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1) During the recent India-Africa summit, India offered the African countries a concessional credit of what amount to be provided over five years period? View Explanation
(1)  USD 5bn
(2)  USD 10 bn
(3)  USD 15 bn
(4)  USD 20 bn
(5)  USD 25 bn
2) Raif Badawi won the European Union's prize for human rights and freedom of thought recently. He is a blogger from View Explanation
(1)  Egypt
(2)  Turkey
(3)  Saudi Arabia
(4)  Ukraine
(5)  United Arab Emirates
3) John Magufuli is the newly elected President of View Explanation
(1)  Kenya
(2)  Angola
(3)  Tanzania
(4)  DR Congo
(5)  Ethiopia
4) In the banking sector, the term IMPS stands for View Explanation
(1)  Inter bank Payment Service
(2)  Indian Payment Service
(3)  International Payment Service
(4)  Immediate Payment Service
(5)  Intermediate Payment Service
5) A commercial paper can be issued for maturities between a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of up to ________from the date of issue. View Explanation
(1)  30 days
(2)  60 days
(3)  90 days
(4)  180 days
(5)  one year
6) The deadline set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for the public to exchange their pre-2005 bank notes is View Explanation
(1)  1 Dec 2015
(2)  31 Dec 2015
(3)  Jan 2016
(4)  31 Mar 2016
(5)  30 Apr 2016
7) Najib Shah was appointed as Chairman of CBEC recently. What is the full form of CBEC? View Explanation
(1)  Central Board of Export and Customs
(2)  Central Board of Enterprises and Customs
(3)  Central Board of Excise and Commerce
(4)  Central Board of Export and Commerce
(5)  Central Board of Excise and Customs
8) The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is headquartered at View Explanation
(1)  Geneva
(2)  Paris
(3)  Washington, DC
(4)  London
(5)  New York
9) The birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhhhai Patel is observed as Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day), which falls on View Explanation
(1)  20 Oct
(2)  22 Oct
(3)  24 Oct
(4)  28 Oct
(5)  31 Oct
10) Which of the following teams defeated Australia to win the 2015 Rugby World Cup for a record third time recently? View Explanation
(1)  South Africa
(2)  New Zealand
(3)  England
(4)  Uruguay
(5)  Argentina
11) The newly elected first woman Presiden of Nepal is View Explanation
(1)  Bidhya Bhandari
(2)  Onsari Ghirti Magar
(3)  Jaypuri Gharti
(4)  Shashi Shrestha
(5)  Durga Kumari BK
12) The winner of 2015 Mexican Grand Prix F1 championship is View Explanation
(1)  Valtteri Bottas
(2)  Lewis Hamilton
(3)  Sergio Perez
(4)  Sebastian Vettel
(5)  Nico Rosberg
13) Which of the following multinational banks appointed James Staley as its new CEO recently? View Explanation
(1)  JP Morgan
(2)  HSBC
(3)  Barclays
(4)  Citi Bank
(5)  Standard Chartered
14) Which of the following is a card scheme conceived and launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)? View Explanation
(1)  Visa debit card
(2)  Maestro debit card
(3)  RuPay debit card
(4)  Master Card
(5)  Other than those given as options
15) What is the minimum lock-in period for the relaunched Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) certificate? View Explanation
(1)  30 months
(2)  24 months
(3)  18 months
(4)  12 months
(5)  6 months
16) The Indian business tycoon Brijmohan Lall Munjal passed away recently. He was the founder of View Explanation
(1)  Bajaj Auto
(2)  TVS Auto
(3)  Mahindra and Mahindra
(4)  Force Motors
(5)  Hero Moto Corp
17) The newly launched IDFC Bank and Bandhan Bank will be included in which of the following categories of banks in India? View Explanation
(1)  Small Banks
(2)  Payments Banks
(3)  Foreign Banks
(4)  Private Sector Banks
(5)  Public Sector Banks
18) The govt nominated who among the following to the central board of directors of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently? View Explanation
(1)  KV Kamath
(2)  Anil Goswami
(3)  Arvind Subramanian
(4)  Chanda Kochhar
(5)  Shaktikanta Das
19) Who among the following was conferred with 2015 Hridaynath Mangeshka'r Award recently? View Explanation
(1)  Amitabh Bachchan
(2)  Asha Bhosle
(3)  Subhash Ghai
(4)  AR Rahman
(5)  Anil Kapoor
20) The headquarters of the South Indian Bank is located in which of the following cities? VG Mathew is the present MD and CEO of the private sector bank. View Explanation
(1)  Bengaluru, Karnataka
(2)  Kochi, Kerala
(3)  Thrissur, Kerala
(4)  Pune, Maharashtra
(5)  Chennai, Tamil Nadu
21) Sri Lanka and India held their bilateral naval exercise SLINEX, recently, in View Explanation
