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SET 01 Current Affairs JAN'2014 (With special reference to Banking Industry)
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SET 24 Current Affairs Dec'2015 (With special reference to Banking Industry)

1) Which of the following Indian companies recently crossed the Rs. 5 lakh crore mark in market capitalisation to become the second most valuable IT services company in the world? View Explanation
(1)  HCL Technologies
(2)  Wipro
(3)  Tech Mahindra
(4)  Tata Consultancy Services
(5)  Infosys
2) The Tata Sons-Singapore Airlines joint venture, which is expected to launch operations by October, has recently unveiled the brand name of its new airlines as View Explanation
(1)  Visage
(2)  Vishal
(3)  Vistara
(4)  Vishwas
(5)  Vistas
3) As many as three Asiatic lions brought from Gir forest of Gujarat 57 years ago - which led to population of 11 last counted in 1965 - have vanished from the View Explanation
(1)  Kaziranga National Park in Assam
(2)  Bandipur National Park in Karnataka
(3)  Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary near Varanasi
(4)  Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh
(5)  Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand
4) The earlier system of Prime Lending Rate (PLR) has now been replaced by View Explanation
(1)  Reverse Repo Rate System
(2)  Repo Rate System
(3)  Exchange Rate System
(4)  Bank Rate System
(5)  Base Rate System
5) The Arjuna Awards selection committee for choosing outstanding sports persons of the country for the year 2014 was headed by former Indian cricket captain View Explanation
(1)  Sourav Ganguly
(2)  Sunil Gavaskar
(3)  Rahul Dravid
(4)  Azharuddin
(5)  Kapil Dev
6) The process of conversion of a physical cheque into electronic form is known as View Explanation
(1)  Cheque Negotiation
(2)  Cheque Endorsement
(3)  Cheque Truncation
(4)  Cheque Alternation
(5)  Cheque Crossing
7) In his budget (2014-1(5) speech Finance Minister had announced setting up of a commission to look into various aspects of expenditure reforms. Accordingly, an Expenditure Management Commission has recently been set up. The Commission is headed by View Explanation
(1)  Dr Subir Gokarn
(2)  DrYVReddy
(3)  Dr D Subbarao
(4)  Dr Bimal Jalan
(5)  Sumit Bose
8) The Cabinet Minister for Road Transport, Highways and Shipping in the Union Cabinet is View Explanation
(1)  Nitin Jairam Gadkari
(2)  D Sadananda Gowda
(3)  Piyush Goyal
(4)  Rajnath Singh
(5)  M Venkaiah Naidu
9) A banknote of which a portion is missing or which is composed of more than two pieces is known as View Explanation
(1)  A multilated banknote
(2)  A counterfeit banknote
(3)  A soiled banknote
(4)  A damaged banknote
(5)  A defective banknote
10) As per Article 104 of the Constitution, the seat is considered vacant if a member is absent from either House of Parliament for a period of View Explanation
(1)  30 days
(2)  91 days
(3)  45 days
(4)  60 days
(5)  120 days
11) Finance Minister Arun Jaitley recently announced launch of 'Van Bandhu Kalyan Yojana' for the welfare of View Explanation
(1)  Tribal Communities
(2)  Economically Weaker sections
(3)  Minority Communities
(4)  Other than those given as options
(5)  Rural and Village communities
12) The author of the book Strictly Personal Manmohan and Gursharan recently published by Harper Collins is View Explanation
(1)  Natwar Singh
(2)  PC Parekh
(3)  Gursharan Kaur
(4)  Sanjaya Baru
(5)  Daman Singh
13) In order to promote financial inclusion, the Reserve Bank of India has recently allowed minors to operate bank accounts independently provided their age is above View Explanation
(1)  14years
(2)  13years
(3)  16years
(4)  10 years
(5)  8 years
14) As per Census 2011, the total population of India on 1st March 2011 was 1210.6 million. Of this the urban population was View Explanation
(1)  433.1 million
(2)  399.1 million
(3)  477.1 million
(4)  377.1 million
(5)  499.1 million
15) The national capital of Brazil is View Explanation
(1)  Quito
(2)  Santiago
(3)  Salvador
(4)  Brasilia
(5)  Bogota
16) For his role in one of the biggest corporate frauds in the country, market regulator SEBI recently barred B Ramalinga Raju, founder and former chairman of Satyam Computer Services, from the market for a period of View Explanation
(1)  18 years
(2)  12 years
(3)  10 years
(4)  21 years
(5)  14 years
17) The scientist who co-discovered the deadly 'Ebola' strain in 1976 is View Explanation
(1)  Professor Peter Piot
(2)  Professor Butel Janet
(3)  Professor Paul Farrell
(4)  Professor Michel Heffernan
(5)  Professor Graham David
18) In India the regulator of the commodity market is View Explanation
(1)  Forward Markets Commission (FMC)
(2)  National Stock Exchange (NSE)
(3)  Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
(4)  Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA)
(5)  Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
19) In his Budget (2014-1(5) speech Minister of Railways Shri DV Sadananda Gowda has informed that the number of Unmanned Level Crossings is around View Explanation
(1)  11563
(2)  21348
(3)  21563
(4)  30348
(5)  11348
20) James Bond, often referred by his code name 007, is the fictional protagonist of a series of novels and short stories first published in 1953. The character was originally created by journalist and author View Explanation
(1)  John Pearson
(2)  KingsleyAmis
(3)  Ian Fleming
(4)  Raymond Benson
(5)  Johan Gardner
21) Who among the following has been sworn in as the new Chief Minister of Haryana?View Explanation
(1)  Dinesh Sharma
(2)  Manohar Lai Khattar
(3)  KamalGupta
(4)  Kuldeep Bishnoi
(5)  None
22) India is NOT a major producer of which of the following items? View Explanation
(1)  Sorghum
(2)  Wheat
(3)  Millet
(4)  Jute
(5)  None
23) The Pali language was widely used for the propagation of View Explanation
(1)  Buddhism
(2)  Jainism
(3)  Sikhism
(4)  Sufism
(5)  None
24) India and Finland have decided to double bilateral trade to USD 2 bn over the next three years. Who among the following is the current president of Finland? View Explanation
(1)  Sauli Niinisto
(2)  Tarj a Halonen
(3)  Pekka Haavisto
(4)  Jenni Haukio
(5)  None
25) The United Nations Day is observed every year on View Explanation
(1)  20 Oct
(2)  21 Oct
(3)  24 Oct
(4)  25 Oct
(5)  None
26) India is represented at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by an Executive Director who also represents three other countries in addition to India. Which of the following is NOT among these three countries? View Explanation
(1)  Bhutan
(2)  Pakistan
(3)  Sri Lanka
(4)  Bangladesh
(5)  Both (2) and (4)
27) The govt plans to import 25 thousand tonnes of which of the following commodities for the first time to boost supply and contain rising prices of the commodity? View Explanation
(1)  Onion
(2)  Potatoes
(3)  Oil seed
(4)  Gram
(5)  Wheat
28) The capital city of Germany is situated on the bank of river View Explanation
(1)  Seine
(2)  Danube
(3)  Bogota
(4)  Spree
(5)  None
29) The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has adopted which of the following villages in his parliamentary constituency under the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana? View Explanation
(1)  Jayapur
(2)  Baragaon
(3)  Cholapur
(4)  Pindara
(5)  Sewapuri
30) The Interpol General Assembly was held at which of the following places from Nov 3 to 7 attended by the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh? View Explanation
(1)  Port Louis
(2)  Paramaribo
(3)  Monaco
(4)  Cayenne
(5)  Tel Aviv
31) Narasimhadeva-I is remembered as the builder of the famous Konark Sun Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site at Konark, Odisha. He belonged to View Explanation
(1)  Vakataka dynasty
(2)  Satavahana Dynasty
(3)  Eastern Ganga Dynasty
(4)  Kanva Dynasty
(5)  Nanda Dynasty
32) The Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited which of the following states on 1 Dec to attend the Hornbill Festival and statehood celebration? View Explanation
(1)  Arunachal Pradesh
(2)  Mizoram
(3)  Tripura
(4)  Manipur
(5)  Nagaland
33) Rajiv Mehrishi has been designated as ____________Secretary in the govt of India. View Explanation
(1)  Finance
(2)  Revenue
(3)  Expenditure
(4)  Disinvestment
(5)  None
34) What is the tagline of ICICI bank? View Explanation
(1)  Together we prosper
(2)  Khayal aapka
(3)  Relationships beyond Banking
(4)  India's International Bank
(5)  A tradition of trust
35) The Jaduguda mines, which are famous for uranium mining, are situated in which of the following states? View Explanation
(1)  Odisha
(2)  Jharkhand
(3)  Tamil Nadu
(4)  Rajasthan
(5)  Maharashtra
36) Who among the following is NOT a deputy governor of the RBI at present? View Explanation
(1)  HRKhan
(2)  Anand Sinha
(3)  SSMundra
(4)  R Gandhi
(5)  UrjitRPatel
37) What is the parliament of Japan called? View Explanation
(1)  Diet
(2)  Samurai
(3)  Tasongadu
(4)  Shora
(5)  None
38) The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made his debut among the world's most powerful people on the Forbes list of 2014. What is his ranking in the list? View Explanation
(1)  64th
(2)  57th
(3)  36th
(4)  21st
(5)  15th
39) Name the satellite that the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is planning to launch and that will be dedicated to solar coronal studies. View Explanation
(1)  Suraj-1
(2)  Aditya-1
(3)  Corona-1
(4)  Divya-1
(5)  None
40) The Navy Chief Admiral RK Dhowan handed over attack craft INS Tarasa to which of the following island nations during his recent visit? View Explanation
(1)  Seychelles
(2)  Maldives
(3)  Sri Lanka
(4)  Thailand
(5)  Fiji
