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SET 01 Current Affairs JAN'2014 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 02 Current Affairs FEB'2014 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 03 Current Affairs MAR'2014 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 04 Current Affairs APR'2014 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 05 Current Affairs MAY'2014 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 06 Current Affairs JUNE'2014 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 07 Current Affairs JULY'2014 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 08 Current Affairs AUG'2014 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 09 Current Affairs SEP'2014 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 10 Current Affairs OCT'2014 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 11 Current Affairs NOV'2014 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 12 Current Affairs DEC'2014 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 13 Current Affairs JAN'2015 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 14 Current Affairs FEB'2015 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 15 Current Affairs MAR'2015 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 16 Current Affairs APRIL'2015 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 17 Current Affairs May'2015 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 18 Current Affairs June'2015 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 19 Current Affairs July'2015 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 20 Current Affairs AUG'2015 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 21 Current Affairs SEP'2015 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 22 Current Affairs OCT'2015 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 23 Current Affairs Nov'2015 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
SET 24 Current Affairs Dec'2015 (With special reference to Banking Industry)


JAN 4 : Louis Braille Day
Louis Braille was the inventor of Braille, a system of reading and writing used by the people who are blind or visually impaired. Louis Braille was died on Jan 5,1852, so this day is celebrated as Louis Braille Day.

JAN 11 : World Laughter Day
It was announced on Jan 10, 1998 by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the Worldwide Laughter Yoga Movement.

JAN 12 : National Youth Day
It is celebrated in India on Jan 12, the birthday of Swami Vivekananda. In 1984, the government of India declared and decided to observe the birthday of Swami Vivekananda as a National Youth Day every year from 1985.

JAN 15 : Army Day
Army Day is celebrated on Jan 15, every year in India, in recognition of Lieutenant General (Later Field Marshal) KM Cariappa's taking over as the first Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army from Sir Francis Butcher (the last British Commander) in 1948.

JAN 25 : National Tourism Day
India is one of the most fascinating places a tourist can visit. Tourism is a main industry in India today, and plays a key role in the nation's overall growth. To underline the importance of responsible tourism, and highlight the tremendous tourism potential of India, National Tourism Day is celebrated on January 25th every year.

JAN 26 : Republic Day
India won independence from the British on 15th August 1947. Yet, until 1949, the country did not have a permanent constitution of its own. The Indian Constitution was finally approved only in November 1949, and came into effect on 26 the January 1950, that India declared herself a sovereign independent republic.

JAN 27 : International Holocaust Remembrance Day
On Jan 27, 1945, Auschwitz Birkenau, a death camp run by the Nazis was liberated by the Soviet army. This camp was the largest among the many that were responsible for the death of millions of Jews, and others, who were considered enemies of the state by the Nazis. On November 1, 2005, the United Nations declared Jan 27, to be International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust.
     It is the remembrance day of their suffering, courage, and determination. This day is observed by the UK, Italy, and many countries around the world, and its purpose is to honour these victims, for their lives are shining examples of the triumph of the human spirit against all odds.

JAN 30 : Martyrs' Day
It was on 30 the January 1948 that Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, was assassinated. To pay tribute to this great son of India and to all the other martyrs who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, January 30 the is observed as Martyrs' Day every year.

JAN 31 : Street Children's Day
Around the world, there are millions of children whose homes are the streets. These children eat and live on the streets, no matter what the weather is, support themselves through begging, doing small jobs, or even stealing, and cannot afford an education.
   But we must remember that they have the same potential to grow and become useful members of society as other children, if only they are given the opportunity. To do this, 2009, Jugend Wine Welt, an organisation, launched 'Street Children's Day', and this day is commemorated every year on January 31st. The day provides a platform for street children to speak out, so that their rights cannot be ignored.

1) 1. In how many different ways can be letters of the word SOFTWARE be arranged in such a way that the vowels always come together? View Explanation
(1)  13440
(2)  1440
(3)  360
(4)  986
(5)  None of theses
2) Colombo-Jaffha railway line has reopened after 24 years in Sri Lanka. Which of the following countries has constructed the rail link on a subsidised line of credit of USD 800 mn to Sri Lanka? View Explanation
(1)  Japan
(2)  India
(3)  China
(4)  US
(5)  UK
3) India's retail major Future Group has announced a strategic e-commerce alliance with which of the following leading online marketplaces operating in India? View Explanation
(1)  Amazon India
(2)  e-bay India
(3)  Flipkart
(4)  Snapdeal
(5)  Shopclues
4) We read about Nidhi companies in the financial newspapers. Which of the following is correct about such companies? View Explanation
(1)  These companies are registered under section 620 A of the Companies Act.
(2)  They can take deposits from its members and give them loans.
(3)  These companies are also known as mutual benefit societies (MBS).
(4)  There is a cap for member enrolment in such companies.
(5)  None of these
5) According to the 12th Five Year Plan, approved by the Cabinet, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is planning to launch 58 missions. Which of the following is NOT correct with respect to the ISRO plan? View Explanation
(1)  It will deploy its own GPS system with seven satellites named GLONASS.
(2)  The indicative plan outlay for the Department of Space in the 12th Plan is Rs. 39,750 cr.
(3)  It will land a rover Chandrayaan-II on the lunar surface.
(4)  Its Aditya-1 project will be dedicated to solar coronal studies
(5)  Astrosat-1 will be India's first satellite dedicated to astronomy.
6) During the recent visit of the President Pranab Mukherjee to Norway, the two countries-signed 13 agreements. Who among the following is the present Prime Minister of Norway? View Explanation
(1)  Jonas Gahr Store
(2)  Borge Brende
(3)  Erna Solberg
(4)  Siv Jensen
(5)  Jens Stoltenberg
7) The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has imposed a fine of around Rs.300 cr on which of the following multinational drug companies for overcharging consumers on sale of its best-selling painkiller medicine Voveran? View Explanation
(1)  Sun Pharma
(2)  Reckitt Benckiser
(3)  Glaxo Smith Kline
(4)  Novartis
(5)  None of these
8) During recent years, public debt in India has been growing at an alarming rate. Which of the following is NOT a part of public debt? View Explanation
(1)  Insurance policies
(2)  National Savings Certificate
(3)  Provident Fund
(4)  Treasury Bills
(5)  Multilateral borrowings
9) A new mission named 'Resolute Support' has been initiated in which of the following countries recently? It will focus on training and supporting the local army and police. View Explanation
(1)  Iraq
(2)  Syria
(3)  Pakistan
(4)  Afghanistan
(5)  None of these
10) Once a bank demand draft (DD) reaches the payee, who among the following is competent to stop its payment? View Explanation
(1)  The purchaser of the draft
(2)  The issuing branch
(3)  The drawee branch
(4)  All the above
(5)  None of these
11) The 10-week tournament, Indian Super League (ISL), commenced on 12 Oct with much fanfare, aiming to lift the moribund standard of which of the following sports in the country? View Explanation
(1)  Hockey
(2)  Football
(3)  Tennis
(4)  Badminton
(5)  Kabaddi
12) Who among the following has/have won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2014? View Explanation
(1)  May-BrittMoser
(2)  Edvard Moser
(3)  John O'Keefe
(4)  All the above
(5)  Only 1) and 2)
13) Who among the following is the present president of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) who formally closed the 17th Asian Games held in Incheon, South Korea recently? View Explanation
(1)  Narayana Ramachandran
(2)  Thomas Bach
(3)  Kim Youngsoo
(4)  Sheikh Ahmad Fahad Al-Sabah
(5)  None of these
14) The govt launched 'Swachh Bharat' programme on 2 Oct. Which of the following is NOT correct about the programme? View Explanation
(1)  The urban component of the Mission is to be implemented over 5 years starting 2 Oct 2014 in all 4041 statutory towns.
(2)  It is expected to cost over Rs.62,000 cr.
(3)  The PM invited nine prominent personalities from different walks of life to join the drive.
(4)  The rural component of the Mission will be implemented starting 2 Oct 2019.
(5)  None of these
15) India ranked 55th in the 2014 Global Hunger Index (Gffl). This index prepared each year is measured on which of the following indicators? View Explanation
(1)  Number of undernourished people
(2)  Child mortality
(3)  Child underweight
(4)  All the above
(5)  Only 1) and 2)
16) The 13th edition of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) will be held in which of the following cities in Jan 2015? It is the world's largest annual gathering of the Indian diaspora. View Explanation
(1)  Mumbai
(2)  Gandhinagar
(3)  Pune
(4)  Indore
(5)  New Delhi
17) The RBI keeps on modifying various rates/ratios to keep the flow of money in the market in a balanced situation. Which of the following is NOT directly controlled by the RBI? View Explanation
(1)  Reporate
(2)  Base rate
(3)  Marginal Standing Facility
(4)  Statutory Liquidity Ratio
(5)  None of these
18) One of the seven emirates of United Arab Emirates (UAE) has launched a new initiative called 'Happiness Meter' to monitor the happiness and satisfaction of its population on a daily basis. Identify the emirate. View Explanation
(1)  Ajman
(2)  Sharjah
(3)  Dubai
(4)  Abu Dhabi
(5)  None of these
19) Who among the following has been conferred the Saraswati Samman 2013 for his novel Dhool Paudhon Parl The award is recognised as the highest literary award in India. View Explanation
(1)  Subodh Sarkar
(2)  Govind Mishra
(3)  Chitra Mudgal
(4)  Mridula Garg
(5)  Maitreyi Pushpa
20) India is a founder member of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Who among the following is India's ex officio Governor on the Board of Governors of the IMF? View Explanation
(1)  RBI Governor
(2)  Finance Minister
(3)  Finance Secretary
(4)  Chief Economic Advisor
(5)  Commerce Minister
21) According to the HSBC Trade Forecast Report, India may become fifth largest exporter by 2030. What is India's position in terms of export of goods by value at present? View Explanation
(1)  9th
(2)  11th
(3)  13th
(4)  14th
(5)  15th
22) The Bombay High Court has ruled-in favour of which of the following telecom service providers and found that it is not liable to pay an income tax demand of Rs.3,200 cr in a case relating to transfer pricing? View Explanation
(1)  MTS
(2)  Vodafone
(3)  Telenor
(4)  Maxis
(5)  None of these
23) Consider the following statements with respect to India's Mars mission and identify the one which is NOT correct. View Explanation
(1)  India has become the first country in the world to enter the Mars orbit on a maiden mission.