(1)  Kochi
(2)  Chennai
(3)  Vishakhapatnam
(4)  Batticaloa
(5)  Trincomalee
22) Which of the following companies became the title sponsor for the Indian Premier League (IPL) for two years recently? View Explanation
(1)  Samsung
(2)  Vivo
(3)  Xiaomi
(4)  Huawei
(5)  ZTE
23) What is India's ranking in the recent Ease of Doing Business List 2016 released by the World Bank? View Explanation
(1)  84
(2)  127
(3)  130
(4)  134
(5)  142
24) The NDRF tied up with about 30 PSUs in order to develop mutual understanding and enhance capabilities recently. It is country's elite View Explanation
(1)  disease control combat force
(2)  drought control combat force
(3)  defence research establishment
(4)  disaster mitigation combat force
(5)  Other than those given as options
25) The eighth edition of National Seed Congress (NSC) was held in which city recently? View Explanation
(1)  Bengaluru
(2)  Hyderabad
(3)  New Delhi
(4)  Jaipur
(5)  Chandigarh
26) The RBI-appointed committee on governance of banks' boards, which advocated reducing govt ownership in state-run banks to below 51 per cent, was headed by View Explanation
(1)  P J Nayak
(2)  O P Bhatt
(3)  Pratip Chaudhuri
(4)  KR Kamath
(5)  T M Bhasin
27) Who among the following was recently appointed as the Chair of the Inter-Governmental Negotiations (IGN) on UN Security Council (UNSC) reforms? View Explanation
(1)  Sylvie Lucas
(2)  Sebastiano Cardi
(3)  Anders Liden
(4)  Geir O Pedersen
(5)  Other than those given as options
28) Name the batsman who broke Virat Kohli's record to become the fastest to reach 6000 ODI runs recently. View Explanation
(1)  Faf du PIessis
(2)  JP Duminy
(3)  Dale Steyn
(4)  AB deVilliers
(5)  Hashim Amla
29) The CTS or Image-based Clearing System is a project undertaken by the RBI in 2008, for faster clearing of cheques. What does letter 'T' denote in the term 'CTS'? View Explanation
(1)  Transaction
(2)  Transportation
(3)  Transfer
(4)  Truncation
(5)  Tracing
30) Which of the following became the first Indian company to receive an in-principle board approval to raise rupee-denominated bonds abroad (also called 'masala bonds') recently? View Explanation
(1)  Tata Capital
(2)  Muthoot Fincorp
(3)  Bajaj Finserv
(4)  HDFC
(5)  IDBI Capital
31) The World Sight Day (WSD) is an annual day of awareness held on View Explanation
(1)  the first Thursday of Oct
(2)  the second Thursday of Oct
(3)  the first Saturday of Oct
(4)  the first Sunday of Nov
(5)  the second Sunday of Nov
32) The public sector bank Punjab National Hank (PNB) is headquartered at View Explanation
(1)  Amritsar
(2)  Chandigarh
(3)  Mumbai
(4)  New Delhi
(5)  Patiala
33) Which of the following states announced to provide 33 per cent reservation to women in govt jobs recently? View Explanation
(1)  Rajasthan
(2)  Madhya Pradesh
(3)  Uttar Pradesh
(4)  Odisha
(5)  West Bengal
34) The European Central Bank (ECB), which consists of 19 European Union member states, is headquartered at View Explanation
(1)  Frankfurt, Germany
(2)  London, UK
(3)  Rome, Italy
(4)  Brussels, Belgium
(5)  Paris, France
35) India hosted its biggest-ever Africa summit, the third India-Africa Forum Summit (IAFS), recently. How many African countries were invited for the summit? View Explanation
(1)  32
(2)  40
(3)  54
(4)  51
(5)  30
36) Reverse mortgage is a financial product which is specially designed for View Explanation
(1)  Senior citizens (60+)
(2)  Students
(3)  Property dealers
(4)  Farmers
(5)  Exporters
37) A person writes the various details including the name of a person/company on the cheque, and signs it, ordering his bank to pay that person/company the amount of money stated. Here, the person who writes and signs the cheques is View Explanation
(1)  drawee
(2)  payee
(3)  drawer
(4)  introducer
(5)  Other than those given as options
38) The Department of Disinvestment wants that PSU stake sale target for the current fiscal be reduced to Rs.30,000 cr. The govt had budgeted to raise what amount through disinvestment in the current fiscal? View Explanation
(1)  Rs.39,000cr
(2)  Rs.41,500cr
(3)  Rs.56,000cr
(4)  Rs.69,500cr
(5)  Rs. 71,000 cr
39) Which of the following coins is called 'small coin'? View Explanation
(1)  50 paise
(2)  One rupee
(3)  Two rupees
(4)  Five rupees
(5)  All the above
40) Who among the following was posthumously awarded Bharat Ratna, country's highest civilian award in 2015? View Explanation
(1)  Gulzarilal Nanda
(2)  PV NarasimhaRao
(3)  MaulanaAbul Kalam Azad