41) What is the minimum temperature at which a combustible substance catches fire called? View Explanation
(1)  Optimum temperature
(2)  Static temperature
(3)  Firing temperature
(4)  Ignition temperature
(5)  None
42) The Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Suva after attending the G-20 summit in Australia. Suva is the capital city of View Explanation
(1)  Mauritius
(2)  Suriname
(3)  Fiji
(4)  Gabon
(5)  None
43) The General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC Re) was approved as 'Indian Reinsurer' on 3 Nov 2000. The GIC gives reinsurance support to View Explanation
(1)  four public sector general insurers
(2)  private sector general insurers
(3)  foreign general insurers
(4)  All the above
(5)  Only (1) and (2)
44) Japanese telecom giant Soft Bank has announced to invest USD 627 mn (about Rs 3,762 cr) in which of the following online marketplace companies in India? View Explanation
(1)  Snapdeal
(2)  Flipkart
(3)  Paytm
(4)  Shopclues
(5)  Jabong
45) The country's first hospital to treat abnormalities and diseases in fish is set to come up in which of the following cities by mid-2015? View Explanation
(1)  Mumbai
(2)  Chennai
(3)  Kolkata
(4)  Kochi
(5)  None
46) The Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) started their development process on 2 Oct 1975 with the formation of Prathama Grameen Bank in Moradabad. This bank was sponsored by View Explanation
(1)  State Bank of India (SBI)
(2)  Punjab National Bank (PNB)
(3)  Syndicate Bank
(4)  Indian Bank
(5)  Bank of Baroda
47) Which of the following general insurers is NOT a member of the association known as General Insurance Public Sector Association (GIPSA)? View Explanation
(1)  United India Insurance Company
(2)  General Insurance Corporation of India
(3)  Oriental Insurance Company
(4)  New India Assurance Company
(5)  National Insurance Company
48) The General Insurance Corporation of India (QIC) was formed for the purpose of superintending, controlling and carrying on the business of general insurance or non-life insurance in, pursuance of View Explanation
(1)  InsuranceAct, 1938
(2)  General Insurance Business (Nationalisation) Act, 1972
(3)  IRDA Act 1999
(4)  Insurance (Amendment) Act, 2002
(5)  None
49) Which of the following pairs of agencies and their heads is NOT matched correctly? View Explanation
(1)  NIA-Sharad Kumar
(2)  NSG - Jayanta Choudhury
(3)  BSF-DK Pathak
(4)  CBI-Ranjit Sinha
(5)  RAW-Ajit Doval
50) What is the currency of South Africa? View Explanation
(1)  Rand
(2)  Won
(3)  Krona
(4)  Franc
(5)  Baht
51) What is the expanded form of MICR? It is used by banks for clearance of cheques. View Explanation
(1)  Magnetic Impression Character Recognition
(2)  Magnetic Information Character Recognition
(3)  Magnetic Indication Character Recognition
(4)  Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
(5)  None
52) Which of the following state govts has launched ambitious Samajwadi Pension Scheme under which 500 rupees each will be given monthly to nearly 40 lakh poor families in the state? View Explanation
(1)  Bihar
(2)  Uttar Pradesh
(3)  Madhya Pradesh
(4)  West Bengal
(5)  None
53) Which of the following rivers does not flow into the Bay of Bengal? View Explanation
(1)  Kaveri
(2)  Tapi
(3)  Krishna
(4)  Godavari
(5)  Mahanadi
54) What is the basis to determine the number of seats in the Lok Sabha for different states? View Explanation
(1)  Area
(2)  Population
(3)  Size of economy
(4)  Mineral resources
(5)  None
55) The special drawing rights (SDR) given by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to its member countries is also known as View Explanation
(1)  hot money
(2)  cold money
(3)  white gold
(4)  paper gold
(5)  None
56) Name the Prasar Bharati CEO who has been elected as the Vice President of world's largest TV and Radio body, Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU). View Explanation
(1)  Prabhu Chawla
(2)  Swapan Dasgupta
(3)  Jawhar Sircar
(4)  A Surya Prakash
(5)  None
57) A sphygmomano meter is a device used to measure View Explanation
(1)  heart beat
(2)  blood pressure
(3)  cell division
(4)  temperature of body
(5)  None
58) Which of the following bodies regulates the insurance business in India? View Explanation
(1)  RBI
(2)  SEBI
(3)  IRDA
(4)  PFRDA
(5)  FMC
59) The govt has raised the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for wheat to_______per quintal. View Explanation
(1)  Rs. 1,450
(2)  Rs. 1,500
(3)  Rs. 1,550
(4)  Rs. 1,600
(5)  None
60) In the insurance parlance, what does bonus mean? View Explanation
(1)  Reward for paying all the premiums on time
(2)  Surplus generated from the life insurance business
(3)  Extra benefits to those who survive the term period
(4)  The amount an insured receives time to time in money-back policies
(5)  None
61) Which of the following is NOT a general insurance company functioning in India? View Explanation
(1)  HDFC Ergo
(2)  ICICI Lombard
(3)  Oriental Insurance Company
(4)  IFFCO Tokio
(5)  None
62) The group term insurance cover is provided to which of the following sections of the society under the social security programme of the govt? View Explanation
(1)  Govt employees
(2)  EPF account holders
(3)  Employees who opt for voluntary retirement
(4)  Economically weaker sections
(5)  None
63) Who among the following has been sworn in as the new Railway Minister? View Explanation
(1)  Jagat Prakash Nadda
(2)  Manohar Parrikar
(3)  Suresh Prabhu
(4)  Nitin Gadkari
(5)  Bandaru Dattatreya
64) Which of the following countries won the maximum number of medals in the Incheon Asian Games held in South Korea? View Explanation
(1)  Japan
(2)  South Korea
(3)  China
(4)  Iran
(5)  India
65) Which of the following state govts has launched a financial assistance scheme for the aged and the physically handicapped persons named 'Aasara'? View Explanation
(1)  Telangana
(2)  Andhra Pradesh
(3)  Madhya Pradesh
(4)  Rajasthan
(5)  Haryana
66) Which of the following is also known as the 'Land of the Rising Sun'? View Explanation
(1)  Sweden
(2)  South Korea
(3)  Vietnam
(4)  Japan
(5)  Norway
67) A doctrine that limits the amount that an insured may collect to the actual cash value of the property insured is called View Explanation
(1)  Principle of regularity
(2)  Principle of accountability
(3)  Principle of limiting factors
(4)  Principle of indemnity
(5)  None
68) The govt has enhanced the compensation paid to civilian victims of communal, terrorist or Naxal violence from Rs. 3 lakh to View Explanation
(1)  Rs. 4 lakh
(2)  Rs. 5 lakh
(3)  Rs. 9 lakh
(4)  Rs. 10 lakh
(5)  Rs. 15 1akh
69) Who among the following has won the women's singles title of the WTA Finals? View Explanation
(1)  Serena Williams
(2)  Simona Halep
(3)  Sabine Lisicki
(4)  Petra Kvitova
(5)  Maria Sharapova
70) Hasmukh Adhia has been appointed on which of the following positions at present? View Explanation
(1)  Revenue Secretary
(2)  Expenditure Secretary
(3)  Cabinet Secretary
(4)  Financial Services Secretary
(5)  Chief Economic Advisor
71) The recently revealed book titled Playing it My Way is the autobiography of View Explanation
(1)  Rahul Dravid
(2)  Mahendra Singh Dhoni
(3)  Sachin Tendulkar
(4)  Sourav Ganguly
(5)  None
72) Who among the following Indian politicians has received Japan's Grand Cordon of the Order of the Paulownia Flowers award, the top Japanese award? View Explanation
(1)  P Chidambaram
(2)  Manmohan Singh
(3)  Narendra Modi
(4)  Atal Bihari Vajpayee
(5)  None
73) The IFSC Code is an alphanumeric code used in RTGS and NEFT transactions. What does the letter 'S' denote in the term IFSC? View Explanation
(1)  Subscriber
(2)  Station
(3)  State
(4)  System
(5)  Source
74) Which of the following committees recently submitted its final probe report to the Supreme Court against N Srinivasan and 12 other cricketers in IPL-6 betting and spot-fixing scandal? View Explanation
(1)  Rajendra Mai Lodha Committee
(2)  P Sathasivam Committee
(3)  Mukul Mudgal Committee
(4)  Altamas Kabir Committee
(5)  None
75) The Centre has set up a review committee to look into restructuring of the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). The committee will be headed by View Explanation
(1)  Subramanian Swamy
(2)  MK Kaw
(3)  Mukul Mudgal
(4)  Altamas Kabir
(5)  None
76) The window for banks to borrow from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in emergency situation when inter-bank liquidity dries up completely, is called View Explanation
(1)  Marginal Standing Facility (MSF)
(2)  Liquidity Adjustment Facility (LAP)
(3)  Call money
(4)  Repo rate
(5)  None
77) The US businessman Warren Anderson died recently. He was wanted in connection with which of the following major industrial accidents? View Explanation
(1)  Bhopal gas tragedy
(2)  Chernobyl disaster
(3)  The Windscale fire
(4)  The Halifax explosion
(5)  None
78) Who among the following has been appointed as the Chairman of Prasar Bharti Board recently? View Explanation
(1)  A Surya Prakash
(2)  Jawhar Sircar
(3)  Mrinal Pande
(4)  Markandey Katju
(5)  None
79) External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj travelled to which of the following nations to attend a function to commemorate the 180th anniversary of the arrival of Indian indentured labour on the island nation? View Explanation
(1)  Fiji
(2)  Trinidad and Tobago
(3)  Mauritius
(4)  Suriname
(5)  Cameroon
80) Targeting an annual bilateral commerce of USD 15bn by 2020, India has offered a USD 300-mn credit line to which of the following countries for trade diversification? View Explanation
(1)  Vietnam
(2)  Philippines
(3)  Thailand
(4)  Myanmar
(5)  None
81) Who among the following has won the 2014 World Billiards Championship? View Explanation