(2)  Except India, only Chinese, US, Japanese and Russian probes to Mars have been successful so far.
(3)  India's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) or Mangalyaan was launched on 4 Nov 2013, which entered into Mars' orbit on 24 Sep.
(4)  It carried five scientific payloads, including a camera, two spectrometers, a radiometer and a photometer.
(5)  None of these
24) The World Bank President J im Yong Kim has launched GIF aimed at mobilising the private sector to help tackle the massive infrastructure deficit faced by developing countries. Expand the term GIF. View Explanation
(1)  General Infrastructure Facility
(2)  Geographical Infrastructure Facility
(3)  Global Infrastructure Fund
(4)  Global Infrastructure Facility
(5)  None of these
25) The movie which will be the official entry from India to the best foreign film category at the 87th edition of Oscar awards in 2015 is View Explanation
(1)  Haider
(2)  Queen
(3)  Kick
(4)  Mary Kom
(5)  Liar's Dice
26) Who among the following has won the 2014 Man Booker Prize? View Explanation
(1)  Neel Mukherjee
(2)  AliSmith
(3)  Richard Flanagan
(4)  Howard Jacobson
(5)  David Mitchell
27) Who among the following is the first sitting chief minister of an Indian state who was convicted and sent to jail? View Explanation
(1)  Lalu Prasad Yadav
(2)  J Jayalalithaa
(3)  Mayawati
(4)  Mulayam Singh Yadav
(5)  BS Yeddyurappa
28) Which of the following days is celebrated on 10 Oct across the world every year? View Explanation
(1)  World Mental Health Day
(2)  United Nations Day
(3)  World Food Day
(4)  International Day for Disaster Reduction
(5)  World Standards Day
29) The prestigious Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award for 2014 was announced recently. This prize is facilitated to people for their outstanding contributions to which of the following fields? View Explanation
(1)  Science and Technology
(2)  Art and Literature
(3)  Sports
(4)  Music
(5)  Peace
30) The 17th Asian Games have concluded recently. India finished at which of the following positions in the medals table with a total haul of 57 medals, comprising 11 gold, 10 silver and 36 bronze? View Explanation
(1)  Fifth
(2)  Sixth
(3)  Seventh
(4)  Eighth
(5)  Tenth
31) India's domestic airlines IndiGo inked a $ 2.6-bn aircraft finance deal with which of the following banks recently? View Explanation
(1)  Bank of Japan
(2)  ICBC
(3)  Bank of America
(4)  Deutsche Bundesbank
(5)  None of these
32) The 17th Asian Games concluded in Incheon, South Korea recently. The next Asian Games will be held in 2018 in which of the following cities? View Explanation
(1)  Tokyo, Japan
(2)  Jakarta, Indonesia
(3)  Tehran, Iran
(4)  Astana, Kazakhstan
(5)  New Delhi, India
33) The Supreme Court declared which of the.following tribunals as unconstitutional recently? The apex court said that the Act passed by Parliament in 2005 to form the tribunal encroaches upon the power of higher judiciary. View Explanation
(1)  National Tax Tribunal
(2)  Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal
(3)  Securities Appellate Tribunal
(4)  Appellate Tribunal for Electricity
(5)  None of these
34) Which of the following is NOT a part of the organised banking system in India? View Explanation
(1)  State Co-operative Societies
(2)  Moneylenders
(3)  Private Sector Banks
(4)  Regional Rural Banks
(5)  Public Sector Banks
35) The book titled The Lives of Others has been authored by who among the following? View Explanation
(1)  Amit Chaudhuri
(2)  Neel Mukherjee
(3)  HM Naqvi
(4)  Tania James
(5)  None of these
36) The campaign "Make in India" was launched by the Govt on 25 Sep to put India prominently on the global manufacturing map. This campaign focuses on how many identified growth sectors of the Indian economy? View Explanation
(1)  21
(2)  22
(3)  25
(4)  30
(5)  50
37) Who among the following has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the Afghanistan govt, a post which is equal to that of Prime Minister? View Explanation
(1)  Abdullah Abdullah
(2)  Ashraf Ghani
(3)  GulAghaSherzai
(4)  Zalmai Rassoul
(5)  None of these
38) Year 2016-17 was declared as the SAARC Year of Cultural Heritage in the recent meet of the SAARC culture ministers in New Delhi. Which of the following cities was declared to be SAARC cultural capital for 2015-16 in the same meet? View Explanation
(1)  Varanasi, India
(2)  Karachi, Pakistan
(3)  Dhaka, Bangladesh
(4)  Bamiyan, Afghanistan
(5)  Kathtnandu, Nepal
39) India and China signed three Gujarat specific pacts during the Chinese President Xi Jinping's three-day visit to India. Which of the following is NOT among them? View Explanation
(1)  Making Guangzhou and Ahmedabad sister cities
(2)  Setting up of industrial park in Gujarat
(3)  Pact between Guangdong and Gujarat for development of cultural and social ties
(4)  MoU on feasibility study to develop small ports across the Gujarat coastline
(5)  None of these
40) The RBI changed KYC norms for opening bank accounts recently. Which of the following is correct in this regard? View Explanation
(1)  It has asked banks to allow self-certified copy of the document by email or post for opening an account.
(2)  Banks have to seek fresh documents even if a KYC-compliant customer desires to open another account in the bank.
(3)  If one is unable to comply within a reasonable period of time, partial freezing of one's account may be introduced for KYC non-compliance.
(4)  Only 1) and 2)
(5)  Only 1) and 3)
41) The govt has diluted several green norms to facilitate faster clearance for pro sets. Which of the following relaxations is NOT among then ? View Explanation
(1)  Wildlife Board nod for areas around wildlife zones has been delinked from forest clearance
(2)  States' powers to put additional safeguards have been done away with
(3)  Forests can be cut before final clearance for linear projects such as roads and irrigation canals.