(4)  Madan Mohan Malviya
(5)  Morarji Desai
41) 191 members of the UN General Assembly voted recently in support of a resolution condemning an economic embargo imposed by the US on View Explanation
(1)  North Korea
(2)  Afghanistan
(3)  Vietnam
(4)  Iran
(5)  Cuba
42) The RBI imposed Rs.1cr penalty on which of the following private sector banks for violation of KYC and Anti Money Laundering (AML) norms recently? View Explanation
(1)  Federal Bank
(2)  Induslnd Bank
(3)  Dhanlaxmi Bank
(4)  Kotak Mahindra Bank
(5)  South Indian Bank
43) As announced recently by the Union Sports Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, the 12th South Asian Games will be held Feb 6-16,2016 in View Explanation
(1)  Guwahati and Shillong
(2)  shimla
(3)  Chandigarh
(4)  Haridwar and Rishikesh
(5)  Hyderabad and Secunderabad
44) Which of the following pairs of international organisations and their head is NOT matched correctly? View Explanation
(1)  International Atomic Energy Agency - Yukiya Amano, Japan
(2)  United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) -Anthony Lake, US
(3)  International Labour Organization - Guy Ryder, UK
(4)  Food and Agriculture Organization - Jose Graziano da Silva, Brazil
(5)  Other than those given as options
45) Who is the author of the book titled For King and Another Country: Indian Soldiers on the Western Front? View Explanation
(1)  Shrabani Basu
(2)  Peter Frankopan
(3)  Jonathan Franzen
(4)  Khurshid Mahmud
(5)  T N Ninan
46) As the Central Govt decided to enhance the financial powers delegated to govt hospitals, these hospitals will now be able to provide assistance up to what amount to BPL patients suffering from life-threatening diseases? View Explanation
(1)  Rs. 1 lakh
(2)  Rs.2 lakh
(3)  Rs.3 lakh
(4)  Rs.5 lakh
(5)  Rs.10 lakh
47) If a savings account is opened with a bank on the basis of simplified KYC norms, the account would additionally be treated as a View Explanation
(1)  BSBDA
(2)  No-frills account
(3)  Small Account
(4)  Current Account
(5)  Other than those given as options
48) The Bandipur National Park, established in 1974 as a , tiger reserve under Project Tiger, is located in the state of View Explanation
(1)  West Bengal
(2)  Uttar Pradesh
(3)  Karnataka
(4)  Tamil Nadu
(5)  Madhya Pradesh
49) As per the MSMED Act, 2006. a micro enterprise is an enterprise where investment in plant and machinery does not exceed View Explanation
(1)  Rs. 5 lakh
(2)  Rs.10 lakh
(3)  Rs. 25 lakh
(4)  Rs. 50 lakh
(5)  Rs. 1 cr
50) According to the UN's report released recently, the Asia Pacific region is the world's most disaster-prone part, and the world's most 'at-risk' country for natural hazards is View Explanation
(1)  Japan
(2)  Mauritius
(3)  Bangladesh
(4)  Philippines
(5)  Vanuatu
51) Bandar Seri Begawan is the capital and largest city of View Explanation
(1)  Benin
(2)  Brunei
(3)  Bolivia
(4)  Botswana
(5)  Burkina Faso
52) The present Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh was elected from which of the following parliamentary constituencies in 2014 general elections? View Explanation
(1)  Gorakhpur
(2)  Lucknow
(3)  Ghaziabad
(4)  Chandauli
(5)  Kanpur
53) Which of the following countries successfully sent its Tianhui-1C mapping satellite into orbit recently? View Explanation
(1)  Vietnam
(2)  Thailand
(3)  Philippines
(4)  Japan
(5)  China
54) The participatory notes are a part of GDIs, an investment vehicle used by the investors who are not registered with SEBI. What is the full form of ODI as used above? View Explanation
(1)  Ordinary Derivatives Instrument
(2)  Original Derivatives Instrument
(3)  Open Derivatives Instrument
(4)  Obsolete Derivatives Instrument
(5)  Offshore Derivatives Instrument
55) The Department of Heavy Industries put out a draft national capital goods police for comments recently. Who is the present Union Heavy Industries Minister? View Explanation
(1)  Anant Geete
(2)  Kalraj Mishra
(3)  Ramvilas Paswan
(4)  DV Sadananda Gowda
(5)  Nitin Jairam Gadkari
56) What is the currency of Belgium? View Explanation
(1)  Euro
(2)  Pound
(3)  France
(4)  Krona
(5)  Ringgit
57) The Vice-President Hamid Ansari went on an official trip to Indonesia recently. The currency of Indonesia is View Explanation
(1)  dollar
(2)  pound
(3)  rupiah
(4)  peso
(5)  rufiyaa
58) The World Polio Day is observed every year on View Explanation
(1)  15 Oct
(2)  17 Oct
(3)  20 Oct
(4)  24 Oct
(5)  27 Oct
59) Deepika Kumari is associated with which game? She bagged a silver medal in the World Cup Final recently. View Explanation