(1)  Peter Gilchrist
(2)  Pankaj Advani
(3)  Robert Hall
(4)  Balachandra Bhaskar
(5)  None
82) Ali bin Masoud al Sunaidy, who paid a visit to India, recently, is the Commerce and Industry Minister of which of the following Gulf countries? View Explanation
(1)  Bahrain
(2)  Kuwait
(3)  Saudi Arabia
(4)  Oman
(5)  UAE
83) The govt has declared the birth anniversary (31 Oct) of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel as View Explanation
(1)  National Integration Day
(2)  National Unity Day
(3)  National Equality Day
(4)  National Martyr Day
(5)  None
84) Which of the following is NOT a public sector bank (PSB) operating in India? View Explanation
(1)  Federal Bank
(2)  IDBI Bank
(3)  Indian Bank
(4)  Vijaya Bank
(5)  Andhra Bank
85) Who among the following was the first speaker of the Lok Sabha? View Explanation
(1)  Bali Ram Bhagat
(2)  Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar
(3)  Gurdial Singh Dhillon
(4)  Sardar Hukam Singh
(5)  MA Ayyangar
86) How many languages appear in the language panel of Indian Bank notes in addition to Hindi and English? View Explanation
(1)  9
(2)  11
(3)  13
(4)  15
(5)  22
87) The blood cells which are responsible for stopping bleeding are View Explanation
(1)  platelets
(2)  lymphocytes
(3)  neutrophils
(4)  leukocytes
(5)  None
88) As per the 2011 census, which of the following states has the largest share of dalits (oppressed) in its population? View Explanation
(1)  Uttar Pradesh
(2)  Punjab
(3)  Bihar
(4)  West Bengal
(5)  Tamil Nadu
89) The centuries-old Jallikattu sport played in Tamil Nadu and neighbouring states is related to View Explanation
(1)  boat racing
(2)  fire game
(3)  cockfight
(4)  bullfight and bullock-cart racing
(5)  None
90) According to IMF's latest World Economic Outlook, India is set to become USD 2-tn economy this year. What is India's current ranking among world's largest economies? View Explanation
(1)  Third
(2)  Fifth
(3)  Seventh
(4)  Ninth
(5)  Tenth
91) The computer mouse was invented by who among the following? View Explanation
(1)  Tim Berners-Lee
(2)  Ted Nelson
(3)  Douglas Engelbart
(4)  Vannevar Bush
(5)  None
92) The govt has approved raising natural gas price to _________from Nov 1. View Explanation
(1)  USD8.4permmBtu
(2)  USD5.61 permmBtu
(3)  USD4.2permmBtu
(4)  USD 3.61 permmBtu
(5)  None
93) An object-detection system that uses radio waves to determine the range, altitude, direction, or speed of objects is View Explanation
(1)  Binoculars
(2)  MASER
(3)  SONAR
(4)  Radar
(5)  None
94) The printing of which of the following denominations of Bank notes has NOT been discontinued so far? View Explanation
(1)  Rs. 1
(2)  Rs. 2
(3)  Rs. 5
(4)  Rs. 10
(5)  None
95) Which of the following is a moon of the planet Mars? View Explanation
(1)  Phobos
(2)  Metis
(3)  Callisto
(4)  Ganymede
(5)  Europa
96) As per extant instructions, the maximum value that can be stored in any prepaid card (issued by banks and authorised non-bank entities) at any point of time is View Explanation
(1)  Rs. 10,000
(2)  Rs. 20,000
(3)  Rs. 50,000
(4)  Rs. 75,000
(5)  Rs. 100,000
97) The Supreme Court has asked the NOT to take action against industrial units polluting Ganga, including snapping water and power connections to them. What does NOT stand for? View Explanation
(1)  National Ganga Tribunal
(2)  National Green Tribunal
(3)  National Greenhouse Tribunal
(4)  National Greenfield Tribunal
(5)  None
98) The modified direct cash subsidy transfer for LPG consumers will be launched in 54 districts from 15th Nov. The same scheme will be launched all over the country from View Explanation
(1)  30thNov
(2)  1st Dec
(3)  15th Dec
(4)  31st Dec
(5)  1st Jan
99) A four-day butterfly survey was held in which of the following wildlife reserves in the country from Oct 23 to 26? View Explanation
(1)  Indravati Tiger Reserve, Chhattisgarh
(2)  Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala
(3)  Valmiki Tiger Reserve, Bihar
(4)  Manas Tiger Reserve, Assam
(5)  Namdapha Tiger Reserve, Arunachal Pradesh
100) Which of the following countries hosted the international conference on climate change from Nov 9 to 12? The theme of the conference was 'Mountain People Adapting to Change.' View Explanation
(1)  Bhutan
(2)  Nepal
(3)  Afghanistan
(4)  India
(5)  China
101) Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan has recently set up a special committee to suggest measures for further strengthening of the security of the Parliament. The committee is headed by former View Explanation
(1)  Rajasthan DGP Harish Chandra Meena
(2)  Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar
(3)  Union Home Secretary RK Singh
(4)  CBI Director Amar Pratap Singh
(5)  Mumbai Police Commissioner Satya Pal Singh
102) The 2-seater Tejas PV6 aircraft made its maiden flight on 8 Nov. It is a(n) View Explanation
(1)  aircraft carrier version of Tejas
(2)  vertical takeoff jet
(3)  trainer jet
(4)  in-air fuel tanker jet
(5)  None
103) As stated by Arun Jaitley in his Budget speech for 2014-15, the amount provided for the welfare of Scheduled Castes under the SC Plan is View Explanation
(1)  Rs.50548cr
(2)  Rs.54548cr
(3)  Rs.32548cr
(4)  Rs.32387cr
(5)  Rs.50387cr
104) The Indian currency notes upto which of the following denominations are legal tender in Nepal and Bhutan? View Explanation
(1)  Up to Rs. 50
(2)  Up to Rs. 100
(3)  Up to Rs. 500
(4)  Up to Rs. 1000
(5)  None
105) Gagan Narang is an Indian sportsman associated with View Explanation
(1)  Badminton
(2)  Air rifle shooting
(3)  Golf
(4)  Wrestling
(5)  Athletics
106) Even individuals without a bank account (walk-in customers) can deposit cash at the NEFT-enabled bank branches using NEFT restricted to a maximum of ___________per transaction. View Explanation
(1)  Rs. 20,000
(2)  Rs. 25,000
(3)  Rs. 50,000
(4)  Rs. 100,000
(5)  Rs. 200,000
107) The abbreviation NTCA stands for View Explanation
(1)  National Thermal Control Authority
(2)  National Terrorist Control Authority
(3)  National Transportation Control Authority
(4)  National Transport Corporation Authority
(5)  National Tiger Conservation Authority
108) Which of the following terms is NOT used in banking and finance? View Explanation
(1)  Credit Default Swaps
(2)  Electronic Clearing System
(3)  Sudden Death
(4)  Blue Chip
(5)  None
109) Which of the following states does not have any Regional Rural Bank (RRB)? View Explanation
(1)  Punjab
(2)  Goa
(3)  Uttarakhand
(4)  Karnataka
(5)  Himachal Pradesh
110) Chutak Power Plant is situated in which state? View Explanation
(1)  Jammu and Kashmir
(2)  Himachal Pradesh
(3)  Mizoram
(4)  Manipur
(5)  West Bangal
111) Children under 10 years of age are allowed with which facilities in the bank? View Explanation
(1)  Current Account
(2)  Savings A/C
(3)  Zero Balance A/C
(4)  No frill account
(5)  None
112) Beijing hosted the two-day annual summit of APEC leaders on 10-11 Nov. What is the expanded form of APEC? View Explanation
(1)  Asia-Pacific Export Cooperation
(2)  Asia-Pacific Environmental Cooperation
(3)  Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
(4)  Asia-Pacific Economic Commission
(5)  None
113) Where is Shigmo festival celebrated? View Explanation
(1)  Goa
(2)  Kerala
(3)  Maharashtra
(4)  TN
(5)  Karnatka
114) The World Diabetes Day (WDD) is observed on View Explanation
(1)  6 Nov
(2)  10 Nov
(3)  12 Nov
(4)  14 Nov
(5)  16 Nov
115) The remote sensing satellite Yaogan XX has recently been put into orbit by View Explanation
(1)  Australia
(2)  Singapore
(3)  China
(4)  Thailand
(5)  New Zealand
116) The host of the Eighteenth (2014) SAARC summit is View Explanation
(1)  Sri Lanka
(2)  India
(3)  Bhutan
(4)  Pakistan
(5)  Nepal
117) Who among the following has been sworn in as the new chief minister of Goa? View Explanation
(1)  Francis D' Souza
(2)  Laxmikant Parsekar
(3)  Alina Saldanha
(4)  Rajendra Arlekar
(5)  Ramakant Khalap
118) The official currency of the 'Republic of Austria' is...View Explanation
(1)  Euro
(2)  Peso
(3)  Austrian Pound
(4)  Lira
(5)  Austrian dollar
119) The 'Cabinet Committee on Investments' has been set up to View Explanation
(1)  scrutinise investment proposals
(2)  attract overseas investors
(3)  facilitate stalled projects
(4)  market the policies of the government
(5)  clear investment proposals expeditiously
120) India's men's hockey team defeated which of the following teams 3-1 in a four-match series recently? View Explanation
(1)  Pakistan
(2)  Malaysia
(3)  Japan
(4)  Australia
(5)  None
121) The 'World's AIDS Day' is observed throughout the world on the View Explanation
(1)  First of December every year
(2)  Last Monday of September
(3)  Last Sunday of November
(4)  First of November every year
(5)  First Sunday of October
122) Who amongst the following has recently been selected to receive the 2014 Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award for his outstanding contribution towards the promotion of communal harmony, peace and goodwill? View Explanation
(1)  Spiritual leader Dalai Lama
(2)  Noted flute player Pt Hari Prasad Chaurasia
(3)  Noted film director Shyam Senegal
(4)  Noted filmmaker Muzaffar Ali
(5)  Superstar of Indian film music Ilayaraja
123) Who among the following has been appointed as one man committee by the Railways to suggest a 'proper system and procedure to ensure proper accountability and transparency'? View Explanation
(1)  TN Seshan
(2)  O Rajagopal
(3)  Mangu Singh
(4)  E Sreedharan
(5)  Nancy Powell
124) The government is to free India from open defecation by which year under 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan"? View Explanation
(1)  2020
(2)  2019
(3)  2018
(4)  2017
(5)  2016