(4)  Tribal rights have been diluted, favouring prospecting miners
(5)  None of these
42) Name the biggest bank of the US which revealed recently that it suffered a massive cyber attack on 76 mn private and seven mn business customers in the country. View Explanation
(1)  Citibank
(2)  Standard Chartered
(3)  Bank of America
(4)  JP Morgan
(5)  None of these
43) The Finance Minister has decided to set aside Rs.50 cr from Social Security Fund ' SSF) for payment of premium towards life insurance cover under Jan Dhan scheme. The SSF was set up in 1988-89 for providing social security and is managed by View Explanation
(1)  UC
(2)  GIC
(3)  NIC
(4)  RBI
(5)  IRDA
44) Indian companies are planning to raise money through FCCBs as an appreciating rupee and a bullish stock market again make these bonds attractive. What does FCCB stand for? View Explanation
(1)  Foreign Currency Convertible Bond
(2)  Foreign Country Convertible Bond
(3)  Foreign Currency Concessional Bond
(4)  Foreign Country Concessional Bond
(5)  None of these
45) Which of the following is the only Indian-owned brand in the annual list of world's top 100 brands compiled by leading brand consultancy Interbrand? View Explanation
(1)  Land Rover
(2)  Airtel
(3)  Reliance
(4)  TCS
(5)  None of these
46) India won the hockey gold at the 17th Asian Games after 16 years recently. It defeated which of the following teams? View Explanation
(1)  Souh Korea
(2)  Malaysia
(3)  Pakistan
(4)  Japan
(5)  None of these
47) As estimated in the annual report of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), the Indian economy will grow at what per cent in the current fiscal? View Explanation
(1)  5.1 per cent
(2)  5.5 percent
(3)  5.9percent
(4)  6.1 per cent
(5)  None of these
48) Who among the following won the men's singles title of the 2014 Shanghai Masters tennis tournament? View Explanation
(1)  Rafael Nadal
(2)  Novak Djokovic
(3)  Leonardo Mayer
(4)  Gilles Simon
(5)  Roger Federer
49) Examine the following facts in light of the RBI's bimonthly policy review which took place on 30 Sep 2014 and identify the one which is NOT matched correctly. View Explanation
(1)  Short-term lending rate (repo) - 8 per cent
(2)  Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) -4 per cent
(3)  Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) - 22.5 per cent
(4)  Next bi-monthly policy statement - 2 Dec
(5)  None of these
50) The soon-to-be-operational first semi-high-speed train to run between Delhi and Agra will be named View Explanation
(1)  Gatimaan Express
(2)  Pawan Express
(3)  Tej Express
(4)  Druta Express
(5)  None of these
51) Which of the following countries won the gold medal of Men's Kabaddi at the 17th Asian Games? It had, won gold medal in the last six editions of the game since the sport made its debut in Beijing in 1990. View Explanation
(1)  Iran
(2)  Nepal
(3)  Sri Lanka
(4)  India
(5)  None of these
52) The relationship between a bank and a customer comes to an end in which of the following circumstances? View Explanation
(1)  Insanity of the customer
(2)  Insolvency of the customer
(3)  Death of the customer
(4)  Any of the above
(5)  Only 2) and 3)
53) The first democratic transfer of power in Afghanistan since the ouster of Taliban from power took place recently. Who among the following has been sworn in as the new president of the country? View Explanation
(1)  Abdullah Abdullah
(2)  Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai
(3)  Hamid Karzai
(4)  Abdul Rashid Dostum
(5)  None of these
54) National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) reduced the refinance rates for banks and other lending agencies by 0.20 per cent to promote rural credit and rural infrastructure. What is the new rate for refinance effective from 7 Jan, 2014? View Explanation
(1)  9.10 per cent
(2)  9.30 per cent
(3)  9.50 per cent
(4)  9.70 per cent
(5)   9.90 per cent
55) The Govt of India has terminated with immediate effect the Agreement signed in 2010 for the supply of 12 VVIP helicopters in the wake of a scam in the deal. The deal was signed with View Explanation
(1)  Kamov
(2)  AgustaWestland
(3)  Dassault Rafale
(4)  Lockheed Martin
(5)  None of these
56) Which of the following industrial groups has become the first corporate in the country to disburse salaries leveraging the Aadhaar Payment Bridge (APB) to avoid fake data? View Explanation
(1)  REL
(2)  Adanigroup
(3)  Trident group
(4)  Vedanta group
(5)  Bharati group
57) Which of the following statements is/are correct with respect to steel production in India? (A) India is the world's largest producer of Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) or Sponge Iron. (B) The steel sector contributes to nearly 2% of the GDP and employs over 5 lakh people. (C) The per capita steel consumption was 42 kg in 2012-13 in India. View Explanation
(1)  Only (A)
(2)  Only (B)
(3)  Only (C)
(4)  Only (A) and (B)
(5)  Only (A) and (C)
58) Recently, NASA spacecraft spots 'potentially hazardous new-asteroid. It has been named as View Explanation
(1)  2013 YP 139
(2)  2014 P130
(3)  YP139
(4)  2014 AS913
(5)  None of these
59) As part of taking banking services to rural areas, the Centre has revised its target for opening new bank branches which will also create an additional 55,000 new jobs in the banking sector.. Now, how many new bank branches will be opened yearly from next fiscal? View Explanation
(1)  5,000
(2)  7,000
(3)  9,000
(4)  10,000
(5)  12,000
60) India and which of the Gulf countries have signed a pact recently to protect interests of Indian domestic sector workers working in the country? View Explanation
(1)  Bahrain
(2)  Kuwait
(3)  Saudi Arabia
(4)  Iraq
(5)  None of these
61) Indian Coast Guard ship Abhinav, the third in a series of 20 fast patrol vessels being built by the Cochin Shipyard, was commissioned recently. Consider the following statements . 1. The special features of the ship include an Integrated Bridge Management System. 2. It has Indigenous Fire Control System. Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct? View Explanation
(1)  Only 1
(2)  Only 2
(3)  Both 1 and 2
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of these
62) Who became only scientist on the Asian continent to be conferred the fellowship contribution by the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS)? View Explanation
(1)  VK Saraswat
(2)  Rajmal Jain
(3)  Prof Rajan Shaw
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of these
63) The nation's first comprehensive adolescent health programme named 'Rashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakram (RKSK)' was launched recently from Thane, Maharashtra. Based on a national analysis, RKSK will focus on six areas including: View Explanation
(1)  sexual and reproductive health
(2)  nutrition
(3)  injuries and violence (including gender-based violence)
(4)  non-communicable diseases
(5)  All the above
64) What is the target stipulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for advances to weaker sections for domestic and foreign (with 20 and above branches) commercial banks as of now ?. View Explanation
(1)  10
(2)  18
(3)  32
(4)  40
(5)  None of these
65) The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) announced to launch India's mission to the moon, Chandrayaan-2, by 2016. Consider the following statements: 1. Chandrayaan-2 would be launched by a Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle, (GSLV). 2. It is powered by an indigenously developed cryogenic engine. Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct? View Explanation
(1)  Only 1
(2)  Only 2
(3)  Both 1 and 2
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of the above
66) The astronomers have discovered Earth's 'gassy twin' with a mass similar to that of our planet in another solar system 200 light years away. The planet has been asigned the name as View Explanation
(1)  KOI-314C
(2)  DW-202a
(3)  Dwarf Planet
(4)  Earth's Twin
(5)  None of these
67) The scientists have developed a device that can take a "biopsy" of a living cell, sampling minute volumes of its contents without killing it. The name of the tool is View Explanation
(1)  Safe-Biopsy
(2)  Minibiopsy
(3)  Nanobiopsy
(4)  Quickbiopsy
(5)  None of these
68) In a move aimed at thwarting money laundering activities, the market regulator Sebi has made which of the following compulsory for all investments into Collective Investment Scheme (CIS)? All investments in CIS funds are to be made View Explanation
(1)  through banking channels
(2)  in cash
(3)  through correspondents only
(4)  through registered broking agencies
(5)  None of these
69) Which of the following is correct regarding the recent advice by the RBI to banks regarding acceptance of currency notes? View Explanation
(1)  Banks will accept currency notes with scribbling on it.
(2)  Banks will not accept currency notes with scribbling on it.
(3)  Only RBI's regional branches will accept currency notes with scribbling on it.
(4)  Banks will accept currency notes with scribbling on it on half value only.
(5)  None of these
70) The scientists discovered phosphorus in the cosmic leftovers from the supernova, Cassiopeia A, explosion. Consider the following statements regarding the discovery: 1. It confirmed that massive exploding stars are crucibles in which the element is created. 2. According to the scientists, Cassiopeia A exploded 1000 years ago. View Explanation
(1)   Only 1
(2)  Only 2
(3)  Both 1 and 2
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of these
71) A cryogenic rocket engine is a rocket engine that uses a cryogenic fuel or oxidiser. Its fuel or oxidiser (or both) are gases liquefied and stored at very low temperatures. Which is the most widely used combination of fuel-oxidiser combination? View Explanation
(1)  Liquid hydrogen and liquid nitrogen
(2)  Liquid hydrogen and neon
(3)  Liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen
(4)  Liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen
(5)  None of these
72) Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully launched GSLV-D5 rocket from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota on January 5, 2014. Consider the following statements about the launch: 1. It was powered by an indigenous cryogenic engine. 2. ISRO achieved the feat after two failures earlier. 3. Japan and China have successfully developed their cryogenic engines. Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct? View Explanation
(1)  1 and 2
(2)  Only 2
(3)  2 and 3
(4)  1,2 and 3
(5)  None of these
73) Consider the following with respect to the RBI's move to introduce globally compatible unique identity codes to entities which are parties to a financial transaction in India as part of the G-20 mandate: (A) The unique identity code called Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a 20-character code assigned by a local operating unit (LOU). (B) Clearing Corporation of India Ltd (CCIL) has been selected to act as LOU. (C) The functioning of CCIL as a local operating unit will not fall under the regulation and oversight of the RBI. Which of the above statements is NOT correct? View Explanation
(1)  Only (A)
(2)  Only (B)
(3)  Only (C)
(4)  Only (A) and (B)
(5)  Only (B) and (C)
74) In a major step towards allowing more autonomy to CBI, the govt has placed the agency's legal wing, Directorate of Prosecution, under the command of the CBI director recently. Earlier, the legal wing used to report to: View Explanation
(1)  Law Ministry
(2)  Home Ministry
(3)  PMO
(4)  Attorney General
(5)  None of these
75) Who won the title in the 10th and final round of the 12th Parsvnath Delhi International Grandmasters Chess Tournament, held in New Delhi? View Explanation