(1)  Shooting
(2)  Squash
(3)  Badminton
(4)  Archery
(5)  Discus throw
60) Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis clinched the WTA Finals women's doubles trophy in Singapore recently. They defeated View Explanation
(1)  Casey Dellacqua and Yaroslava Shvedova
(2)  Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Lucie Safarova
(3)  Chan Hao-Ching and Chan Yung-Jan
(4)  Gabrine Muguruza and Carla Suarez Navarro
(5)  Other than those given as options
61) The annual Hundred Drums Wangala Festival was celebrated in which state recently? View Explanation
(1)  Jharkhand
(2)  Meghalaya
(3)  Kerala
(4)  Tamil Nadu
(5)  Chhattisgarh
62) The Currency Note Press (CMP) of the Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCII) is situated at View Explanation
(1)  Mumbai
(2)  Nasik
(3)  Kolkata
(4)  Hyderabad
(5)  Noida
63) China's Confucius Peace Prize 2015 was awarded to View Explanation
(1)  Robert Mugabe
(2)  Joko Widodo
(3)  Najib Razak
(4)  Dilma Rousseff
(5)  Vladimir Putin
64) What does the letter T denote in the term DICGC as used in the banking sector? View Explanation
(1)  India
(2)  Industrial
(3)  Infrastructure
(4)  Insurance
(5)  Initiative
65) The book titled Dreaming Big: My Journey to Connect India is the autobiography of View Explanation
(1)  AzimPremji
(2)  NR Narayana Murthy
(3)  Sam Pitroda
(4)  Montek Singh Ahluwalia
(5)  Nandan Nilekani
66) The book titled The Silk Roads: A New History of the World has been authored by View Explanation
(1)  Shrabani Basu
(2)  Peter Frankopan
(3)  Jonathan Franzen
(4)  Khurshid Mahmud
(5)  T N Ninan
67) The 450-MW Baglihar hydro-electric project (state II) was inaugurated recently in View Explanation
(1)  Himachal Pradesh
(2)  Arunachal Pradesh
(3)  Uttarakhand
(4)  Jammu and Kashmir
(5)  Sikkim
68) The Fairfax Financial Holdings is all set to increase its stake in which of the following general-insurance companies in India by nine per cent for Rs.1,550 cr? View Explanation
(1)  Cholamandalam General Insurance
(2)  Reliance General Insurance
(3)  IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance
(4)  SBI General Insurance
(5)  ICICI Lombard General Insurance
69) What is the currency of Brazil? View Explanation
(1)  Real
(2)  Shekel
(3)  Krone
(4)  Ngultrum
(5)  Kyat
70) The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), headed by the President Tayyip Erdogan, won parliamentary majority in which of the following countries recently? View Explanation
(1)  Egypt
(2)  Iraq
(3)  Kuwait
(4)  Turkey
(5)  Greece
71) Moving towards creating a holding company structure for PSBs, the govt announced the setting up of the BBB which will recommend appointment of directors in PSBs. The term BBB stands for View Explanation
(1)  Banks Board Bureau
(2)  Banks Base Bureau
(3)  Banks Balancing Bureau
(4)  Banks Basal Bureau
(5)  Other than those given as options
72) The 70th anniversary of the United Nations was observed, recently, on View Explanation
(1)  18 Oct
(2)  20 Oct
(3)  21 Oct
(4)  23 Oct
(5)  24 Oct
73) The FIIs, NRIs and PIOs (Persons of Indian Origin) can invest in primary and secondary capital markets in India through PIS. What does the term PIS stand for? View Explanation
(1)  Preferential Investment Scheme
(2)  Preferential Investment System
(3)  Portfolio Investment System
(4)  Portfolio Investment Scheme
(5)  Particular Investment Scheme
74) The 'Heart of Asia' conference on Afghanistan is scheduled to be held in View Explanation
(1)  Saudi Arabia
(2)  Pakistan
(3)  Iran
(4)  China
(5)  Azerbaijan
75) Who among the following was awarded with the New York Global Leaders Dialogue Humanitarian Award of the US recently? View Explanation
(1)  Arundhati Roy
(2)  Medha Patkar
(3)  Bindeshwar Pathak
(4)  Kiran Bedi
(5)  Kisan Baburao Hazare
76) Who among the following is the present chairman and managing director (CMD) of Sidbi, the country's principal lender for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs)? View Explanation
(1)  RS Garg
(2)  V Sridar
(3)  S Muhnot
(4)  Kshatrapati Shivaji
(5)  Harsh Kumar Bhanwala
77) Heena Sidhu, who won gold medal at Asian championship recently, is associated with View Explanation
(1)  Discus throw
(2)  Boxing
(3)  Weightlifting
(4)  Shooting
(5)  Archery
78) The govt cleared the first batch of projects under the flagship AMRUT scheme for 89 cities worthRs. 2,786 cr recently. What does letter 'R' denote in the term AMRUT? View Explanation
(1)  Rejuvenation
(2)  Restoration
(3)  Reconstruction
(4)  Reformation