125) The Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanghatan (KVS) has decided to offer which of the following languages as a "foreign language" instead of offering it as the third language? View Explanation
(1)  German
(2)  Mandarin
(3)  Spanish
(4)  Japanese
(5)  French
126) The process by which the central bank of a country controls the supply of money in the economy by exercising its control over interest rates in order to maintain price stability and achieve high economic growth is known as View Explanation
(1)  Economic Policy
(2)  Monetary Policy
(3)  Fiscal Policy
(4)  Credit Policy
(5)  Budgetary policy
127) Who among the following Bollywood actors has become the first man in UN Women's history to be appointed its Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia recently? He will serve as an advocate for 'He For She' initiative. View Explanation
(1)  AamirKhan
(2)  Ranveer Singh
(3)  Farhan Akhtar
(4)  Ranbir Kapoor
(5)  Shah Rukh Khan
128) 83. India's Tax Administration Reforms Commission submitted its first report to Finance Minister in June 2014 and this commission is headed by View Explanation
(1)  YVReddy
(2)  D Subbarao
(3)  Other than those given as options
(4)  Parthasarathi Shome
(5)  Bimal Jalan
129) As per the new RBI norms for NBFCs, the net owned fund (NOF) requirement has been raised from Rs. 25 lakh to______ to be achieved in a phased manner by 2017. View Explanation
(1)  Rs. 501akh
(2)  Rs. 751akh
(3)  Rs. 1cr
(4)  Rs. 2cr
(5)  Rs. 5cr
130) The full form of BBPS is View Explanation
(1)  Bill Finger Berger Power Series
(2)  Best Business Practices
(3)  Bits Bites Pixel Sprites
(4)  Bharat Bill Payment System
(5)  Bill Bharat Public School
131) Which of the following commissions was entrusted with investigating the Saradha scam and giving partial compensation to the depositors by the West Bengal govt? View Explanation
(1)  Shyamal Sen
(2)  Jasti Chelameswar
(3)  Jainarayan Patel
(4)  Mohit Shantilal Shah
(5)  Manjula Chellur
132) India's largest 700 MW ultra mega solar power plant is planned in the state of Madhya Pradesh in......... View Explanation
(1)  Bhopal district
(2)  Ujjain district
(3)  Khandwa district
(4)  Rewa district
(5)  Indore district
133) Name the country with which India has jointly developed a long range surface-to-air missile (LRSAM) which was successfully test-fired recently.View Explanation
(1)  US
(2)  Brazil
(3)  Japan
(4)  Israel
(5)  Russia
134) India is in process to supply four naval patrol vessels to which of the following countries under a USD 100-mn Line of Credit? View Explanation
(1)  Thailand
(2)  Vietnam
(3)  Philippines
(4)  Myanmar
(5)  None
135) The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) named the recent cyclonic storm arisen in the Arabian Sea as Nilofar. This name was suggested by which of the following countries? View Explanation
(1)  Thailand
(2)  Myanmar
(3)  Bangladesh
(4)  Sri Lanka
(5)  Pakistan
136) The leaders of the world's 20 developed and emerging economies vowed on 16 Nov to boost global GDP by over______over next five years. View Explanation
(1)  USD2tn
(2)  USD3tn
(3)  USD5tn
(4)  USD7tn
(5)  USD9tn
137) The National Education Day in observed on the birth Anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad which falls on View Explanation
(1)  6Nov
(2)  10Nov
(3)  11 Nov
(4)  14Nov
(5)  16Nov
138) Which of the following agencies provides insurance cover to the deposits made with the banks? View Explanation
(1)  LIC
(2)  GIC
(3)  DICGC
(4)  Tata AIG
(5)  FCI
139) Sharath Gayakwad has scripted history at the 2014 Asian Para-Games in Incheon, South Korea by winning six medals. He is a View Explanation
(1)  Para-swimmer
(2)  Para-sprinter
(3)  Para-archer
(4)  Para-judoka
(5)  None
140) Which of the following is NOT a priority sector as stipulated by the RBI with respect to lending by the banks? View Explanation
(1)  Agriculture
(2)  Automobiles
(3)  Education
(4)  Housing
(5)  Export Credit
141) Ringgit is the currency of which of the following countries? View Explanation
(1)  Malaysia
(2)  Saudi Arabia
(3)  Philippines
(4)  Thailand
(5)  Indonesia
142) An individual having a 'Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account' with a bank cannot have which of the following accounts in that bank? View Explanation
(1)  Recurring Deposit
(2)  Term/Fixed Deposit
(3)  Savings
(4)  Loan
(5)  None
143) Who among the following clinched the men's singles title of the China Open Super Series Premier in Fuzhou (China) on 16 Nov? View Explanation
(1)  Lin Dan
(2)  Kidambi Srikanth
(3)  Lee Chong Wei
(4)  Parupalli Kashyap
(5)  None
144) A banknote which has become dirty due to usage and includes a two-piece note pasted together wherein both the pieces presented belong to the same note, and form the entire note, is termed as View Explanation
(1)  soiled banknote
(2)  mutilated banknote
(3)  imperfect banknote
(4)  counterfeit banknote
(5)  None
145) Which of the following state govts has made voting in local body elections compulsory? It has also provided 50 per cent reservation for women in all local body elections. View Explanation
(1)  Madhya Pradesh
(2)  Kerala
(3)  Tamil Nadu
(4)  Gujarat
(5)  Rajasthan
146) Through its 'Make in India' campaign the Central Govt aims to break into the top 50 in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business index. What is India's current ranking in the index?View Explanation
(1)  142nd
(2)  134th
(3)  133rd
(4)  132nd
(5)  128th
147) Who among the following won the top individual honour in the International Cricket Council (ICC)'s annual awards, bagging the Cricketer of the Year award? View Explanation
(1)  AB de Villiers
(2)  Angelo Mathews
(3)  Kumar Sangakkara
(4)  Mitchell Johnson
(5)  Virat Kohli
148) Who among the following has been re-elected as the new President of Brazil after the recently held elections? View Explanation
(1)  Aecio Neves
(2)  Dilma Rousseff
(3)  Eduardo Jorge
(4)  Marina Silva
(5)  None
149) What are the small credits given to people belonging to low income group called? View Explanation
(1)  Cash credit
(2)  Overdraft
(3)  No-frills loan
(4)  Micro credit
(5)  Agricultural credit
150) The high-powered committee constituted by the govt on "DRISHTI" (Driving Information System for Holistic Tax Initiatives) has submitted its report to the finance ministry. The committee is headed by View Explanation
(1)  TV Mohandas Pai
(2)  Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
(3)  Girish Paranjpe
(4)  Nandan Nilekani
(5)  NR Narayana Murthy
151) What is the expanded form of the term ALM as used in banking sector?View Explanation
(1)  Asset Liability Mismatch
(2)  Asset Liability Management
(3)  Asset Liability Maintenance
(4)  Asset Liability Manipulation
(5)  Asset Liability Maximisation
152) The scheme of reverse mortgage has been introduced for the benefit of people owning a house but having inadequate income to meet their needs. A homeowner above what age is eligible for a reverse mortgage loan? View Explanation
(1)  25 years
(2)  40 years
(3)  50 years
(4)  60 years
(5)  75 years
153) Who among the following has won the 2014 Nobel Prize for Economics? He has won the prize for research on market power and regulation. View Explanation
(1)  Roger Myerson
(2)  Oliver Hart
(3)  Eric Maskin
(4)  Jean Tirole
(5)  Drew Fudenberg
154) The KYC norm stipulated by the RBI is NOT applicable in case of issuance of which of the following? View Explanation
(1)  Credit Cards
(2)  Debit Cards
(3)  Add-on/supplementary cards
(4)  All the above
(5)  None
155) India is expected to become world's second largest producer of crude steel in the world soon. Currently, what is India's position in this field? View Explanation
(1)  3rd
(2)  4th
(3)  5th
(4)  6th
(5)  8th
156) The 2014 list of 72 most-powerful people in the world was revealed by Forbes magazine recently. Who among the following has been ranked on the top of the list? View Explanation
(1)  Xi Jinping
(2)  Barack Obama
(3)  Angela Merkel
(4)  Narendra Modi
(5)  Vladimir Putin
157) The Indian space agency ISRO plans to launch 58 space missions, including an exclusive 'eye-in-the-sky' satellite to keep a round-the-clock watch on the country. Name the satellite.View Explanation
(1)  GISAT
(2)  IRNSS
(3)  NSAT
(4)  GSAT
(5)  RISAT
158) The Gujarat govt has issued work order of Rs. 2,979 cr for constructing the world's tallest statue - Statue of Unity. The statue will come up in Sadhu Bet island in which of the following districts? View Explanation
(1)  Ahmedabad
(2)  Narmada
(3)  Surat
(4)  Gandhinagar
(5)  Anand
159) Which of the following is NOT a job undertaken by commercial banks in India? View Explanation
(1)  Issuing credit cards
(2)  Setting up ATMs
(3)  Determining CRR, SLR
(4)  Selling insurance policies
(5)  None
160) Sarita Devi is associated with which of the following games? She has been provisionally suspended by the international body of the sports for her protest at the Asian Games at Incheon. View Explanation
(1)  Archery
(2)  Boxing
(3)  Weightlifting
(4)  Wrestling
(5)  Pole vault
161) The 2014 G20 Summit was the ninth summit hosted by Australia in Brisbane. The 2015 summit of the group will be hosted by which of the following countries? View Explanation
(1)  China (Shanghai)
(2)  Turkey (Antalya)
(3)  Canada (Toronto)
(4)  Japan (Kyoto)
(5)  India (Alimedabad)
162) Which of the following is NOT a condition to be fulfilled by a corporate to be eligible to issue CP? View Explanation
(1)  The tangible net worth of the company, as per the latest audited balance sheet, is not less than Rs.4 cr.
(2)  Company has been sanctioned working capital limit by bank.
(3)  The borrowal account of the company is classified as a Standard Asset by the financing bank.