(1)  Abhijit Gupta
(2)  Eldar Gasanov
(3)  V. Anand
(4)  Rajat Arya
(5)  None of these
76) Who has been conferred the gold medal for long jump in the World Athletics Final held in Monte Carlo in 2005, after the original winner Tatyana Kotova tested positive for the banned substance 'Formestane' on January 14, 2014? View Explanation
(1)  Anju Bobby George
(2)  Soma Vishwas
(3)  SunitaGodhra
(4)  GS Randhawa
(5)  None of these
77) First Sunil Gangopadhyaya Memorial Award for Excellence "in Bengali Literature for 2012 and 2013 was conferred to View Explanation
(1)  Sankha Ghosh
(2)  Nirendranath Chakravarty
(3)  Both (a) and (b)
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of the above
78) The Women's Ashes Series is the perpetual trophy in women's international cricket between which of the two countries? View Explanation
(1)  England and India
(2)  India and West-Indies
(3)  Australia and England
(4)  England and South Africa
(5)  None of these
79) Who is the author of the book "Enoch, I am a British Indian"? View Explanation
(1)  Kathy Acker
(2)  Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
(3)  Sarinder Joshua Duroch
(4)  Abiola Abrams
(5)  None of these
80) The 21st edition of the event and part of the WTA International tournaments of the 2014 WTA Tour place at the Hobart International Tennis Centre in Hobart, Australia from January 5 to 11, 2014. Who became the winner of women's singles? View Explanation
(1)  Monica Niculescu
(2)  Lisa Raymond
(3)  Klara Zakopalova
(4)  Garbine Muguruza
(5)  None of these
81) 39th edition of the Heineken Open took place at the ASB Tennis Centre in Auckland, New Zealand, from January 6 to 11, 2014. Who was the winner of men's singles? View Explanation
(1)  Marcelo Melo
(2)  John Isner
(3)  Lu Yen-hsun
(4)  Julian Knowle
(5)  None of these
82) The 2014 Apia International Sydney was a joint 2014 ATP World Tour and 2014 WTA Tour tennis tournament, played on outdoor hard courts in Sydney, New South Wales. It was held from January 5 to 11, 2014. Who became the winner of men's singles? View Explanation
(1)  Rohan Bopanna
(2)  Daniel Nestor
(3)  Juan Martin del Potro
(4)  Nenad Zimonjic
(5)  None of these
83) Tamil Nadu beat Uttarakhand in the final and recapture the men's title in the 62nd National Volleyball Championships held at Moradabad.Who recieved the title of Best Attacker (Men)? View Explanation
(1)  Naveen Raja Jacob
(2)  Senthil Pillai
(3)  Bhaskar Singh
(4)  Satyam A. Raja
(5)  None of these
84) South Africa grabbed the two match series with India in Durban on December 30, 2013. It defeated India by 10 wickets in the. second cricket test to win the series. Who has been named as the 'Man of the Series'? View Explanation
(1)  Dale Steyn
(2)  AB De Villiers
(3)  Jacques Kallis
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of the above
85) Which of the following Union Minister has been named 'Person of the Year' by animal rights body PETA- India for taking steps to advance animal protection? View Explanation
(1)  Sashi Tharoor
(2)  Jairam Ramesh
(3)  Jayanti Natrajan
(4)  Veerappa Moily
(5)  None of these
86) The Qatar Open is a men's tennis tournament played on outdoor hard courts. Consider the following statements about the Qatar Open: 1. It was 22nd Edition of Qatar Open. 2. It took place at the Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex in Doha. 3. Rafael Nadal won the tournament by beating Gael Monfils of France. Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct? View Explanation
(1)  1 and 2
(2)  2 Only
(3)  2 and 3
(4)  1,2 and 3
(5)  None of these
87) Football legend Eusebio, known as the 'Black Panther' or 'The King', passed away on January 5, 2014. Consider the following statements about him: 1. He was a Japanese player. 2. He also earned European football's Golden Boot award twice. Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct? View Explanation
(1)  Only 1
(2)  Only 2
(3)  Both 1 and 2
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of the above
88) Sahayog-Kaijin 2014 is the the joint exercise between which two countries? View Explanation
(1)  India- Japan
(2)  India- South Korea
(3)  India-Singapore
(4)  India-China
(5)  None of these
89) British PM orders probe into Thatcher link to 'Operation Blue Star'. Operation Blue Star relates toView Explanation
(1)  Indian Navy
(2)  Indian Air Force
(3)  Indian Army
(4)  Joint Operation by UK and india
(5)  None of these
90) Centre has decided to provide an additional wage employment beyond the stipulated 100 days under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) for Scheduled Tribe households in forest areas. It will be for View Explanation
(1)  20 days
(2)  30 days
(3)  40 days
(4)  50 days
(5)  None of these
91) Who among the following has cracked the fastest century in one-day international history recently? He reached three figures in just 36 deliveries playing against the West Indies. View Explanation
(1)  Shane Watson
(2)  Rohit Sharma
(3)  Shahid Afridi
(4)  Corey Anderson
(5)  None of these
92) The European Parliament signed off new carbon dioxide restrictions for commercial vans. It will slash emissions by 28% from View Explanation
(1)  2015
(2)  2018
(3)  2020
(4)  2022
(5)  None of these
93) Recently, a Letter of Intent (LoI) was signed between India and Canada in New Delhi. Consider the following statements in this respect: 1. It provides for information exchanges in areas of mutual interest including iron-ore, coking coal and other steel making raw materials. 2, Encourage bilateral investment opportunities in uranium and nuclear business. Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct? View Explanation
(1)  Only 1
(2)  Only 2
(3)  Both 1 and 2
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of these
94) India and South Korea signed nine pacts aimed at imparting forward momentum to their bilateral ties. Which of the following statements is-are the part of the agreement? 1. Exploring the possibility of setting up a Korean Industrial Park in India. 2. Revision of the existing Double Taxation Avoidance Convention. 3. Indian government announced the decision to extend a 'tourist visa on arrival facility' to South Korea. View Explanation
(1)  1 and 2
(2)  2 and 3
(3)  1,2 and 3
(4)  1 and 3
(5)  None of these
95) Indonesia's President has signed a government regulation to implement the 2009 law on the mineral export ban on January 12, 2014. Consider the following statements about this: 1. Under the regulation, the miners will be obliged to build smelters by 2015. 2. Indonesia is the world's biggest exporter of nickel ore. Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct? View Explanation
(1)  Only 1
(2)  Only 2
(3)  Both 1 and 2
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of these
96) The United Nations (UN) and its humanitarian partners have appealed for $1 billion to save millions of Syrian children from becoming a "lost generation by lauching an initiative called "The "No Lost Generation". The initiative was launched in .....View Explanation
(1)  Damuscus
(2)  Geneva
(3)  Geneva
(4)  Bonn
(5)  Warsaw
97) Tunisia's Islamist Prime Minister resigned on January 9, 2014 as part of a plan to end months of political deadlock which has fuelled mounting social unrest. Who was the PM of Tunisia? View Explanation
(1)  Ali Larayedh
(2)  Mehdi Jomaa
(3)  Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
(4)  Mohamed Brahmi
(5)  None of these
98) China is implementing its comprehensive National Ivory Action Plan in consultation with the CITES Standing Committee. It recently destroyed more than six tonnes of smuggled elephant's ivory in which of the following province? View Explanation
(1)  Sichuan
(2)  Guangzhou
(3)  Xinjiang
(4)  Guangdong
(5)  None of these
99) Who became the first woman to chair the US Fed Reserve (US Central Bank)? View Explanation
(1)  Janet Yellen
(2)  Sheryl Sandburg
(3)  Maria Croser
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of the above
100) The conference, International Petroleum Conference 2014 (Petrotech-2014), discussed planning, politics, partnership, production and policy within the oil and gas industry, and focused on Vision 2030. It took place atView Explanation
(1)  Hyderabad (India)
(2)  Abu Dhabi (UAE)
(3)  Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
(4)  New Delhi (India)
(5)  None of these
101) Ethiopia is the most populous landlocked country in the world, and the second most populated nation on the African continent. Who has been appointed as the India's ambassador to Ethiopia? View Explanation
(1)  SS Menon
(2)  Nirupama Rao
(3)  Sanjay Verma
(4)  RK Singh
(5)  None of these
102) Multilateral funding agency World Bank has announced to provide loan to construct disaster-resilient houses and roads in cyclonic-disaster-hit Uttarakhand. What is the amount of the loan? View Explanation
(1)  USD250mn
(2)  USD 280 mn
(3)  USD320mn
(4)  USD 350 mn
(5)  USD 380 mn
103) A customer can generally seek a first-time home loan for which of the following purposes? View Explanation
(1)  Buying a house/flat
(2)  Renovation of an existing house/flat
(3)  Extension and repair of existing house/fiat
(4)  All the above
(5)  Only 1) and 2)
104) Who took over as the Consul General of India in Dubai and Northern Emirates in the UAE? View Explanation
(1)  Sanjeev Singh
(2)  Nirupama Rao
(3)  Brajesh Mishra
(4)  Anurag Bhushan
(5)  None of these
105) Pakistan's national Sharia court hears cases under the Islamic legislation.The court was established in 1980 during the rule of military dictator Zia-ul Haq as part of his policy towards Islamisation of Pakistan's institutions. Who became the first female judge to be appointed in the Sharia court? View Explanation
(1)  Ashraf Jehan
(2)  Noor Begum
(3)  Khalida Shaheen
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of the above
106) There are huge number of Indians in Saudi Arabia and they constitute the biggest group of migrant communities. Indians are the most preferred community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Consider the following statements in this respect: 1.Nitaqat is the new Saudi Labour Law. 2. It makes it mandatory for local companies to hire one Saudi national for each migrant workers. Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct? View Explanation
(1)  Only 1
(2)  Only 2
(3)  Both 1 and 2
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of these
107) South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA) is a forum of professional accountancy bodies in the SAARC region. It was formed in the year 1984 and at " present has the membership of 10 accounting institutions from SAARC countries. Who has been appointed as the President of SAFA for the year 2014? View Explanation
(1)  Subodh Kumar Agrawaal
(2)  Rakesh Kothari
(3)  Amartya Sen
(4)  C. Rangarajan
(5)  None of these
108) Maldivian President Abdullah Yameen visited India on his first foreign visit after taking over as the President on January 1, 2014 with an aim to boost the bilateral ties between both countries. Consider the following statements about the visit: 1. The scrapping of the GMR project and problems faced by Indian investors were among the main topics of discussions. ,2. There was no disscussion on steps to deal with religious extremism. 3. Defence partnerships didn't find any mention in the talks. View Explanation
(1)  1 and 2
(2)  Only 3
(3)  Only 1
(4)   1,2 and 3
(5)  None of these
109) Which of the following is/are correct with respect to the notification issued by the govt regarding National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) set up under the new Companies Act? View Explanation
(1)  Its chairperson will be entitled to a fixed monthly pay of Rs.90,000 besides other allowances.