(5)  Research
79) What is the term used for the excise duty, included in the proposed GST, levied on products and services like alcohol, tobacco and gambling considered bad for health or society? View Explanation
(1)  Black tax
(2)  Moral tax
(3)  Evil tax
(4)  Super tax
(5)  Sin tax
80) Banks are offering payment solutions which do not require swiping credit/debit card and is completed by scanning a QR code. Here, the term QR stands for View Explanation
(1)  Quick Request
(2)  Quick Response
(3)  Quick Return
(4)  Quick Receipt
(5)  Quick Release
81) Who among the following is the chairperson of a committee set up by the Human Resource Development Ministry to draft the new education policy? View Explanation
(1)  JS Raj put
(2)  TSR Subramanian
(3)  Sudhir Mankad
(4)  Sewaram Sharma
(5)  Shailaja Chandra
82) What does the letter 'E' denote in the term 'NEFT'? View Explanation
(1)  Electronic
(2)  Efficient
(3)  External
(4)  Enforced
(5)  Economic
83) Who among the following won the men's singles final of 2015 Swiss Indoors Basel Title recently? View Explanation
(1)  Rafael Nadal
(2)  Roger Federer
(3)  Stan Wawrinka
(4)  Andy Murray
(5)  Novak Djokovic
84) The "Balance Nail" is the name of a month-long joint military training held in Nepal, recently, between the security forces of Nepal and View Explanation
(1)  Australia
(2)  UK
(3)  Japan
(4)  China
(5)  US
85) Under the new gold monetization scheme, the banks will be allowed to take a minimum deposit of how much of gold from individuals? View Explanation
(1)  25 grams
(2)  30 grams
(3)  50 grams
(4)  60 grams
(5)  75 grams
86) Which of the following is the capital city of Bahrain? View Explanation
(1)  Manama
(2)  Nassau
(3)  Baku
(4)  Minsk
(5)  Belmopan
87) Name the Indian short film which won the best short film award at the 2015 London Film Festival (LFF) recently. View Explanation
(1)  An Old Dog's Diary
(2)  Jai Hind
(3)  Undisputed
(4)  The Cloud Door
(5)  Nayantara's Necklace
88) The joint military exercise INDRA-2015' was held recently in Bikaner, Rajasthan between the armies of India and View Explanation
(1)  China
(2)  US
(3)  Germany
(4)  Japan
(5)  Russia
89) Which of the following became the first multinational sportswear company to obtain govt's approval to open 100 per cent foreign-owned stores in India recently? View Explanation
(1)  Puma
(2)  Adidas
(3)  Nike
(4)  Lotto
(5)  Converse
90) The capital city of Myanmar is View Explanation
(1)  Maputo
(2)  Naypyidaw
(3)  Ulaanbaatar
(4)  Nouakchott
(5)  Phnom Penh
91) Four Indo-Canadians were sworn in as cabinet ministers along with the new PM Justin Trudeau in Canada recently. Who among the following is the new Defence Minister of the country? View Explanation
(1)  Harjit Sajjan
(2)  Navdeep Bains
(3)  Amarjeet Sohi
(4)  Bardish Jhagger
(5)  Tim Uppal
92) 'Allahabad Bank' is a nationalized bank with its headquarters in View Explanation
(1)  Bengaluru
(2)  New Delhi
(3)  Kolkata
(4)  Mumbai
(5)  Chennai
93) 'Allahabad Bank' is a nationalized bank with its headquarters in View Explanation
(1)  Bengaluru
(2)  New Delhi
(3)  Kolkata
(4)  Mumbai
(5)  Chennai
94) Joshna Chinappa and Line Hansen are associated with the sports of View Explanation
(1)  Tennis
(2)  Badminton
(3)  Baseball
(4)  Hand ball
(5)  Squash
95) 'Onam' is the state festival of the Indian state of View Explanation
(1)  Goa
(2)  Telangana
(3)  Tamil Nadu
(4)  Kerala
(5)  Karnataka
96) Which of the following countries won the 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup title? View Explanation
(1)  Nigeria
(2)  Mali
(3)  Belgium
(4)  Mexico
(5)  Other than those given as options
97) Arthur Morris, who died recently at the age of 93, was a well-known ... View Explanation
(1)  American politician
(2)  Swiss actor
(3)  English football player
(4)  French rugby union player
(5)  Australian cricketer
98) Which of the following is NOT a subsidiary of the RBI? View Explanation
(1)  DICGC
(2)  NHB
(5)  Other than those given as options
99) Which acclaimed Indian bollywood actor has recently been named as the ambassador for United Nations campaign on Gender Equity? View Explanation
(1)  Abhishek Bachchan
(2)  Amitabh Bachchan
(3)  Akshay Kumar
(4)  Anupam Kher
(5)  AamirKhan
100) Who was appointed as the vice-chairman of the Basel-based Bank for International Settlements (BIS) recently? View Explanation
(1)  Jens Weidmann
(2)  Raghuram Rajan
(3)  Y V Reddy
(4)  SK Ghosh
(5)  Other than those given as options
101) The author of the book The Lowland is View Explanation
(1)  Kiran Desai