(4)  None of the above
(5)  Only (2) and (3)
163) What is India's position among the largest passport issuing countries in the world at present? View Explanation
(1)  First
(2)  Second
(3)  Third
(4)  Fourth
(5)  Fifth
164) The govt launched the Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises in 2000 with the objective of making loans available to Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) without collateral/third party guarantees for amount up to View Explanation
(1)  Rs. 50 1akh
(2)  Rs.lcr
(3)  Rs.1.5cr
(4)  Rs.2cr
(5)  Rs.5cr
165) Who among the following clinched the women's singles title of the China Open Super Series Premier tournament on 16 Nov? View Explanation
(1)  PV Sindhu
(2)  Jwala Gutta
(3)  Saina Nehwal
(4)  Akane Yamaguchi
(5)  None
166) The prestigious National Kalidas Samman has been given to who among the following for the year 2012-13? It is a prestigious arts award presented annually by the govt of Madhya Pradesh. View Explanation
(1)  AA Manavalan
(2)  Kanhailal
(3)  Sugathakumari
(4)  Govind Mishra
(5)  None
167) The Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) has cleared the long-pending proposal of which of the following banks to hike foreign holding in the bank to 74 per cent recently? View Explanation
(1)  ICICIBank
(2)  Axis Bank
(3)  Federal Bank
(4)  HDFC Bank
(5)  Kotak Mahindra Bank
168) Name India's indigenously developed nuclear-capable subsonic cruise missile successfully launched recently. It can strike targets more than 700 km away.View Explanation
(1)  BrahMos
(2)  Trishul
(3)  Nirbhay
(4)  Agni-VI
(5)  None
169) India is negotiating a trade and investment agreement with the four-nation European Free Trade Association (EFTA). Which of the following is NOT a member country of EFTA? View Explanation
(1)  Norway
(2)  Switzerland
(3)  Liechtenstein
(4)  Iceland
(5)  None
170) Which of the following is the rate at which local currency can be converted into a foreign currency and vice versa? View Explanation
(1)  MIBOR
(2)  LIBOR
(3)  Interbank exchange rate
(4)  Exchange rate
(5)  Base rate
171) As part of the financial sector liberalisation, all credit-related matters of banks, including charging of interest, have been deregulated by the RBI and are now governed by View Explanation
(1)  the govt policies
(2)  international practices
(3)  the policies of the World Bank
(4)  the banks' own lending policies
(5)  None
172) According to current regulations for banks, an asset is classified as non-performing asset (NPA) when it remains overdue for______days. View Explanation
(1)  30
(2)  60
(3)  90
(4)  120
(5)  180
173) Loans to individuals for educational purposes including vocational courses upto-------------for studies in India and----------for studies abroad are included under priority sector lending by banks.View Explanation
(1)  Rs. 5 lakh, Rs. 10 lakh
(2)  Rs. 7 lakh,Rs. 15 lakh
(3)  Rs. 10 lakh, Rs. 20 lakh
(4)  Rs. 12 lakh, Rs. 22 lakh
(5)  Rs. 15 1akh,Rs. 25 1akh
174) Who among the following won the inaugural Russian Grand Prix Formula One championship? View Explanation
(1)  Nico Rosberg
(2)  Valtteri Bottas
(3)  Lewis Hamilton
(4)  Daniil Kvyat
(5)  None
175) Author Richard Flanagan has won Man Booker Prize 2014 for his book View Explanation
(1)  The Narrow Road to the Deep North
(2)  To Rise Again at a Decent
(3)  We Are All Completely
(4)  The Lowland
(5)  The Lives of Others
176) Which of the following fighter aircrafts of the Indian Air Force, grounded following a crash in Pune, has been cleared for flying again recently? View Explanation
(1)  Sukhoi-30
(2)  Mirage 2000
(3)  MiG-29M
(4)  Jaguar
(5)  None
177) Who among the following has been appointed as the new Chief Economic Adviser of the Govt of India? View Explanation
(1)  Jagdish Bhagwati
(2)  Arvind Panagariya
(3)  Eswar Prasad
(4)  Arvind Subramanian
(5)  None
178) Name the current President of Myanmar whom the Prime Minister Narendra Modi met on 11 Nov on the sidelines of ASEAN summit. View Explanation
(1)  Min Aung Hlaing
(2)  Thein Sein
(3)  Shwe Mann
(4)  Than Shwe
(5)  Aung San Suu Kyi
179) The Govt of India has deregulated which of the following fuels in the country so far. Deregulation means the retail rates of the fuel will reflect international movement in oil prices. View Explanation
(1)  Petrol
(2)  LPG
(3)  Diesel
(4)  Kerosene
(5)  Both (1) and (3)
180) The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is soon to invite applications for small and payment banks. What is the minimum paid-up capital requirement to set up these banks? View Explanation
(1)  Rs.50cr
(2)  Rs.100cr
(3)  Rs.150cr
(4)  Rs.200cr
(5)  Rs.500cr
181) If an individual has a 'Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account' opened on the basis of simplified KYC norms, the account would additionally be treated as which of the following? View Explanation
(1)  BSBDA-No frills Account
(2)  BSBDA-Small Account
(3)  BSBDA-Limited Account
(4)  BSBDA-Regular Account
(5)  None
182) We often read about ARCs in financial newspapers. What does the term ARC stand for? View Explanation
(1)  Asset Reconstruction Company
(2)  Asset Recapitalisation Company
(3)  Asset Reinsurance Company
(4)  Asset Recovery Company
(5)  None
183) People in India are NOT allowed to carry out banking transactions through which of the following means? View Explanation
(1)  Mobile
(2)  Internet banking
(3)  Personal visit
(4)  Business correspondent
(5)  None
184) Which of the following countries has won the Sultan of Johor Cup 2014 U-21 hockey title? View Explanation
(1)  Pakistan
(2)  Germany
(3)  India
(4)  Malaysia
(5)  Australia
185) Name the Indian actor who has been awarded in the UK with the Global Diversity Award 2014 for his outstanding achievements in the field of cinema and his involvement in philanthropic endeavours. View Explanation
(1)  Salman Khan
(2)  Aamir Khan
(3)  Amitabh Bachchan
(4)  Shah Rukh Khan
(5)  None
186) The comet 'Siding Spring' made a rare close pass by which of the following planets recently? View Explanation
(1)  Earth
(2)  Mars
(3)  Mercury
(4)  Jupiter
(5)  Venus
187) After promoting 'Make In India', the govt plans to promote 'Served from India'. The services sector constitutes________share of the country's GDP as of now. View Explanation
(1)  37 per cent
(2)  43 per cent
(3)  57 per cent
(4)  63 per cent
(5)  77 per cent
188) The National Judicial Appointments Commission Bill 2014 passed by the Parliament needs to be endorsed by at least how many states before it can be sent for Presidential assent and brought into effect? View Explanation
(1)  15
(2)  12
(3)  10
(4)  8
(5)  There is no such requirement
189) Name the spacecraft of the European Space Agency (ESA), a part of its Rosetta mission, which successfully landed on a comet for the first time in space history. View Explanation
(1)  Discovery
(2)  Philae
(3)  Curiosity
(4)  Phoenix
(5)  None
190) Which of the following banks has launched kids account named 'Smart Star' for school-going children as young as 10 years? View Explanation
(1)  SBI
(2)  ICICI Bank
(3)  Axis Bank
(4)  HDFC Bank
(5)  Kotak Mahindra Bank
191) According to the latest report of the World Bank, which of the following countries will receive the highest remittances in 2014 attracting about USD 71 bn? View Explanation
(1)  India
(2)  China
(3)  Mexico
(4)  Philippines
(5)  Nigeria
192) Which of the following telecom majors has called off Rs.700-cr deal to acquire Loop Mobile based in Mumbai? The Department of Telecom has yet to clear the deal. View Explanation
(1)  Vodafone
(2)  Idea
(3)  Tata Teleservices
(4)  BhartiAirtel
(5)  Reliance Communications
193) The Airbus has signed a record deal with Indigo to supply latest A-320 NEO planes worth USD 25.5 bn (Rs. 1.55 lakh cr), its biggest-ever contract in terms of numbers. What is the number of planes to be supplied? View Explanation
(1)  100
(2)  150
(3)  250
(4)  280
(5)  310
194) Which of the following pairs is NOT matched correctly with respect to the recently held summits and their venues? View Explanation
(1)  ASEAN-Myanmar
(2)  East Asia Summit- Fiji
(3)  G-20-Australia
(4)  APEC-China
(5)  None
195) The ordinance promulgated for e-auction of coal blocks has got the nod from President. Which of the following is NOT correct with respect to the ordinance?View Explanation
(1)  It has been promulgated in the backdrop of the Supreme Court order that quashed the allocation of 214 coal blocks to companies since 1993.
(2)  It allows private companies to bid for captive use.
(3)  It facilitates allotment of mines directly to state and Central public sector undertakings.
(4)  The proceeds from the auction will entirely go to the state govts where the mines are located.
(5)  None
196) India's forex reserves have continued their downward journey for past some time. Which of the following is NOT a component of Foreign Reserves of India? View Explanation
(1)  Reserve Position in IMF Trench
(2)  Special Drawing Rights (SDRs)
(3)  Gold
(4)  Foreign Currency Assets
(5)  None
197) Who among the following has been sworn in as the new President of Indonesia recently? View Explanation
(1)  Jusuf Jalla
(2)  Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
(3)  Basuki Tjahaja Pumama
(4)  Joko Widodo
(5)  Prabowo Subianto
198) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appointed who among the following as the chairman of the Quality Council of India (QCI)? View Explanation
(1)  Mihir Shah
(2)  Arun Maira
(3)  Adil Zainulbhai
(4)  Sam Pitroda
(5)  None
199) The Asian Infrastructure, Investment Bank (AIIB), set up by India and 20 other countries, will be headquartered in which of the following cities? View Explanation
(1)  Manila
(2)  Dhaka
(3)  Astana
(4)  New Delhi
(5)  Beijing
200) Who among the following batsmen has become the world's only cricketer to hit two double centuries in ODI till now? View Explanation
(1)  Ravindra Jadeja
(2)  Shikhar Dhawan
(3)  Rohit Sharma
(4)  ViratKohli
(5)  Suresh Raina
201) The Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission (FSLRC) that had recommended setting up FSAT to hear appeals related to financial sector, was headed by View Explanation
(1)  Parthasarathi Shome
(2)  Sujata Manohar
(3)  BN Srikrishna
(4)  Vinod Kumar Duggal
(5)  KGBalakrishnan
202) The book titled At Home in India: The Muslim Saga has been written by View Explanation
(1)  Salman Khurshid
(2)  MJ Akbar
(3)  Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi
(4)  Najma Heptulla
(5)  Omar Abdullah
203) As per the Carbon Disclosure Report (CDR) 2014 released on 15 Oct, five Indian companies are among the top global companies that did business in the most sustainable manner in 2013. Which of the following is NOT one among them? View Explanation
(1)  Wipro
(2)  Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
(3)  Larsen & Toubro
(4)  Tech Mahindra
(5)  None
204) A new programme to uplift rural India is being launched by the govt in collaboration with the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and the National Institutes of Technology (NITs) across the country. Name the programme.View Explanation
(1)  Uttam Bharat Abhiyan
(2)  Unnat Bharat Abhiyan
(3)  Sundar Bharat Abhiyan
(4)  Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
(5)  Samriddh Bharat Abhiyan
205) India concluded the fourth edition of the biennial 20-day drill named IBSAMAR recently. This drill was participated by which of the following three nations?View Explanation
(1)  India, Brazil and South Africa
(2)  India, Bangladesh and South Africa
(3)  India, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia
(4)  India, Brazil and South Korea
(5)  None
206) The Union Ministry of Culture has named who among the following as the Chairman of the governing board of the Kalakshetra Foundation recently? The foundation is aimed at nurturing India's artistic traditions. View Explanation
(1)  Gopalkrishna Gandhi
(2)  N Gopalaswami
(3)  Anand Kumar
(4)  Rajmohan Gandhi
(5)  None
207) Which country, on July 18, 2014, passed a law to legalise child labour for kids from age 10? View Explanation
(1)  Canada
(2)  Germany
(3)  Bolivia
(4)  Argentina
(5)  None of the above
208) What is the proposed name of a new 24x7 channel for North-East region that was announced in the Union Budget 2014-15? View Explanation
(1)  Arun Prabha
