(Previous Papers based on memory)
Set 01 IBPS BANK PO/MT CWE Held on: 18.09.2011
Set 02 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on: 27.11.2011(1st Sitting; East Zone)
Set 03 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on: 27.11.2011(2nd Sitting; West Zone)
Set 04 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on : 27.11.2011(2nd Sitting; North Zone)
Set 05 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on : 27.11.2011 (1st Sitting; South Zone)
Set 06 IBPS BANK CLERK CWE Held on : 04.12.2011 (1st Sitting; Eastern Zone )
Set 07 IBPS SPECIALIST OFFICER CWE Held on: 11.03.2012
Set 08 IBPS BANK PO/MT CWE Held on: 17.06.2012
Set 09 IBPS RRBs OFFICE ASSISTANT CWE Held on: 09.09.2012
Set 10 IBPS BANK CLERK ONLINE CWE-II Held on: 16.12.2012 (Morning Shift)
Set 11 IBPS RRB CLERK ONLINE CWE Held on: 29.09.2013
Set 12 IBPS CLERK ONLINE CWE-III Held on: 14.12.2013

1) Part of companys earning or profit which is paid out to share holders is known asView Explanation
(1)  Premium
(2)  Dividend
(3)  Bonus
(4)  Sum Assured
(5)  Return
2) In a circular issued by the Reserve Bank of India on 9 April 2010, Banks were advised to switch over to which system for calculation of their lending rates with effect from July 1, 2010?View Explanation
(1)  Prime Lending Rate System
(2)  Base Rate System
(3)  Marginal Liquidity Facility System
(4)  Statutory Liquidity Ratio system
(5)  Benchmark Rate System
3) EFTPOS(elctroinc funds transfer at point of sale) is based onView Explanation
(1)  SMS Alerts
(2)  Debit Cards
(3)  Credit Cards
(4)  Both 1 and 2
(5)  Both 2 and 3
4) Which of the following bodies recently expressed concern over unregistered investment advisors spread across the country and brought out the Investment Advisers Regulations 2013?View Explanation
(1)  Reserve Bank of India
(2)  IRDA
(3)  SEBI
(5)  CII
5) Which term is used for banking in which banking institutions execute transactions directly with consumers, rather than corporations or other banks?View Explanation
(1)  Merchant Banking
(2)  Collateral Banking
(3)  Retail Banking
(4)  Bulk Banking
(5)  Direct Banking
6) With reference to Indian Banking sector, which of the following is the most appropriate expanded form of EMI?View Explanation
(1)  Estimated Monthly Installment
(2)  Extended Matching Items
(3)  Equated Monthly Installment
(4)  Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence
(5)  Easy Monthly Installment
7) What is the term for a bank without any branch network that offers its services remotely?View Explanation
(1)  Virtual Bank
(2)  Direct Bank
(3)  Lending Institution
(4)  Indirect Bank
(5)  Online Bank
8) The Reserve Bank of India made it mandatory for banks to lend at least 40 percent of their credit to select sectors such as agriculture, Micro and Small Enterprises, other weaker sections, etc. Which banks have to lend at least 40 percent of their total net credit to priority sectors?View Explanation
(1)  Scheduled Commercial Banks
(2)  Foreign Banks
(4)  IRDA
(5)  All of the above
9) When criminals use an innocent person’s details to open or use an account to carry out financial transactions, it is known asView Explanation
(1)  Money Laundering
(2)  Phishing
(3)  Identity Theft
(4)  Real Time Gross Settlement
(5)  Insinuation
10) Which of the following banks /ministries/ bodies is the lender of last resort in India?View Explanation
(1)  World Bank
(2)  Reserve Bank of India
(3)  Union Ministry of Finance
(4)  Planning Commission
(5)  International Monetary Fund
11) The Aadhaar-enabled payment systems(AEPS) is a bank-led model that facilitates banking facilities by allowing transactions at Point of Sale through the business correspondent (BC) using the Aadhaar authentication number. Aadhar enabled basic types of banking transactions ‘do not’ includeView Explanation
(1)  Balance enquiry
(2)  Cash withdrawal
(3)  Online payment
(4)  Cash Deposit
(5)  Aadhar to Aadhar funds transfer
12) BCSBI aims to plan, evolve, prepare, develop, promote and publish comprehensive codes and standards for banks, for providing for fair treatment to their customers. Which of the following codes has been evolved by it?View Explanation
(1)  Code of Banks Commitment to Customers
(2)  Code of banks commitment to Micro and Small Enterprises
(3)  Code of Banks commitment to Financial Inclusion
(4)  Both 1 and 2
(5)  Both 2 and 3
13) Arrangement of bank selling insurance product acting as agent of respective companies is calledView Explanation
(1)  Bancassurance
(2)  Outsourcing
(3)  Delegation
(4)  Proxy Insurance
(5)  Shadow Insurance
14) NABARD is responsible for regulating and supervisingView Explanation
(1)  Securities market in India
(2)  Bank rates of scheduled commercial banks in India
(3)  Cooperatives
(4)  Regional Rural Banks
(5)  Only 3 and 4
15) Which of the following is a receipt, declaring ownership of shares of a foreign company, which can be listed in India and traded in rupees?View Explanation
(1)  ADR
(2)  GDR
(3)  IDR
(4)  EDR
(5)  None of the above
16) Microcredit concentrates onView Explanation
(1)  Small loans
(2)  Women
(3)  Rural areas
(4)  Poor people
(5)  All of these
17) Fixed Deposit is also referred to asView Explanation
(1)  Time Deposit
(2)  Recurring Deposit
(3)  Demand Deposit
(4)  Static Deposit
(5)  All of the above
18) Equity share is also known as View Explanation
(1)  Shareholder equity
(2)  Stockholder equity
(3)  Share Capital
(4)  Net worth
(5)  All of the above
19) In order to promote no frills accounts as part of basic banking, the Reserve Bank of India, in August 2012, advised banks to rechristen it asView Explanation
(1)  Basic Saving Account
(2)  Basic Deposit Account
(3)  Basic Account
(4)  Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account
(5)  none of the above
20) The process by which LIC holder can transfer all rights, title and interest under a policy contract to any third person is known asView Explanation
(1)  Subrogation
(2)  Escrow
(3)  Mortgage
(4)  Assignment
(5)  Nomination
21) CASA ratio of bank indicate the View Explanation
(1)  Banks deposits
(2)  Banks Non Performing Assets
(3)  Banks liabilities
(4)  Banks base rate
(5)  Banks total assets
22) Derivatives Contract which gives the buyer/holder of the contract the right (but not the obligation) to buy/sell the underlying asset at a predetermined price within or at end of a specified period is known asView Explanation
(1)  Futures Contract
(2)  Option Contract
(3)  Index Futures contract
(4)  Mini Derivative Contract
(5)  None of the above
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