(2)  ShobhaDe
(3)  Jhumpa Lahiri
(4)  Anita Desai
(5)  Arundhati Roy
102) Project Tatkal, an initiative to promote doorstep services and expedite home loans application process, has recently been launched by View Explanation
(1)  IDBI Bank
(2)  State Bank of India
(3)  ICICI Bank
(4)  HDFC Bank
(5)  National Housing Bank
103) What per cent Swachh Bharat cess was imposed by the govt (effective Nov 15,2015) on all taxable services recently? View Explanation
(1)  0.5 per cent
(2)  1 per cent
(3)  1.5 per cent
(4)  2 per cent
(5)  2.5 per cent
104) The Minister of State (independent charge) for Sports & Youth Affairs in the Union Cabinet is View Explanation
(1)  Dharmendra Pradhan
(2)  Piyush Goyal
(3)  Dr Jitendra Singh
(4)  Rajiv Pratap Rudy
(5)  Sarbananda Sonowal
105) The Paragliding World Cup 2015 was held recently in View Explanation
(1)  Jammu & Kashmir
(2)  Arunachal Pradesh
(3)  Uttarakhand
(4)  Meghalaya
(5)  Himachal Pradesh
106) The online payments and money transfer solution 'PayZapp' has recently been launched by View Explanation
(1)  ICICI Bank
(2)  Axis Bank
(3)  HDFC Bank
(4)  State Bank of India
(5)  IDBI Bank
107) The Union Tourism Ministry has announced conferring the title of 'twin national heritage cities' on two cities, which are View Explanation
(1)  Cuttack and Bhubaneswar
(2)  Rishikesh and Haridwar
(3)  Kdlkata and Howrah
(4)  Pifne and Nashik
(5)  Aimer and Pushkar
108) Abraham M Keita won the 2015 International Children's Peace Prize recently. He is from View Explanation
(1)  Liberia
(2)  Burkina Faso
(3)  Ghana
(4)  Nigeria
(5)  Cameroon
109) World Polo Day is observed every year on View Explanation
(1)  29 October
(2)  29 September
(3)  24 October
(4)  19 September
(5)  19 November
110) At which of the following places is 'Madras Atomic Power' staton situated? View Explanation
(1)  Vijaywada
(2)  Kalpakkam
(3)  Thiruvaianthapuram
(4)  Tirunelveli
(5)  Shivakashi
111) Who among the following is the first Indian woman mountaineer to reach the summit of Mount Everest? View Explanation
(1)  Premlata Agarwal
(2)  Arunima Sinha
(3)  Bachendripal
(4)  Tashi Malik
(5)  Krushna patil
112) The process of garthering funds from several investors through a web-based platform for a project or business venture is called View Explanation
(1)  Crowd Funding
(2)  Angel Funding
(3)  Private Equity Funding
(4)  Venture Capital Funding
(5)  Micro Financing
113) The majority shareholder the share capital of Bank of Baroda' is View Explanation
(1)  Reserve Bank of India
(2)  Banks/Insurance Companies
(3)  Government of India
(4)  Corporates/ individuals
(5)  NRI/Foreign Intuitional Investors
114) The present chairman of the Mumbai-headquartered Indian Banks ‘Association (IBA) is View Explanation
(1)  TM Bhasin
(2)  OP Bhatt
(3)  Rashid Jilani
(4)  KR Kamnath
(5)  Ashwani Kumar
115) PM Narendra Modi unveiled a statue of Mahatma Gandhi during his official visit to 'Bishkek', the capital city of View Explanation
(1)  Kazakhstan
(2)  Kyrgyzstan
(3)  Uzbekistan
(4)  Taj ikistan
(5)  Turkmenistan
116) Which of the following Indian golfers recently became the first Indian to win the 'Ladies British Amateur Play Golf Championship' at Leeds (England)? View Explanation
(1)  Rhea Nair
(2)  Sharmilla Nhollet
(3)  Sunita Puri
(4)  Aditi Ashok
(5)  Samriti Mehra
117) Credit lending is NOT allowed in case of which of the following type of banks? View Explanation
(1)  Small Banks
(2)  Payments Banks
(3)  Cooperative Banks
(4)  RRBs
(5)  Foreign Banks
118) The Government of India has recaitly approached consumer forum NCDRC, seeking damages worth Rs.640 crores on charges of unfair trade practices, false labelling and misleading advertisements from View Explanation
(1)  PepsiCo India
(2)  Coca Cola India
(3)  Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited
(4)  Procter and Gamble Limited
(5)  Nestle India
119) The central govt's scheme for financial restructuring of debt of power distribution companies is named View Explanation
(3)  UDAY
120) Ranil Wickremesinghe has recenty been sworn in as the Prime Minister of View Explanation
(1)  Mauritius
(2)  Sri Lanka
(3)  Indonesia
(4)  Malaysia
(5)  Maldives
121) Which of the following is the least populated state in the country as per 2011 census? View Explanation
(1)  Nagaland
(2)  Goa
(3)  Sikkim
(4)  Tripura
(5)  Mizoram
122) The RBI panel which has recently recommended converting urban cooperate banks (UCB) with business more than Rs.20,000 tores, into banks, was headed by the RBI deputy governor View Explanation