(2)  Asha Prabha
(3)  Akash Prabha
(4)  Arjun Prabha
(5)  None of the above
209) Swachha Bharat Abhiyan, which was announced in the Union Budget 2014-15, to cover every household with sanitation facility by the year View Explanation
(1)  2016
(2)  2017
(3)  2018
(4)  2019
(5)  None of the above
210) In Union Budget 2014-15, Rs.4200 crore were set for an ambitious Jal Marg Vikas Project (JMVP) on river Ganga. This project would be established between which two places on Ganga covering a distance of 1620km? View Explanation
(1)  Allahabad and Kolkata
(2)  Kanpur and Haldia
(3)  Kanpur and Kolkata
(4)  Allahabad and Haldia
(5)  None of the above
211) BRICS nations, on July 15, 2014, signed a deal to create a new $ 100 billion development bank and emergency reserve fund This new development bank will be headquartered in which country? View Explanation
(1)  China
(2)  Russia
(3)  India
(4)  Brazil
(5)  None of the above
212) According to Human Development Report 2014, released on July 24, 2014 by UNDP, India has been ranked ..........in a list of 187 countries. View Explanation
(1)  133
(2)  134
(3)  135
(4)  136
(5)  None of the above
213) Which State government has declared 'Camel' as State animal on June 30, 2014? View Explanation
(1)  Punjab
(2)  Haryana
(3)  Gujarat
(4)  Rajasthan
(5)  None of the above
214) On the basis of C. Rangarajan Committee report on poverty, the percentage of people below the poverty line in 2011-12 was 30.95% in rural and..........in urban areas. View Explanation
(1)  26. 4%
(2)  25. 4%
(3)  28. 4%
(4)  27. 4%
(5)  None of the above
215) Which middle-east country recently, in a bid to tighten the marriage laws, has banned its male citizens from marrying expat workers from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar and Chad? View Explanation
(1)  Omen
(2)  Saudi Arabia
(3)  Yemen
(4)  Iraq
(5)  None of the above
216) According to Union Budget 2014-15, presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in the Lok Sabha on July 10, 2014, investment limit under Section-80c. of the Income-tax Act raised from Rs. 1 lakh to View Explanation
(1)  Rs. 1.25 lakh
(2)  Rs. 1.5 lakh
(3)  Rs.1. 75 lakh
(4)  Rs. 2 lakh
(5)  None of the above
217) Oscar-winning British filmmaker and actor Richard Attenborough passed away (aged 90) recently in London. With which of the following movies is he not associated? View Explanation
(1)  Gandhi
(2)  The Great Escape
(3)  Jurassic Park
(4)  The Shawshank Redempation
(5)  None of the above
218) How much Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in country's defence sector was proposed in the Union Budget 2014-15? View Explanation
(1)  47%
(2)  48%
(3)  49%
(4)  50%
(5)  None of the above
219) Jaipur Pink Panthers (JPP) won the inaugural title of the Pro Kabaddi League defeating U. Mumba at the NSCI Stadium in Mumbai. JPP is owned by View Explanation
(1)  Abhishek Bachchan
(2)  Kosmik Global Media
(3)  Ronnie Screwvaia
(4)  RadhaKapoor
(5)  None of the above
220) Retail giant Carrefour, on July 7, 2014, has announced its intention to close its stores in India Carrefour is a multinational retailer based in which country? View Explanation
(1)  Germany
(2)  France
(3)  The USA
(4)  The UK
(5)  None of the above
221) Olympics silver medal-winning wrestler Sushil Kumar was appointed as Delhi's new brand ambassador by Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung. Kumar won the silver medal at View Explanation
(1)  2012 London Olympics
(2)  2008 Beijing Olympics
(3)  2004 Athens Olympics
(4)  All of the Above
(5)  None of the above
222) What is the corpus size of the venture capital for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which was proposed in the Union Budget 2014-15? View Explanation
(1)  Rs.10000 crore
(2)  Rs. 50000 crore
(3)  Rs. 60000 crore
(4)  Rs. 20000 crore
(5)  None of the above
223) Name the player who announced his/her retirement from tennis on September 19, 2014. View Explanation
(1)  Li Na
(2)  Roger Federer
(3)  Sabine Lisicki
(4)  Andy Murray
(5)  None of the above
224) Complete revamp of Indian Repository Receipts (IRR) was proposed in the Union Budget 2014-15. What is the new name proposed for IRR in the budget? View Explanation
(1)  Hindustan Repository Receipts
(2)  Bharat Repository Receipts
(3)  Reserve Repository Receipts
(4)  All of the above
(5)  None of the above
225) Who won the Singapore Grand Prix Formnla-One 2014 on September 21, 2014? View Explanation
(1)  Lewis Hamilton
(2)  Nico Rosberg
(3)  Sebastian Vettel
(4)  Philip Massa
(5)  None of the above
226) At which of the following places, Chief of Naval Staff Admiral RK Dhowan commissioned INS-Sumitra', the fourth indigenous Naval Offshore Patrol Vessel (NOPV), into the Indian Navy? View Explanation
(1)  Panaji
(2)  Mumbai
(3)  Kochi
(4)  Chennai
(5)  None of the above
227) Name the spaceship of NASA who entered in the orbit of Mars on September 22, 2014. View Explanation
(1)  MAVEN
(2)  Atlas
(3)  Carnell
(4)  Mars Express
(5)  None of these
228) Which of the following institutes of India has credited environment friendly Rechargeable Magnesium Battery? View Explanation
(1)  IIT Mumbai
(2)  IISc, Bengaluru
(3)  Indian Chemical Technology Institute, Hyderabad
(4)  Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai
(5)  None of the above
229) NASA has launched Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) on July 2, 2014. It is a satellite designed to track..........which is responsible for global warming. View Explanation
(1)  nitrogen dioxide
(2)  carbon monoxide
(3)  carbon dioxide
(4)  nitrous oxide
(5)  None of the above
230) India's automobile manufacturer Tata Motors launched its low budget Nano car in a neighbouring country. Name the country. View Explanation
(1)  Myanmar
(2)  Bangladesh
(3)  Sri Lanka
(4)  Nepal
(5)  None of the above
231) India, on July 8, 2014, successfully test-fired an advanced version of the..........range BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missile from Chandipur-on-sea off Odisha coast, View Explanation
(1)  270 km
(2)  280 km
(3)  290 km
(4)  300 km
(5)  None of the above
232) e-Commerce company 'Alibaba' is associated with which of the following countries? View Explanation
(1)  Saudi Arabia
(2)  China
(3)  Indonesia
(4)  Russia
(5)  None of the above
233) Which committee was constituted to decide the maximum age limit of MDs and CEOs of private banks? View Explanation
(1)  Rakesh Sethi Committee
(2)  N. Chandra Committee
(3)  PJ Nayak Committee
(4)  Vishwanathan Committee
(5)  None of the above
234) Sanjita Chanu, on July 24, 2014, won the first gold medal for India at Commonwealth Games 2014 in Glasgow, Scotland She is associated with which sports? View Explanation
(1)  Boxing
(2)  Shooting
(3)  Weight lifting
(4)  Judo
(5)  None of the above
235) Which of the following e-commerce company has been adjudged as world's largest online company on September 19, 2014? View Explanation
(1)  Flipkart
(2)  Amazon
(3)  Alibaba
(4)  Snap Deal
(5)  None of the above
236) The G-20 Leaders Summit is going to be held in which of the following Australian cities on November 15-16,2014? View Explanation
(1)  Brisbane
(2)  Sydney
(3)  Perth
(4)  Melbourne
(5)  None of the above
237) Who among the following has won the German Grand Prix 2014? View Explanation
(1)  Nico Rosberg
(2)  Sergio Perez
(3)  Sebastian Vettel
(4)  Lewis Hamilton
(5)  None of the above
238) The government of India and the World Bank signed a $ 107 million credit agreement for the Mizoram State Roads II—Regional Transport Connectivity Project to improve transport connectivity in the state of Mizoram. The project will enhance connectivity with which of the neighboring countries? View Explanation
(1)  Bangladesh
(2)  Myanmar
(3)  Both (a) and (b)
(4)  All of the above
(5)  None of the above
239) Who among the following has written the book 'The Lives of Others'? This book has been also shortlisted for Man Booker Prize 2014. View Explanation
(1)  Neel Mukherjee
(2)  Sanjay Baru
(3)  Jaswant Singh
(4)  TV Paul
(5)  None of the above
240) The Union government recently launched the '.bharat' domain name in Devanagari script. The domain will be available for how many languages? View Explanation
(1)  4
(2)  5
(3)  6
(4)  8
(5)  None of the above
241) Subhash Sheoratan Mundra, on July 31, 2014, took charge as the ..........Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). View Explanation
(1)  third
(2)  fourth
(3)  second
(4)  fifth
(5)  None of the above
242) What name has been given to the rescue operation conducted by Indian Army in flood hit areas of Jammu and Kashmir? View Explanation
(1)  Operation Rahat
(2)  Operation Megh Rahat
(3)  Operation Kashmir
(4)  Mission Kashmir
(5)  None of the above
243) 'World Hepatitis Day' is observed across the world every year on View Explanation
(1)  July 26
(2)  July 27
(3)  July 28
(4)  July 30
(5)  None of the above
244) On which date, the 'Clean India Mission' has been started in 4041 cities across the nation? View Explanation
(1)  September 11,2014
(2)  October 2, 2014
(3)  September.14, 2014
(4)  Octobers, 2014
(5)  None of the above
245) The full form of IFSC is View Explanation
(1)  Indian Financial System Code
(2)  Instant Fund for System Change
(3)  Internet Foreign Services Compliance
(4)  Indian Foreign Services Compliance
(5)  Indian Forward Securities Commission
246) Which State become the first State in the country to launch 'Health Adalat'? View Explanation
(1)  Andhra Pradesh
(2)  Bihar
(3)  Karnalaka
(4)  West Bengal
(5)  Odisha
247) Which of the following banks has replaced the state-run Bank of India as the trustee bank for National Pension System (NFS) from July, 2013 onwards? View Explanation
(1)  HDFC Bank
(2)  ICICI Bank
(3)  Axis Bank
(4)  State Bank of India
(5)  Union Bank of India
248) Which State government filed a petition in the Supreme Court over Polavaram dam, which is being constructed by Andhra Pradesh government? View Explanation
(1)  Rajasthan
(2)  Odisha
(3)  Chhattisgarh
(4)  Jharkhand
(5)  None of the above
249) The Basic Committee has defined capital in two tiers (Tier-I and Tier-II). Tier-I capital is known as View Explanation
(1)  net capital
(2)  gross capital
(3)  working capital
(4)  core capital
(5)  None of the above
250) For which one of the following loan products 'teaser loans' are offered by banks? View Explanation
(1)  Educational loans
(2)  Commercial loans
(3)  Loans against security of gold
(4)  Retail trade loans
(5)  Home loans
251) Cheraw, the Bamboo Dance, is of which Indian State? View Explanation
(1)  Mizoram
(2)  Sikkim
(3)  Arunachal Pradesh
(4)  Manipur
(5)  Asom
252) Which of the following .is not a programme/agency of the Union Ministry of Finance? View Explanation
(1)  Investor Education and Protection Governance (IEPG)
(2)  National Foundation for Corporate Governance (NFCG)
(3)  Serious Frauds Investigation Office (SFIO)
(4)  Investment Commission
(5)  Central Rural Sanitation Programme
253) Which of the following does not come under the category of development banks? View Explanation
(1)  Industrial Development Bank of India
(2)  Small Industries Development Bank of India
(3)  Industrial Investment Bank of India
(4)  State Finance Corporation
(5)  Export-Import Bank
254) 8th National Conference of Krishi Vigyan Kendra 2013 was held at View Explanation
(1)  Bengaluru
(2)  Lucknow
(3)  Mumbai
(4)  Kolkata
(5)  Chennai
255) Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Foundation pledged a contribution of over Rs. 200 crore for a government campaign as an obligation under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Name the campaign. View Explanation
(1)  Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
(2)  Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan
(3)  Nirmal Ganga Abhiyan
(4)  Swachh Ganga Abhiyan
(5)  None of the above
256) Which among the following banks celebrated its Platinum Jubilee in October 2013? View Explanation
(1)  Yes Bank
(2)  J & K Bank
(3)  HDFC Bank
(4)  ICICI Bank
(5)  Axis Bank
257) Which of the following statements is incorrect about Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana? View Explanation
(1)  Account holders will be provided zero-balance bank account with RuPay debit card, in addition to accidental insurance cover of Rs. 1 lakh.