(2)  It would be the appellate body for National Company Law Tribunal.
(3)  It will replace the Company Law Board.
(4)  All the above
(5)  Only 1) and 2)
110) Which of the following is not considered a valid proof of address while opening an account with a bank? View Explanation
(1)  PAN Card
(2)  Driving Licence
(3)  Electricity Bill
(4)  Voter ID
(5)  Passport
111) The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has included which two countries in sensitive list? View Explanation
(1)  Pakistan and China
(2)  North Korea and Pakistan
(3)  Hong Kong and Macau
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of these
112) The Ministry of Rural Development agreed to provide an additional 50 days of employment beyond the stipulated 100 days under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA). which of the. following statements is not true in this context? View Explanation
(1)  It is done for Scheduled Tribes (ST) households living in forest areas.
(2)  The wage provided to them will be twice the original amount.
(3)  The STs must have received land rights under the Forest Rights Act (FRA),2006.
(4)  The FRA beneficiaries have already been automatically included for assistance under the Indira Awaas Yojana.
(5)  None of these
113) Pushpa Kapila Hingorani, who died recently, was India's pioneer of View Explanation
(1)  Public Interest Litigation (PIL)
(2)  Right to Information (RTI)
(3)  Right to Education (RTE)
(4)  Women's education
(5)  None of these
114) Which of the following landmark laws was notified on 1 Jan,2014? View Explanation
(1)  National Food Security Bill
(2)  Lokpal Bill
(3)  Companies Bill
(4)  Land Acquisition Act
(5)  None of these
115) Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has set up a ten-member committee to look into having 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in insurance intermediaries and Third Party Administrators (TPAs). Who is the head of the committee? View Explanation
(1)  Suresh Mathur
(2)  Vijay Kelkar
(3)  J. Harinarayan
(4)  Nachiket Mor
(5)  None of these
116) The government has granted environmental clearance to POSCO's Rs. 52000 crore steel plant in Odisha, the largest ever FDI project in India. From which of the following country POSCO belongs to? View Explanation
(1)  Maldives
(2)  South Korea
(3)  Japan
(4)  The USA
(5)  None of these
117) Which of the following countries formally joined the Euro Zone as the 18th member of the group which uses the Euro as its currency? It has become the European Union's fastest growing economy. View Explanation
(1)  Albania
(2)  Serbia
(3)  Latvia
(4)  Slovenia
(5)  None of these
118) Dept of Electronics launched E-inclusion programme recently. Examine the following with respect to this programme and choose the correct statement(s): (A) It is an initiative under the National e-Govemance Plan(NeGP). (B) Under the project, economically weaker sections of the society including rural SC, ST and women will receive IT training. (C) It will make at least one individual in every household e-literate. View Explanation
(1)  Only (A)
(2)  Only (B)
(3)  Only (C)
(4)  All (A), (B) and (C)
(5)  None of the above
119) The government notified a new natural gas pricing formula that will be come into force from April 1, 2014. What are likely impacts of this formula? View Explanation
(1)  It will raise the subsidy on fertilizer.
(2)  It will reduce the subsidy on fertilizer.
(3)  It will reduce the price of gas.
(4)  All of the above
(5)  None of these
120) Recently, the SEBI mandated that all investments into Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) funds need to be made through banking channels, and not in cash. What is/are the major purpose(s) behind this guideline? View Explanation
(1)  Improve transparency in fund-garnering activities.
(2)  To stop any money laundering activities through such schemes.
(3)  Both (a) and (b)
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of the above
121) The Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare launched the Rashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakram (RKSK) on January 7, 2014. The RKSK programme defines an adolescent as a person within ........View Explanation
(1)  10-18 years
(2)  13-19 years
(3)  10-19 years
(4)  11 -18 years
(5)  None of these
122) Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Scheme (VCES), launched by the government of India, witnessed a great success. It was started with the aim ofView Explanation
(1)  increasing compliance to traffic rules
(2)  encourage elderly people
(3)  broadening tax base
(4)  preventing money laundering
(5)  None of these
123) What does the letter 'S' denote in the abbreviation SUUTI, a term we often read in financial newspapers? View Explanation
(1)  Securities
(2)  Specified
(3)  Series
(4)  Serious
(5)  None of these
124) Which of the following states topped the recently released financial inclusion ranking 'Inclusix Index' prepared by CRISIL? View Explanation
(1)  Gujarat
(2)  Madhya Pradesh
(3)  Kerala
(4)  Bihar
(5)  None of these
125) A committee, headed by Nachiket Mor, on comprehensive financial services for small businesses and low-income households was set up by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Consider the following statements about the recomendations of the committee: 1. Even resident should be issued a Universal Electronic Bank Account (UEBA) on request. 2. Priority sector lending target of 50% against the current requirement of 40%. 3.Creation of a State Finance Regulatory Commission (SFRC). Which of the above statements) is/are correct? View Explanation
(1)  1 and 2
(2)  2 and 3
(3)  1 and 3
(4)  1,2 and 3
(5)  None of these
126) The Finance Ministry has released a handbook proposing steps for regulators to develop a financial regulatory framework in accordance with the recommendations of the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission (FSLRC). Who was the Chairman of this commission? View Explanation
(1)  Justice JS Verma
(2)  UK Sinha
(3)  Vijay Kelkar
(4)  Justice BN Srikrishna
(5)  None of these
127) A programme of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project for Low Income States (RWSSP-LIS) is approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) for the states of Bihar, Jahrkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Asom. Consider the following statements about the schemes: 1. The Scheme will be implemented from World Bank assistance over a period of six years (2013-14 to 2019-20). 2. The strengthening and empowering of Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) is a key feature of scheme. Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct? View Explanation
(1)  Only 1
(2)  Only 2
(3)  Both 1 and 2
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of these
128) Which of the following teams has lifted both the Men's (Barna Ballack Cup) and Women's (Jayalakshmi Cup) Team titles of the 75th Senior National Table Tennis Championships recently in Patna? View Explanation
(1)  West Bengal
(2)  Petroleum Sports Promotion Board (PSPB)
(3)  Airport Authority of India (AAI)
(4)  Railways Sports Board (RSPB)
(5)  None of these
129) Who among the following has won women's individual title of the 34th National Archery Championships recently? View Explanation
(1)  Deepika Kumari
(2)  Dola Banerjee
(3)  Bombayla Devi Laishram
(4)  Jayanta Talukda
(5)  None of these
130) The government approved the Indian Leather Development Programme (ILDP), for implementation during the 12th Plan (2012-17) for the overall development of the sector on January 2, 2014. Consider the following statements about the programme: 1. The ILDP was implemented in the llth Plan under 13 sub-schemes. 2. Ten sub-schemes are being proposed for continuation in 12th Plan. 3. The Project outlay is Rs. 990.36 crore. View Explanation
(1)  1 and 2
(2)  1 and 3
(3)  2 and 3
(4)  1,2 and 3
(5)  None of these
131) The Union Cabinet gave its approval for conversion of Perpetual Non-Cumulative Preference Shares (PNCPS) held by government of India in some nationalised banks into equity shares, subject to approval of shareholders and the SEBI. The bank(s) getting this approval is/are 1. Indian Bank 2. IDBIBank 3. UCOBank 4. State Bank of India View Explanation
(1)  Only 1
(2)  1 and 3
(3)  1,2 and 3
(4)  1,2,3 and 4
(5)  None of these
132) An agreement for credit of $ 160 million (equivalent) from World Bank for the Rajasthan Road Sector Modernisation Project (RRSMP ) was signed at New Delhi on January 2, 2014, Which of the following is not the objective of the project? View Explanation
(1)  Improve rural connectivity
(2)  Rural electrification
(3)  Enhance road safety
(4)  Strengthen road sector management capacity
(5)  None of these
133) India signed a labour cooperation agreement on January 2, 2014 that will cover about a quarter of the 28 lakh Indian expatriates working there. With which of the following country India has signed this agreement? View Explanation
(1)  Saudi Arabia
(2)  Oman
(3)  The UAE
(4)  Syria
(5)  None of these
134) Indian researchers have developed an eco-friendly method to help silkworms spin fluorescent, coloured silk, by feeding them dyed mulberry leaves. The practice of breeding of silkworm is known as ...View Explanation
(1)  Horticulture
(2)  Sericulture
(3)  Wormiculture
(4)  Floriculture
(5)  None of these
135) With the successful launch of GSLV-D5 recently, India has entered into a select group of nations which have developed their own cryogenic rocket engine technology. Which of the following is NOT at present in the group? View Explanation
(1)  US
(2)  Germany
(3)  Japan
(4)  China
(5)  Russia