(1)  SS Mundra
(2)  HR Khan
(3)  Anand Sinha
(4)  R Gandhi
(5)  Dr Urjit Patel
123) The book titled Rebooting India: Realizing a Billion Aspirations is authored by View Explanation
(1)  Azim Premji
(2)  Vishal Sikka
(3)  Kris Gopalakrishnan and SD Shibulal
(4)  Nandan Nilekani and Viral Shah
(5)  Anand Mahindra
124) The second summit of the 'Forum for India Pacific Island Countries' (FIPC), consisting of 14 nations of the region, was recently held at View Explanation
(1)  Jaipur, India
(2)  Canberra, Australia
(3)  Suva, Fiji
(4)  Wellington, New Zealand
(5)  South Tarawa, Kiribati
125) The International Development Association (IDA), a member of the World Bank Group, is headquartered in View Explanation
(1)  New York
(2)  The Hague
(3)  Washington, DC
(4)  Geneva
(5)  Paris
126) What is the minimum paid-up capital requirement for setting up a new private sector bank in India? View Explanation
(1)  Rs. 100cr
(2)  Rs. 200cr
(3)  Rs. 500cr
(4)  Rs. 800cr
(5)  Rs. 1000cr
127) "MIBOR' is calculated every day by the National Stock Exchange as a weighted average of lending rates of a group of banks, on funds lent to first-class borrower’s. The alphabet ‘I’ in the abbreviation 'MIBOR' stands for View Explanation
(1)  Index
(2)  Interest
(3)  Investment
(4)  Inter bank
(5)  International
128) Who won 2015 US Grand Prix F1 championship? View Explanation
(1)  Nico Rosberg
(2)  Lewis Hamilton
(3)  Kimi Raikkonen
(4)  Fernando Alonso
(5)  Sebastian Vettel
129) The Mobile wallet 'Buddy', which is available on 'Google Play Store' and 'Apple App store', was recently launched by View Explanation
(1)  ICICI Bank
(2)  Bank of Baroda
(3)  HDFC Bank
(4)  State Bank of India
(5)  Citibank India
130) The Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC) is headed by View Explanation
(1)  Chief Economic Advisor, Ministry of Finance
(2)  Finance Secretary
(3)  Governor RBI
(4)  Union Finance Minister
(5)  Chairman, SEBI
131) The Men's 100 metre title at the 2015 World Championships in Athletics recently held in Beijing was retained by the defending champion View Explanation
(1)  Usain Bolt
(2)  Andie De Grasse
(3)  Justin Gatlin
(4)  Trayvpn Bromell
(5)  Su Bingtian
132) Which of the following became the first blind-friendly railway station in India recently? View Explanation
(1)  Chennai, Tamil Nadu
(2)  New Delhi, Delhi
(3)  Kochi, Kerala
(4)  Bengaluru, Karnataka
(5)  Mysuru, Karnataka
133) The Cochin International Airport has recently became the first international airport to operate completely on View Explanation
(1)  Wind Power
(2)  Tidal Power
(3)  Solar Power
(4)  Biomass
(5)  Radiant Energy
134) Who among the following is the new Chief Justice of India (CJI)? View Explanation
(1)  Jasti Chelameswar
(2)  Dipak Misra
(3)  TS Thakur
(4)  JSKhehar
(5)  Anil R Dave
135) 'Kanchenjunga' is the third highest mountain peak in the world. It is situated on the border of the Indian state of Sikkim and View Explanation
(1)  Pakistan
(2)  Nepal
(3)  China
(4)  Bhutan
(5)  Other than those given as options
136) At present, in the shareholding pattern of RRBs, what per cent share is contributed by the sponsor bank? View Explanation
(1)  15 per cent
(2)  25 per cent
(3)  30 per cent
(4)  35 per cent
(5)  45 per cent
137) The Government of India has recently announced that over the next five years Rs.50,000 crore to farmers shall be provided under the View Explanation
(1)  PMKSY
(2)  PMJDY
(4)  PMKVY
(5)  PMGSY
138) Which of the following states will host the South Asian Rugby 7s Championship in 2016? View Explanation
(1)  Himachal Pradesh
(2)  Jammu & Kashmir
(3)  Arunachal Pradesh
(4)  Haryana
(5)  Uttarakhand
139) "The National Institute of Oceanography' (NIO), which is one of the 37 constituent laboratories of the 'Council of Scientific and Industrial Research' (CSIR), has its headquarters in View Explanation
(1)  Kochi, Kerala
(2)  Mumbai, Maharashtra
(3)  Vizag, Andhra Pradesh
(4)  Dona Paula, Goa
(5)  Paradip, Odisha
140) The US-based General Electric won a $2.6 bn order to supply 1,000 diesel locomotives to the Indian Railways for which it will build a manufacturing facility in View Explanation
(1)  Gandhidham, Gujarat
(2)  Bhatinda, Punjab
(3)  Marhowra, Bihar
(4)  Varanasi, UP
(5)  Gonda,UP
141) The 2019 Cricket World Cup will be hosted by View Explanation
(1)  India and Sri Lanka
(2)  Australia and New Zealand
(3)  South Africa and Kenya
(4)  India and Bangladesh
(5)  England and Wales
142) The 2019 Cricket World Cup will be hosted by View Explanation
(1)  India and Sri Lanka