(2)  Those who open accounts by January 20, 2015 over and above the Rs. 1 lakh, they will be given life insurance cover of Rs. 50000.
(3)  After six months of opening of the bank account, holders can avail Rs. 5000 loan from the bank.
(4)  With the introduction of new technology introduced by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), a person can transfer funds, balance through a normal phone which was earlier limited only to smart phones so far.
(5)  Mobile banking for the poor would be available through National Unified USSD Platform (NUUP) for which all banks and mobile companies have come together.
258) Which country on July 18, 2014, passed a law to legalise child labour for kids from age of 10 years? View Explanation
(1)  Canada
(2)  Germany
(3)  Bolivia
(4)  Pakistan
(5)  Argentina
259) Which among the following is a saving bank account opened with a commercial bank with zero or very minimal balance? View Explanation
(1)  Current account
(2)  Call deposit
(3)  No frill account
(4)  Deposit account
(5)  None of the above
260) Which two countries, on July 16, 2014, signed three agreements to strengthen the bilateral relation during the sixth BRICS Summit in Fortaleza, Brazil? View Explanation
(1)  India and China
(2)  India and Brazil
(3)  China and Brazil
(4)  India and Japan
(5)  China and South Africa
261) The new Indian capital market regulations provides for all existing overseas investors classes to register now as FPIs to invest in Indian markets. What does the letter 'P' denotes in the term FPI? View Explanation
(1)  Participatory
(2)  Portfolio
(3)  Preferred
(4)  Priority
(5)  Periodic
262) Subhash Sheoratan Mundra, on July 31, 2014, took charge as the .......Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). View Explanation
(1)  Third
(2)  Fourth
(3)  Fifth
(4)  First
(5)  Second
263) On the basis of recommendations of which committee, the credit policy of RBI is now reviewed after every two months instead of earlier system of 45 days? View Explanation
(1)  Uk Sinha Committee
(2)  PJ Nayak Committee
(3)  Nachikel Mor Committee
(4)  Urjit Patel Committee
(5)  None of the above
264) 'Green Index' has been developed by View Explanation
(1)  UNE
(2)  International Monetary Fund (IMF)
(3)  World Bank
(4)  All of the above
(5)  None of the above
265) Which among the following banks has organised "The Banking and Economics Conclave 2014' for the first time? View Explanation
(1)  Vijaya Bank
(2)  Canara Bank
(3)  State Bank of India
(4)  State Bank of Mysore
(5)  Punjab National Bank
266) As per the RBI's latest decision, residents and non-residents can carry up to.........in Indian currency notes while leaving the country. View Explanation
(1)  Rs. 15000
(2)  Rs .25000
(3)  Rs. 30000
(4)  Rs.40000
(5)  Rs.45000
267) According to HRD 2013, the percentage of population suffering from multi-dimensional poverty in India, is View Explanation
(1)  63.4%
(2)  53.7%
(3)  44.1%
(4)  42.7%
(5)  52.5%
268) Which is the first company in the Indian engineering sector to list its securities on the New York Stock Exchange? View Explanation
(1)  Satyam
(2)  Tata Motors
(3)  Dr. Reddy's Lab
(4)  VSNL
(5)  None of the above
269) The first Indian appointed as the Chief Economist of the World Bank in September, 2012 is View Explanation
(1)  Amartya Sen
(2)  Kaushik Basu
(3)  Vijay Kelkar
(4)  Jagdish Bhagwati
(5)  None of the above
270) Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has set-up a ten-member committee to look into having 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in insurance intermediaries and Third Party Administrators (TPAs). Who is the head of the committee? View Explanation
(1)  Suresh Mathur
(2)  Vijay Kelkar
(3)  J. Harinarayan
(4)  Nachiket Mor
(5)  Anil Kelkar
271) According to the government estimates during 12th Five year plan, the infrastructure sector will require an investment of View Explanation
(1)  Rs. 50 billion
(2)  Rs.100 billion
(3)  Rs. 250 billion
(4)  Rs. 500 billion
(5)  Rs. 1000 billion
272) The Reserve Bank of India recently, issued guidelines allowing minors over 10 years of age to operate bank accounts independently with a view to View Explanation
(1)  promote financial inclusion
(2)  increase low cost deposits of banks
(3)  improve CASA percentage of banks
(4)  mobilise saving bank deposits of banks
(5)  to put ATMs and other infrastructure to optimum use
273) A Judge of the Supreme Court may resign his office by writing a letter to the View Explanation
(1)  Chief Justice
(2)  President
(3)  Law Minister
(4)  Prime Minister
(5)  None of the above
274) Which bank launched 'Smart Star' account a savings account for minors above 10 years of age? View Explanation
(1)  Axis Bank
(2)  ICICI Bank
(3)  State Bank of India
(4)  Punjab National Bank
(5)  HDFC Bank
275) Which one of the following is the most urbanised country of South Asia? View Explanation
(1)  Bhutan
(2)  India
(3)  Pakistan
(4)  Sri Lanka
(5)  China
276) Max Bupa Health Insurance has entered into a bancassurance tie-up with which of the following bank recently? View Explanation
(1)  Axis Bank
(2)  JP Morgan Chase Bank
(3)  Deutsche Bank
(4)  Royal Bank of Scotland
(5)  BNP Paribas
277) 'Radcliffe Line' defines boundary between View Explanation
(1)  North Korea and South Korea
(2)  India and China
(3)  India and Pakistan
(4)  the USA and Canada
(5)  None of the above
278) Which of the following banks, recently, tied up with care ratings to offer services and products in the SME segment? View Explanation
(1)  ICICI Bank
(2)  Axis Bank
(3)  Yes Bank
(4)  HSBC
(5)  HDFC Bank
279) At least how many days of prime notice is required for the impeachment of the President of India? View Explanation
(1)  7 days
(2)  14 days
(3)  20 days
(4)  25 days
(5)  30 days
280) Which committee was constituted to decide the maximum age limit of MDs and CEOs of private banks? View Explanation
(1)  Rakesh Sethi Committee
(2)  N. Chandra Committee
(3)  PJ Nayak Committee
(4)  Vishwanathan Committee `
(5)  R. Chandrashekhar Committee
281) On September 1, 2014, which of the following organisations released the report on Business and Payment Balances? View Explanation
(1)  Reserve Bank of India
(2)  Central Statistical Organisation
(3)  National Sample Survey Office
(4)  Finance Ministry
(5)  Ministry of Corporate Affairs
282) Which one of the following is not a constitutional body? View Explanation
(1)  Finance Commission
(2)  Planning Commission
(3)  Election Commission
(4)  Public Service Commission
(5)  None of the above
283) Which among the following finance companies has received the RBI approvals to set-up a minimum of 9000 White Label ATMs (WLAs) in the next three years in rural India? View Explanation
(1)  Tokyo Finance Limited
(2)  Reliance Capital Limited
(3)  SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited
(4)  CMS Finance Limited
(5)  Muthoot Finance
284) The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued new coins bearing images of Goddess Vaishno Devi to commemorate the silver jubilee of Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board. What is/are the denomination(s) of coins issued by the RBI? View Explanation
(1)  Rs. 1 and Rs.2
(2)  Rs. 2 and Rs. 5
(3)  Rs.5 and Rs.10
(4)  Rs. 2 and Rs. 10
(5)  Rs. 1 and Rs.10
285) In February, 2014 the Indo-Pakistan International Trade Fair was organised at View Explanation
(1)  Faridabad
(2)  Jalandhar
(3)  New Delhi
(4)  Noida
(5)  Gurgaon
286) The Nachiket Mor Committee on comprehensive financial services for small business and low-income households has recommended all Indians above 18 years of age should have full-service bank accounts by View Explanation
(1)  April 1,2016
(2)  April 1,2015
(3)  Jan1,2015
(4)  Jan 1,2016
(5)  Jan 1,2017
287) The real name of Gulzar, the winner of Dadasaheb Phalke Award 2014 is View Explanation
(1)  Sampurna Singh Kalra
(2)  Surjeet Singh Kohli
(3)  Prabodh Chandra Bhatia
(4)  Sadanand Singh Kalia
(5)  Harjeet Singh Sandhu
288) Which among the following has become the first new generation private sector bank to launch an Electronic Kisan Card on the RuPay platform? View Explanation
(1)  ICICI Bank
(2)  Axis Bank
(3)  Citi Bank
(4)  HDFC Bank
(5)  Indus land Bank
289) According to the provisions of the Income Tax Act 1961. a resident individual is categorised as a Very senior citizen'- when he is View Explanation
(1)  80 years of age or older
(2)  75 years of age or older
(3)  90 years of age or older
(4)  85 years of age or older
(5)  65 years of age or older
290) Which bank became the first state-run lender to allow withdrawal of funds from its ATMs without a debit card? View Explanation
(1)  Corporation Bank
(2)  United Bank of India
(3)  Stale Bank of India
(4)  Bank of India
(5)  Union Bank of India
291) In October, 2013, which country has confirmed plans to create a secure mail service to protect its citizens and businesses against foreign espionage? View Explanation
(1)  Mexico
(2)  Brazil
(3)  Sweden
(4)  Germany
(5)  None of the above
292) The RBI has deferred the implementation of Basel-III capital regulations by Indian Banks. What is the new deadline for meeting the Basel-III norms? View Explanation
(1)  March, 2020
(2)  March, 2018
(3)  March, 2016
(4)  March, 2019
(5)  March, 2017
293) Which of the following Indian Universities is Asia's largest residential university? View Explanation
(1)  Allahabad University
(2)  Utkal University
(3)  Banaras Hindu University
(4)  Anna University
(5)  Jawaharlal Nehru University
294) Which of the following statements is incorrect about 'Front-running'? View Explanation
(1)  Front running is an illegal practice of share market.