136) Who among the following has been appointed the Director General of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) recently? View Explanation
(1)  Dilip Trivedi
(2)  KF Rustomji
(3)  Arvind Ranjan
(4)  JN Choudhury
(5)  None of these
137) How many major ports are there in India?View Explanation
(1)  10
(2)  12
(3)  13
(4)  16
(5)  None of these
138) A Memorandum of Understanding has been.signed between Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) and Ministry of Labour & Employment (MoLE). Which of the following is/are the part of the MoU? 1. Skill Development 2. Employment Services 3. Educational Initiatives View Explanation
(1)  Only 1
(2)  1,2 and 3
(3)  2 and 3
(4)  1 and 2
(5)  None of these
139) Which of the following banks has agreed to pay USD 1.7 bn to victims of the convicted fraudster, Bernard Madoff, following a settlement with US prosecutors? The bank is accused of not maintaining an effective anti-money laundering programme. View Explanation
(1)  Standard Chartered
(2)  Citibank
(3)  JP Morgan
(4)  Bank of America
(5)  HSBC
140) Who among the following was awarded with Lala Amarnath Award at the annual prize ceremony of BCCI, for being the best all-rounder in the 2012-13 edition of the Ranji Trophy? View Explanation
(1)  Abhishek Nayar
(2)  Ravichandran Ashwin
(3)  MSDhoni
(4)  Cheteshwar Pujara
(5)  Rohit Sharma
141) Which of the folio wing State became the first State to provide universal health coverage to its population? View Explanation
(1)  Andhra Pradesh
(2)  Gujarat
(3)  Karnataka
(4)  Kerala
(5)  None of these
142) The remains of an ancient university "Tiladhak" have been discovered in View Explanation
(1)  Uttar Pradesh
(2)  Maharashtra
(3)  Tamilnadu
(4)  Bihar
(5)  None of these
143) Banks are planning to ask the RBI to lift the cap on borrowing under the daily Liquidity Adjustment Facility (LAF). Currently, banks can borrow what per cent of net demand and time liabilities (NDTL) from the LAF window? View Explanation
(1)  0.5%
(2)  1%
(3)  1.5%
(4)  2%
(5)  2.5%
144) Examine the following with respect to Exchange Earners'Foreign Currency Account (EEFC): (A) It is a facility provided to the foreign exchange earners (individual or company). (B) The account holders are entitled to get only 50 per cent of their foreign exchange earnings credited to the account. (C) It can be held only in the form of a current account with no interest payable on it. Which of the above statements is/are correct? View Explanation
(1)  All the above
(2)  Only (A)
(3)  Only (B)
(4)  Only (A) and (C)
(5)  Only (B) and (C)
145) Maharashtra Cabinet recently gave approval to the Dryland Farming .Mission. Consider the following statements about the scheme: 1. It is a Central government scheme under Bharat Nirman campaign. 2. It is to be implemented over the next ten years. 3. The headquarters of the mission will be located in Mumbai. 4. It will headed by a government official. Which of the above statements) is/are correct?View Explanation
(1)  Only 1
(2)  1,2 and 3
(3)  2 and 4
(4)  3 and 4
(5)  None of these
146) Michelle Bachelet was officially declared by the Electoral Court to have won the presidential election held in Dec, 2013 and will be sworn in on 11 Mar as the new president of which of the following countries? View Explanation
(1)  Chad
(2)  Spain
(3)  Chile
(4)  Norway
(5)  New Zealand
147) Who among the following guide(s) banks regarding credit operations? (A) Govt (B)RBI (C) World Bank (D) Bank's own discretion View Explanation
(1)  All the above
(2)  Only (A)
(3)  Only (A) and (D)
(4)  Only (A), (B) and (C)
(5)  Only (A), (B) and (D)
148) The Health Ministry launched indigenous, affordable testing kits on January 13, 2014. Consider the following statements in this regard: 1. The glucometers will now cost between Rs. 500 and 1000. 2. Each glucostrip will cost between? 2 and Rs. 4, down from Rs.18-35. Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct?View Explanation
(1)  Only 1
(2)  Only 2
(3)  Both 1 and 2
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of these
149) According to the Justice MB Shah Commission report on illegal mining in Odisha, its good quality iron ore reserves will last for how many years at present rate of extraction? View Explanation
(1)  10yrs
(2)  20yrs
(3)  30yrs
(4)  40yrs
(5)  50yrs
150) The govt approved increasing foreign shareholding in which of the following private sector banks from 49 per cent to 62 per cent recently? The approval would result in foreign investment of about Rs. 7,250 cr in the country. View Explanation
(1)  HDFC
(2)  Axis Bank
(3)  YES Bank
(4)  ICICI Bank
(5)  None of these
151) The Madhya Pradesh government has launched test flights of 'Conservation Drones' on January 10, 2014. This is the first time that such aircraft, equipped with cameras and GPS, are being used in the state. What is the purpose for which it is launched? View Explanation
(1)  To track poachers of endangered tigers at Panna Tiger Reserve.
(2)  To control insurgent activities in disturbed areas.
(3)  To conserve state's biodiversity.
(4)  To keep an eye on cross-border trade.
(5)  None of these
152) The Union Cabinet gave its approval for introduction of the National Youth Policy-2014 (NYP-2014)on replacing NYP-2003 currently in force. It will cover the entire country catering the needs of all youth in the age-group of: View Explanation
(1)  15-30 years
(2)  15-35 years
(3)  13-25 years
(4)  15-29 years
(5)  None of these
153) The Union Cabinet approved a proposal for increasing nearly 10000 MBBS seats at recognised government medical colleges across the country on January 9, 2014. Consider the following statements regarding this: 1. The proposal was considered by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) 2. The proposal is aimed at increasing the number of doctors to help bring down the doctor-patient ratio. 3. The current ratio is 1:1000. Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct? View Explanation
(1)  1 and 2
(2)  Only 2
(3)  1, 2 and 3
(4)  2 and 3
(5)  None of these
154) The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has approved the continuation of the Mill Gate Price Scheme (MGPS). The scheme is related to which of the following sectors? View Explanation
(1)  Agriculture
(2)  Handloom
(3)  Pharma
(4)  None of these
(5)  Either 1 or 2
155) Who among the following was the chief guest at the 65th Republic Day parade at Rajpath in Delhi? View Explanation
(1)  Shinzo Abe (Japan)
(2)  Akihito and Michiko (Japan)
(3)  Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck (Bhutan)
(4)  AbdullaYameen (Maldives)
(5)  None of the above
156) The govt of India will receive a special dividend of Rs.16,485.71 cr for its 90 per cent stake in which of the following Maharatna companies as approved by the company's board? View Explanation
(1)  CIL
(2)  ONGC
(3)  IOC
(4)  GAIL
(5)  SAIL
157) Consider the following with respect to the much- talked-about health insurance cover, Obamacare, which came into effect recently in the US: (A) Under the scheme, it is now compulsory for the people to have health cover. (B) Those who cannot afford the cover will get help from the state. (C) Those who remain without any insurance will be fined. Which of the above statements is true? View Explanation
(1)  Only (A)
(2)  Only (B)
(3)  Only (C)
(4)  Only (A) and (B)
(5)  ALL (A), (B) and (C)
158) The Indian Air Force is the air arm of the Indian defence forces. Its primary responsibility is to secure Indian airspace and to conduct aerial warfare during a conflict. Who among the following took over as the 24th Chief of the Indian Air Force? View Explanation
(1)  NAK Browne
(2)  DK Joshi
(3)  Arup Raha
(4)  UK Shah
(5)  None of these
159) Which of the following software firms has unveiled a new tracking app 'Guardian' for its mobile operating system recently? It enables friends and family to track the user in real-time. View Explanation
(1)  Microsoft
(2)  Google
(3)  Blackberry
(4)  Apple
(5)  None of these
160) A promotional calendar named "Incredible India Promotional Calendar 2014" is launched by the government of India on January 1, 2013. The calendar contains 24 photographs on double sided paper. It is launched by which of the following Ministry?View Explanation
(1)  Ministry of Environment and Forest
(2)  Ministry of Tourism
(3)  Ministry of Science and Technology
(4)  Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
(5)  None of these
161) The Nachiket Mor Committee, in its recent report, has proposed to convert which of the following institutions into a 'commercial entity'? View Explanation
(2)  SIDBI
(3)  National Housing Bank
(4)  HUDCO
(5)  None of these
162) The book titled Follow Every Rainbow has been authored by View Explanation
(1)  Jeffrey Archer
(2)  Amish Tripathi
(3)  Rashmi Bansal
(4)  Anand Neelakantan
(5)  None of these
163) The mission of 'One Nation - One Grid - One Frequency' has been successfully accomplished when a grid has been synchronously connected to the rest of the grid in the country. With this India entered into a new era of power transmission. Which of the following grid is this? View Explanation
(1)  Northern Grid
(2)  Eastern Grid
(3)  Western Grid
(4)  Southern Grid
(5)  None of these
164) The government, unveiled guidelines for a much-awaited regulatory framework to making the rating system "transparent, credible and accountable. Consider the following statements about the guidelines: 1. The TRAI can conduct inspections of the rating company without a reasonable notice. 2. The guidelines do not cover detailed procedures for registration of rating agencies and eligibility norms. Which of the above statements) is/are correct? View Explanation
(1)  Only 1
(2)  Only 2
(3)  Both 1 and 2