(2)  Australia and New Zealand
(3)  South Africa and Kenya
(4)  India and Bangladesh
(5)  England and Wales
143) Jimmy Morales, a former TV comedian, won the recent presidential election in View Explanation
(1)  Honduras
(2)  El Salvador
(3)  Belize
(4)  Guatemala
(5)  Nicaragua
144) Which of the following Indian states has recently declared itself'India's first complete digital state'? View Explanation
(1)  Karnataka
(2)  Andhra Pradesh
(3)  Kerala
(4)  Telangana
(5)  Maharashtra
145) Which of the following countries topped the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business List 2016. View Explanation
(1)  China
(2)  US
(3)  Denmark
(4)  New Zealand
(5)  Singapore
146) Under the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY), the maximum insurance cover for 'accidental cover' is View Explanation
(1)  Rs. three lakh
(2)  Rs. four lakh
(3)  Rs. one lakh
(4)  Rs. five lakh
(5)  Rs. two lakh
147) Suresh N Patel has been appointed as the MD and CEO of View Explanation
(1)  Oriental Bank of Commerce
(2)  Corporation Bank
(3)  UCO Bank
(4)  Dena Bank
(5)  Andhra Bank
148) The Credit Guarantee Corpus of the newly launched Micro Unit Development and Refinance Agency (MUDRA)will be View Explanation
(1)  Rs.4,000 crore
(2)  Rs. 5,000 crore
(3)  Rs.5,500 crore
(4)  Rs.6,000crore
(5)  Rs.3,000 crore
149) The former RBI deputy governor Subir Gokarn is the new executive director on the board of the IMF representing India and View Explanation
(1)  Sri Lanka
(2)  Bangladesh
(3)  Bhutan
(4)  All the above
(5)  Nepal
150) The Employees' Provident Fund Organization (abbreviated as EPFO) is a statutory body of the Government of India under the View Explanation
(1)  Ministry of Finance
(2)  Ministry of Labor and Employment
(3)  Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension
(4)  Ministry of Human Resources Development
(5)  Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
151) The Union Govt constituted a committee to simplify the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961 recently. The committee will be headed by View Explanation
(1)  RV Easwar
(2)  Ajit Prakash Shah
(3)  Ramanujam
(4)  V V Daga
(5)  Ajay Shankar
152) Article 14' of the Indian Constitution deals with the View Explanation
(1)  Equality in matters of public employment
(2)  Other than those given as options
(3)  Social Equality
(4)  Equality before law
(5)  Equal access to public areas
153) The city of'Kolkata' in the Indian state of 'West Bengal' is situated on the banks of the river View Explanation
(1)  Mahanadi
(2)  Brahmaputra
(3)  Subarnarekha
(4)  Hooghly
(5)  Yamuna
154) The APJ Abdul Kalam Amrut Yojna for providing nutrition to pregnant and lactating women in the tribal areas has been approved by View Explanation
(1)  Haryana
(2)  Rajasthan
(3)  Uttar Pradesh
(4)  Tamil Nadu
(5)  Maharashtra
155) The 'Okhla Bird Sanctuary' is situated in the Indian state of View Explanation
(1)  Haryana
(2)  Uttar Pradesh
(3)  Rajasthan
(4)  Delhi
(5)  Punjab
156) The govt relaxed rules related to foreign investment in 15 sectors recently. Now, what per cent FDI is allowed in defence sector through automatic route? View Explanation
(1)  26 per cent
(2)  49 per cent
(3)  51 per cent
(4)  74 per cent
(5)  100 per cent
157) According to RBI guidelines, Payments Banks will not be allowed to issue View Explanation
(1)  Debit cards
(2)  Credit cards
(3)  Prepaid cards
(4)  ATM cards
(5)  Gift cards
158) The govt raised the FIPB's monetary limit for approving FDI proposals recently. Now, FIPB will approve FDI proposals up to View Explanation
(1)  Rs. 2,000cr
(2)  Rs. 3,000cr
(3)  Rs. 5,000cr
(4)  Rs. 8,000cr
(5)  Rs. 10,000cr
159) The official currency of' Republic of Singapore' is View Explanation
(1)  Singapore Peso
(2)  Singapore Dollar
(3)  Singapore Rupee
(4)  Singapore Shilling
(5)  Singapore Pound
160) Which of the following is NOT one of the agreements signed between India and the UK during PM Narendra Modi's maiden visit to the UK recently? View Explanation
(1)  Vodafone to invest 1.3 bn pounds in India
(2)  Light Source to invest 2 bn pounds in India
(3)  Intelligent Energy to provide clean energy to telecom towers in India
(4)  Indiabulls to invest 66 mn pounds in British start¬up bank Oaknorth
(5)  Other than those given as options
161) Lai Bahadur Shastri Stadium', formerly known as 'Fateh Maidan', is situated in the city of View Explanation
(1)  Nanded
(2)  Agra
(3)  Patna
(4)  Ajmer
(5)  Hyderabad
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