(2)  It involves an intermediary executing orders on a security for its own account while taking advantage of advance knowledge of pending orders of its clients.
(3)  Mutual funds never involves in running practices.
(4)  HDFC Asset Management company is under SEBI lens for front-running
(5)  None of the above
295) Which of the following is an investment advisory discipline? View Explanation
(1)  Corporate Industrial Finance
(2)  Offshare Banking
(3)  Wholesale Banking
(4)  Wealth Management
(5)  Trade Finance
296) The World Bank has released a report entitled 'South Asia Economic Focus' in April. 2014. The projected growth rate in India for the year 2014 stands at View Explanation
(1)  4.5%
(2)  5.2%
(3)  5.7%
(4)  6.1%
(5)  7.5%
297) Who among the following is the current Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of India? View Explanation
(1)  KG Balakrishnan
(2)  Ranjit Sinha
(3)  Montek Singh Ahluwalia
(4)  VS Sampath
(5)  SY Qureishi
298) The share percentage of sponsor bank in the equity of Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) is View Explanation
(1)  30%
(2)  35%
(3)  33%
(4)  49%
(5)  50%
299) Which of the following nations has signed a comprehensive free trade agreement with European Union? View Explanation
(1)  Japan
(2)  China
(3)  Russia
(4)  Canada
(5)  None of the above
300) As per the new guidelines issued by the SEBI, the companies are required to list shares within how many days of the closure of the Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)? View Explanation
(1)  12 days
(2)  10 days
(3)  8 days
(4)  1 days
(5)  5 days
301) Who among the following is the author of the book 'The Lowland'? View Explanation
(1)  Jhumpa Lahiri
(2)  Amitav Ghosh
(3)  Salman Rushdie
(4)  Hamid Ansari
(5)  Chetan Bhagat
302) Which State has been identified as a Perfect Banking State ensuring at least one banking account per family in all the districts of the State? View Explanation
(1)  Kerala
(2)  Haryana
(3)  Andhra Pradesh
(4)  Gujarat
(5)  Delhi
303) The campaign name 'Heal India' aims to create awareness about which of the following diseases? View Explanation
(1)  Mental illness
(2)  AIDS
(3)  Leprosy
(4)  Alzheimer
(5)  None of the above
304) Which type of bank account can be opened by Non-Resident Indian (NRI) in India? View Explanation
(1)  Current account
(2)  Savings account
(3)  Locker account
(4)  Fixed deposit account
(5)  None of these
305) Deepak Lathore is related to which of the following sports? View Explanation
(1)  Hockey
(2)  Cricket
(3)  Badminton
(4)  Football
(5)  Weight lifting
306) The banks are supposed to pay penalty to customers whose complaints against failed ATM cash transactions are not settled within 12 days from date of complaint. This period for settlement is further reduced What is the revised time limit now? View Explanation
(1)  5 days
(2)  7 days
(3)  8 days
(4)  9 days
(5)  12 days
307) The concept of 'Micro Credit' essentially concentrates on View Explanation
(1)  consumption smoothening as and when needed
(2)  providing safe place to hold savings
(3)  accepting deposits
(4)  provision of credit to the poor
(5)  facility to transfer money
308) The SBI (Subsidiary Banks Laws) Amendment Bill, passed by the Parliament, allows SBI to reduce its holding in its seven subsidiary banks from View Explanation
(1)  100% to 75%
(2)  75% to 50%
(3)  75% or more to 51%
(4)  75% or more to 49%
(5)  below 49%
309) With effect from July 1, 2012. for the calculation of lending rates, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had advised banks to switch over to the View Explanation
(1)  MSF Rate System
(2)  Reverse Repo Rate System
(3)  Bank Rate System
(4)  Repo Rate System
(5)  Base Rate System
310) According to the Reserve Bank of India's new guidelines that comes into force from November 1, bank customers in six metro cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bengaluru) are allowed to withdraw money and/or carry out non-financial transactions like mini statements at ATMs of banks, where they hold saving current accounts, free of charge only View Explanation
(1)  ten times a month
(2)  six times a month
(3)  five times a month
(4)  eight times a month
(5)  None of the above
311) The World Health Organisation (WHO) is a specialised agency of the United Nations (UN) that is concerned with international Public Health. It is headquartered at View Explanation
(1)  Sweden
(2)  Switzerland
(3)  United Kingdom
(4)  France
(5)  Germany
312) On April 2, 2014, the RBI granted 'in principle' approval to set-up bank. Out of 25 applicants, this approval was given to only View Explanation
(1)  2
(2)  3
(3)  4
(4)  5
(5)  6
313) An equity share is also commonly referred to as View Explanation
(1)  ordinary share
(2)  debenture
(3)  convertible share
(4)  security receipt
(5)  preferred stock
314) Which Indian company has highest market capitalisation in 2014? View Explanation
(1)  Reliance
(2)  ONGC
(3)  TCS
(4)  NTPC
(5)  ITC
315) Who has been appointed the Chairman of Indian Banks' Association (IBA) for the year 2014-15? View Explanation
(1)  TM Bhasin
(2)  KR Kamath
(3)  SL Bansal
(4)  Chanda Kochhar
(5)  None of thsese
316) In October, 2013, which of the following countries has decided to scrap its two currency system? View Explanation
(1)  Mongolia
(2)  Swedan
(3)  Cuba
(4)  Jamaica
(5)  None of these
317) The first public sector bank in India, which obtained license for internet banking from the RBI, is View Explanation
(1)  Oriental Bank of Commerce
(2)  Punjab National Bank
(3)  State Bank of India
(4)  Corporation Bank
(5)  Union Bank of India
318) The seed capital of Bhartiya Mahila Bank is View Explanation
(1)  Rs. 2000 crore
(2)  Rs.1000 crore
(3)  Rs. 4000 crore
(4)  Rs.3000 crore
(5)  Rs. 5000 crore
319) The RBI had appointed the Malegam Committee to report on the working of an important area of the financial sector. Which is this area? View Explanation
(1)  Mutual funds industry
(2)  Micro finance sector
(3)  Stock market
(4)  Banking
(5)  All of the above
320) Which of the following institutions is regarded as the 'Lender of the Last Resort' by banks in India? View Explanation
(1)  State Bank of India
(2)  The State Treasury
(3)  Reserve Bank of India
(4)  World Bank
(5)  Department of Financial Services
321) Which country stands at the top in Human Development Index (HDI) 2014? View Explanation
(1)  Australia
(2)  New Zealand
(3)  The USA
(4)  Norway
(5)  Finland
322) Which among the following Companies in India has a tie-up with the Japanese Financial Nomura for insurance market? View Explanation
(1)  ICICI Bank
(2)  UCO Bank
(3)  Kotak Finance
(4)  Life Insurance Corporation of India
(5)  None of the above
323) According to World Bank's report in the list of nations having maximum foreign exchange remittances from its migratory work force, the first and second ranks have been obtained by..........respectively. View Explanation
(1)  China and India
(2)  India and Mexico
(3)  Philippines and India
(4)  Philippines and Mexico
(5)  India and China
324) The process by which a life insurance policy holder can transfer all rights, title and interest under a policy contract to a third person is known as......of the policy. View Explanation
(1)  Assignment
(2)  Hypothecation
(3)  Reinvestment
(4)  Negotiation
(5)  Nomination
325) Growth Index of Industrial Production in 2013-14 went negative. What is/are possible consequences of it on the economy? View Explanation
(1)  Increase in unemployment rate
(2)  Decrease in growth rate of exports
(3)  Decrease in the overall growth rate of the GDP
(4)  All of the above
(5)  None of thsese
326) Which of the following communities is 'not' notified as 'a 'minority community' by the Ministry of Welfare, government of India? View Explanation
(1)  Sikh
(2)  Zoroastrian
(3)  Buddhist
(4)  Jain
(5)  Christian
327) Prime Minister Narendra Modi spelled out ten priority areas of his government on May 29, 2014. Which of the following is part of it? View Explanation
(1)  Removing hurdles to economic growth.
(2)  More freedom and empowerment for bureaucracy, encouragement for innovation.
(3)  Prioritising water, road, education, health and infrastructure
(4)  Stability and sustainability of government policy.
(5)  All the the above
328) The Union Ministry of Home Affairs recently approved the proposals to rename 12 cities of and towns of which state? View Explanation
(1)  Tamil Nadu
(2)  Karnataka
(3)  Kerala
(4)  Maharastra
(5)  Aadhra Pradesh
329) Consider the following statements about the Deputy Governors of RBI: View Explanation
(1)  There are four posts of Deputy Governor in RBI at present.
(2)  Two Deputy Governors are appointed from the existing staff of the RBI
(3)  One of the Deputy Governors must be an Economist.
(4)  One of the Deputy Governors must be a Banker.
(5)  All the the above
330) Which Indian armed forces, celebrated it's '82nd Foundation Day' recently? View Explanation
(1)  Indian Air Force
(2)  Indian Army
(3)  Indian Navy
(4)  Both (a) and (b)
(5)  None of thsese
331) What is the theme of Global Financial Development Report 2014? View Explanation
(1)  Corruption and Fraud in Corporate Sector
(2)  Financial Inclusion
(3)  Global Recession and the Third World
(4)  Hunger and the Poverty
(5)  Unemployment and Corruption
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