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of these
165) Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has set up a 10-member committee to look into having 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in insurance intermediaries and Third Party Administrators (TPAs). The committee will be headed by View Explanation
(1)  TS Vijayan
(2)  Usha Sangwan
(3)  Sushobhan Sarker
(4)  SK Roy
(5)  Suresh Mathur
166) Who among the following is competent to endorse a cheque or other instruments? View Explanation
(1)  A minor
(2)  An unmarried woman
(3)  An insolvent person with authority from another competent person
(4)  An illiterate person
(5)  All the above
167) The Council on Insurance of ASSOCHAM organised Global Insurance Summit in India in which need of simplifying the insurance process and provide financial security for the masses in India were discussed. Where the Summit was organised?View Explanation
(1)  Hyderabad
(2)  Goa
(3)  Mumbai
(4)  New Delhi
(5)  None of these
168) The Finance Ministry has tasked a nine-member panel to review the framework on external commercial borrowings (ECBs) and foreign currency convertible bonds (FCCBs). The panel is headed by View Explanation
(1)  Bimal Jalan
(2)  MS Sahoo
(3)  Y Venugopal Reddy
(4)  C Rangarajan
(5)  None of these
169) A bank draft can be issued by a bank accepting cash provided the amount does not exceed View Explanation
(1)  Rs.25,000
(2)  Rs.50,000
(3)  Rs.75,000
(4)  Rs.1,00,000
(5)  None of these
170) The Union Ministry of Human • Resource announced a new Maulana Azad Taleem-e-Baligan scheme on January 5, 2014. Consider the following statements about the scheme: 1. It is launched for minorities only. 2. Minorities girl were given special consideration. Which of the above statements) is/are correct? View Explanation
(1)  Only 1
(2)  Only 2
(3)  Both 1 and 2
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of these
171) The Sakala programme, which guarantees time-bound delivery of services to citizens by govt departments, has won National award under outstanding performance in citizen-centric service delivery category recently. The scheme is running in View Explanation
(1)  Madhya Pradesh
(2)  Bihar
(3)  Gujarat
(4)  Rajasthan
(5)  Karnataka
172) Which of the following countries was formally accepted as a new member by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in its ministerial conference held in Bali recently? View Explanation
(1)  Uganda
(2)  Yemen
(3)  Romania
(4)  South Sudan
(5)  None of these
173) West Bengal Governor MK Narayanan released the first ever administrative calendar at the relocated State Secretariat at Nabanna in adjoining Howrah district on January 2, 2014. What is an administrative calendar?View Explanation
(1)  A calendar, providing list of programmes and policies only.
(2)  A Charter, outlining list of foreign visit by state authorities.
(3)  A Charter of work proposed to be executed by the government in each district with a targeted completion date.
(4)  A Schedule of meetings in State Secretariat.
(5)  None of these
174) The Delhi High Court recently held that the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) can audit the accounts of which of the following under the relevant provisions of the law? View Explanation
(1)  Private educational institutions
(2)  Private telecom operators
(3)  NGOs
(4)  MNCs
(5)  All the above
175) The Central Govt has cleared a proposal for setting up of National Cancer Institute at which of the following campuses of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) at'a cost of Rs.2,035 cr? View Explanation
(1)  Jhajjar
(2)  Patna
(3)  Guwahati
(4)  Jaipur
(5)  Chandigarh
176) The government approved the proposal of the Ministry of Power for operationalisation of the Power System Development Fund (PSDF) on January 2, 2014. In which of the following areas, the fund will be utilised? View Explanation
(1)  Creating necessary transmission systems
(2)  Installation of shunt capacitors
(3)  Renovation and Modernisation (R&M) of transmission and distribution systems
(4)  All of the above
(5)  None of these
177) Consider the following with respect to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)'s decision to increase the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of gold loan companies: (A) The NBFCs have been allowed to lend up to 100 per cent of the value of gold. (B) The decision has been taken on the recommendations of the KUB Rao committee. (C) NBFCs will have to certify purity of gold to determine the maximum permissible loan. (D) Loans of Rs.1 lakh and above must be disbursed through cheques. Which of the above statements are true? View Explanation
(1)  Only (A) and (B)
(2)  Only (C) and (D)
(3)  Only (A), (B) and (C)
(4)  Only (B), (C) and (D)
(5)  All(A),(B),(C)and(D)
178) According to the think tank Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR), which of the following countries is expected to overtake Germany as the biggest economy of Europe by 2030? View Explanation
(1)  France
(2)  Spain
(3)  Italy
(4)  Germany
(5)  UK
179) Which of the following become the first state to withdraw FDI in multibrand retail?View Explanation
(1)  Maharashtra
(2)  Delhi
(3)  Andhra Pradesh
(4)  Gujarat
(5)  None of these
180) The Enforcement Directorate has signed an agreement with the Commerce Ministry for sharing of foreign exchange realisation data ore eBRC which is expected to increase transparency.The term BRC stands for: View Explanation
(1)  Bank Redemption Certificate
(2)  Bank Realisation Certificate
(3)  Bank Rationalisation Certificate
(4)  Bank Reference Certificate
(5)  Bank Ratification Certificate
181) Which of the following banks has recently joined hands with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to introduce e-KYC (electronic Know Your Customer) norms in its branches? It is the second lender to introduce e-KYC in the country. View Explanation
(1)  Axis Bank
(2)  HDFC Bank
(3)  ICICI Bank
(4)  Federal Bank
(5)  Kotak Mahindra
182) Basamati rice (produced in Madhya Pradesh) will reach to every part of world as it has awarded with the national accreditation by Geographical Indication Registry, Chennai. What is Geographical Indication? View Explanation
(1)  Name or sign used on certain products which corresponds to a specific geographical location
(2)  A type of patent right
(3)  Both (a) and (b)
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of the above
183) Name the Indian sportswoman whose silver medal at the World Athletics Final in 2005 was recently elevated to gold by the International Association of Athletics Federations recently as gold winner Tatyana Kotova was disqualified for doping. View Explanation
(1)  Kunjarani Devi
(2)  Karnam Malleswari
(3)  Tintu Luka
(4)  Anju B George
(5)  None of these
184) What is the expanded form of TDS, a term related to taxation in India? View Explanation
(1)  Tax Deducted at Source
(2)  Tax Defaulted at Source
(3)  Tax Demanded at Source
(4)  Tax Differed at Source
(5)  None of these
185) Which of the following country declared as polio-free country in 2014, for the third consecutive year? View Explanation
(1)  India
(2)  The USA
(3)  Sri Lanka
(4)  Japan
(5)  None of these
186) Which of the following software firms has announced to set up the world's largest corporate learning and development centre in India? It will have a total capacity to train 15,000 professionals at one time and 50,000 professionals annually. View Explanation
(1)  Tech Mahindra
(2)  Wipro
(3)  Infosys
(4)  TCS
(5)  IBM
187) Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio has inked an unprecedented pact for sharing telecom infrastructure with which of the following telecom operators? View Explanation
(1)  Bharti Airtel
(2)  Vodafone
(3)  Idea
(4)  Aircel
(5)  None of these
188) The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has approved setting up of a unified system at the national level and State level on January 2, 2014 to enhance the safety and security of women. Consider the following statements about the system. 1. Tracking of vehicle is done through Global Positioning System (GPS). 2. City Command and Control Centre will operate at the national level. 3. National Vehicle Security and Tracking System will operate at the state level. Which of the above statements) is/are correct?View Explanation
(1)  Only 1
(2)  1 and 2
(3)  2 and 3
(4)  1,2 and 3
(5)  None of these
189) Who among the following has won the 2013 FIFA Player of the Year award Ballon d'Or recently? View Explanation
(1)  Lionel Messi
(2)  Cristiano Ronaldo
(3)  Wayne Rooney
(4)  Arjen Robben
(5)  Franck Ribery
190) Wrestling's apex body (Fila) has decided to merge three freestyle weight categories into two new ones from Jan 2014, putting India's squad in a tricky situation. Who among the following sports persons is not associated with the game of wrestling? View Explanation
(1)  AmitKumar
(2)  Yogeshwar Dutt
(3)  Sushil Kumar
(4)  Vijay Kumar
(5)  None of these
191) The government of Maharashtra has rolled out Jeevan Amrit Yojana across the state. It is the ambitious plan, first-of-its-kind in the country. It aims at.........View Explanation
(1)  facilitating blood supply to patients
(2)  providing subsistence food to BPL
(3)  providing drinking water
(4)  All of the above
(5)  None of these
192) The recently published book titled This Place has been authored by who among the following? View Explanation
(1)  Vikram Chandra
(2)  Nighat M Gandhi
(3)  Juliet Reynolds
(4)  Amitabha Bagchi
(5)  Fatima Bhutto
193) Which of the following facts in NOT true about the Agni-III missile successfully test-fired by India recently? View Explanation
(1)  It is a nuclear-capable missile.
(2)  It has a strike range of more than 3,000 km.
(3)  It is a surface-to-surface missile.
(4)  It is indigenously developed.
(5)  It is powered by a three-stage liquid-propellant system.
194) The AIIMS has approved the opening of first pharmacy to Provide generic drugs free of cost. Consider the following statements in this respect; 1. The store will be run by -the Central government's HLL Lifecare Limited. 2. It will be the first centralised medicine supply system across different departments. Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct?View Explanation
(1)  Only 1
(2)  Only 2
(3)  Both 1 and 2
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  None of the above
195) Which of the following countries has enacted a new law, Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, which criminalises homosexual clubs, associations and organisations with penalties up to 14 years in jail? View Explanation
(1)  Chile
(2)  Uganda
(3)  Nigeria
(4)  Malaysia
(5)  North Korea
196) Which of the following is true with regard to the RBI's recent notification allowing Indian companies to issue non-convertible debentures? (A) It has allowed Indian companies to issue non-convertible or redeemable preference shares or debentures to non-resident shareholders as bonus. (B) The issue of preference shares, excluding non-convertible/redeemable preference shares and convertible debentures, would be subject to Foreign Direct Investment Scheme. (C) So far, market regulator SEBI was granting permission for such issuances on a case-to-case basis. View Explanation
(1)  Only (A)
(2)  Only (B)
(3)  Only (C)
(4)  Only (A) and (B)
(5)  All (A), (B) and (C)
197) Who became the youngest person to reach the summit of Aconcagua, the highest mountain of America? View Explanation
(1)  Arunima Singh
(2)  Tyler Armstrong
(3)  Rudolph Jackson
(4)  Saunim Day
(5)  None of these
198) Who among the following has been appointed the new CEO of India's commodity exchange MCX-SX recently? View Explanation
(1)  GK Pillai
(2)  Jignesh Shah
(3)  Joseph Massey
(4)  Saurabh Sarkar
(5)  None of these
199) What is India's global ranking in the recently released '2014 Index of Economic Freedom'? The index is published annually by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal. View Explanation
(1)  48th
(2)  52nd
(3)  79th
(4)  102nd
(5)  120th
200) The banks/institutions involved in a credit arrangement in the case of credit syndication, are termed as: View Explanation
(1)  Members
(2)  Arrangers
(3)  Syndicates
(4)  Contributors
(5)  Negotiators
201) A global data released on education in January, 2014 compared the Indian system of education from that of OECD countries. Consider' the following statements about the report: 1. The average eighth grader in India spends a cumulative 130 hours more in school in an academic year than his or her peers in an Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) country. 2. Primary school students in India are better off than their secondary counterparts, but still spend 51 hours more in classrooms than their OECD. Which of the above statements) is/are correct? View Explanation
(1)  Only 1
(2)  Only 2
(3)  Both 1 and 2
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  Neither 1 nor 2
202) The Committee on Comprehensive Financial Services for Small Businesses and Low-Income Households, headed by Nachiket Mor, proposed a plan to overhaul the Indian banking landscape recently. Which of the following have been proposed in the report? (A) All resident Indians above 18 years of age will have full-service bank accounts by 1 Jan, 2016. (B) Every account holder will have an electronic payment access point within 15 minutes of walk. (C) Increasing the priority-sector lending target from 40 per cent of net bank credit to 60 per cent and doing away with farm-loan subsidies (D) Allowing banks to set up subsidiaries dedicated to financial inclusion, without prior approvals from the RBI .........View Explanation
(1)  All the above
(2)  Only (A) and (C)
(3)  Only (B) and (D)
(4)  Only (A), (B) and (D)
(5)  Only(B),(C)and(D)
203) Name Russia's most famous prisoner and Kremlin critic who walked out of jail after spending more than 10 years behind bars. He was released following a surprise pardon by President Vladimir Putin. View Explanation
(1)  Alexei Navalny
(2)  Roman Abramovich
(3)  Mikhail Khodorkovsky
(4)  Platon Lebedev
(5)  None of these
204) The United Nations has felicitated which of the following Indian state govts for effectively handling Cyclone Phailin in Oct 2013 ? It is the first state in South East Asia to be felicitated for disaster management. View Explanation
(1)  Odisha
(2)  Kerala
(3)  West Bengal
(4)  Tamil Nadu
(5)  Andhra Pradesh
205) Energy major 'Oil India Limited' has signed an agreement with Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA) to carry out a feasibility study as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. The agreement relates to which of the following sectors: View Explanation
(1)  Dairy sector
(2)  Agriculture sector
(3)  Skill development
(4)  Banking sector in rural areas
(5)  None of these
206) The RBI had announced to launch Inflation Indexed National Saving Securities-Cumulative (IINSS-C), which was later extended to a later date 31 Mar, 2014. The minimum limit for investment in the bond per applicant per annum is Rs.5,000. What is the maximum limit? View Explanation
(1)  Rs.1 lakh
(2)  Rs.2.51akh
(3)  Rs.51akh
(4)  Rs. 7.51akh
(5)  Rs.10 1akh
207) Which of the following dates is celebrated as National Mathematics Day in India to honour the great Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan? View Explanation
(1)  12 Dec
(2)  17 Dec
(3)  22 Dec
(4)  27 Dec
(5)  2 Jan
208) The Chief of Staff Committee (CoSC) is the seniormost officer of the three Services and is in-charge for looking after the joint issues related to them. Who took over as the new CoSC?View Explanation
(1)  NAK Browne
(2)  Arup Raha
(3)  Bikram Singh
(4)  JJ Singh
(5)  None of these
209) The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Bank of Japan (BOJ) signed a pact to enhance the maximum amount of the Bilateral Swap Arrangement (BSA) between the two countries recently. What is the new limit of the BSA? View Explanation
(1)  USD20bn
(2)  USD 30 bn
(3)  USD 40 bn
(4)  USD 50 bn
(5)  USD 60 bn
210) Banks have strict regulations to protect themselves as well as their customers and if these regulations are violated, banks levy a penalty on the violator. Which of the following will NOT be considered a bad money practice? View Explanation
(1)  Frequent ATM PIN request
(2)  Not updating change in personal and residential details
(3)  Using non-bank ATM machines more frequently
(4)  Withdrawing over the minimum balance limit
(5)  All the above
211) The tenure of Som Mittal, the President of NASSCOM from 2007, ended in 2013. Who has been appointed as the new President of NASSCOM?View Explanation
(1)  R. Chandra shekhar
(2)  Sam Pitroda
(3)  Rangarajan
(4)  Pullock Chatterjee
(5)  None of these
212) The Reserve Bank of India released the Financial Stability Report (FSR) - Dec 2013 recently. Aiming to create awareness about the vulnerabilities in the financial system, the FSR is published every View Explanation
(1)  month
(2)  two months
(3)  three months
(4)  four months
(5)  six months
213) The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) released a draft paper of the committee on financial benchmarks recently. The Committee, set up in Jun 2013, was headed by View Explanation
(1)  YVenugopalReddy
(2)  CRangarajan
(3)  Bimal Jalan
(4)  Vijay Kelkar
(5)  VijayaBhaskar
214) In order to provide more power to women to defend themselves, the Indian Ordnance Factory, Kanpur, launched a revolver. Consider the following statements about it: 1. It is the smallest of all revolvers ever manufactured in India. 2. The name given to the revolver is Nirbhaya. Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct? View Explanation
(1)  Only 1
(2)  Only 2
(3)  Both 1 and 2
(4)  Either 1 or 2
(5)  Nither 1 nor 2
215) South Korean steel maker Posco has received environment clearance for its Rs.52,000-cr steel plant after remaining in the pipeline for the past eight years. The plant is to be set up in which of the following states? View Explanation
(1)  West Bengal
(2)  Karaataka
(3)  Odisha
(4)  Jharkhand
(5)  Andhra Pradesh
216) The Centre approved the implementation of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project for Low Income States (RWSSP-LIS) recently. Which of the following states in NOT among the beneficiaries of the project which will get completed in 2019-20? View Explanation
(1)  Assam
(2)  Bihar
(3)  Jharkhand
(4)  Uttar Pradesh
(5)  None of these
217) The first phase of providing free compact fluorescent light bulbs to over 14 lakh hut-dwellers was launched by a state government with an aim of saving 40 MW of power. Which of the following States has launched this scheme? View Explanation
(1)  Andhra Pradesh
(2)  Tamil Nadu
(3)  Karnataka
(4)  Kerala
(5)  None of these
218) Sahyog-Kaijin2014,the 13th edition of joint exercises between the Indian Coast Guard and its counterpart from which of the following countries, was held off Kochi recently? View Explanation
(1)  Russia
(2)  China
(3)  Japan
(4)  Australia
(5)  US
219) Japan approved its biggest ever budget recently as the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's cabinet rubber-stamped a plan that will see the country spending in the year from April 2014. View Explanation
(1)  USD622bn
(2)  USD722bn
(3)  USD822bn
(4)  USD 922 bn
(5)  None of these.
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